Service-Oriented Coupling Strategies for a Hydrodynamic Model with ArcGIS
Track: Water Resources
Authors: Ulrich Schaeffler

Activities for coupling environmental simulation models and GIS have taken place for a long time to combine the computational capabilities of well proven software models with the analysis- and visualization-efficiency of GIS for spatial in- and output data from such models. Recent developments for integrating GIS servers in business processes offer new perspectives for coupling strategies. In the context of a diploma thesis (equivalent to master in Germany) in physical geography, concepts for coupling strategies between ArcGIS 9.3 and a hydrodynamic model, which is used all over the German state Bavaria, were investigated to automate the calculation and management of raw data for floodplain area delineation. Service-oriented coupling methods and local database approaches were implemented and compared to each other concerning application proposes.

Ulrich Schaeffler
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