Developing the Next Generation of Climate Action Plans
Track: Climate Change
Author(s): Christopher Pyke, Noah Goldstein

The City of Irvine is developing an example of the next generation of Climate Action Plans. The City’s Plan provides a road map toward a low-carbon future that cuts across City activities and decision making, and it includes new strategies to systematically understand and monitor emissions between 2006 and 2020. The Plan also develops and applies a new spatial analysis protocol that provides systematic processes for integrating data at the scale of individual planning areas; the most relevant unit for City planning and project review. Information compiled and modeled at the planning area scale includes building-related energy use, infrastructure, transportation, water, solid waste, building materials, and carbon sequestration (e.g., urban forestry). This information allows for comparisons between planning areas and the evaluation of new projects. The City’s Plan provides a model for jurisdictions striving to develop effective, enforceable strategies to manage growth, energy, and greenhouse gas emissions.

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