Mapped Today; Zapped Tomorrow? Preserving Government Digital Geospatial Data
Track: Database Design, Automation, and Management
Authors: Alec Bethune, Butch Lazorchak, Mark Myers

What happens to valuable historic and superseded data when an agency updates its datasets? How can we ensure this information remains understandable and accessible for the long-term?

The Geospatial Multistate Archives and Preservation Partnership (GeoMAPP), an initiative supported by the Library of Congress' National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program, is exploring sustainable methods to secure long-term access to digital geospatial data.

GeoMAPP addresses both the technical processes for the long-term management of digital geospatial information while also developing business planning documents and best practices recommendations that can assist other entities coming to grips with the issue.

GeoMAPP models a highly collaborative approach that engages public and private sector GIS professionals, archivists and librarians while leveraging existing geospatial efforts wherever possible.

Program participants from all levels of government will discuss the challenges with acquiring, preserving and providing access to crucial geospatial data for future use and analysis.

Alec Bethune
NC Center for Geographic Information and Analysis
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Butch Lazorchak
Library of Congress
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Mark Myers
Kentucky Department for Libraries & Archives
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