Spatial Technology for Planning Support: GIS, PSS, and Participatory GeoDesign
Track: State and Local Government
Authors: Richard Klosterman

The power of GIS to prepare informative maps, analyze spatial patterns, and understand current conditions and past trends has made it an extremely useful tool for a wide range of planning applications. GIS has proven to be less useful for key planning functions of forecasting, evaluation, and plan making which involve questions of what the future will-and should-be. To meet this need, GIS-based planning support systems (PSS) have been developed which allow planners and the public to determine the likely impacts that alternative public policies. However, PSS have been used largely to support traditional models of "planning for the public" which rely on the technical expertise of planners to determine what the future should be. This presentation describes new models of "planning with the public" and participatory GeoDesign which give stakeholders and the public a more meaningful role in the decisions that shape their lives.

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