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GIS-Based Renewable Resource Supply Curves for the ReEDS Model
Track: Climate Change
Author(s): Donna Heimiller

NREL’s Regional Energy Deployment Model (ReEDS) is a capacity expansion model that optimizes regional electricity generation and transmission capacity in the continental United States. Using GIS, ReEDS is able to implement a more detailed regional framework than other capacity expansion models (NEMS, MARKAL, etc.) to better represent costs and issues associated with development, particularly for renewable energy technologies. An initial supply curve for wind and concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies is generated using GIS, considering site suitability, resource intensity, and proximity to infrastructure/load. Additional renewable technology supply curves (geothermal and biomass) are under development. This presentation will describe the GIS processes used to create the wind and CSP supply curves, as well as the current state of development for geothermal and biomass.

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