Using GIS in Strategic Planning and Execution at FedEx Express
Track: Logistics
Authors: Jacquelyn Haas, Rodney Conger, Jeff McLeod, Rick Dezemplen

Esri GIS technologies are being used at FedEx Express to solve complex business problems in both the planning and execution of the daily delivery process. The application of spatial data at FedEx is unique in that it is being used to support several mission critical, multi-user applications and processes worldwide. Spatial data is being implemented within the organization for use in decision making for the routing and scheduling of thousands of pickup and delivery vehicles on a daily basis. It is aimed at minimizing costs such as mileage, overtime of workforce, efficient routing, and effective delivery methods, leading to higher productivity and greater customer satisfaction. The dynamic nature of the daily execution as a business problem, when coupled with the analysis of historical events, GIS spatial data, customer data, and resource information can predict best practices for delivery methods and increased productivity.

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