2021 Esri User Conference Presentations

Access papers and presentation materials from GIS professionals who shared best practices and case studies at the Esri User Conference on July 12–16, 2021

Title Presentation Author Session
Equitable Distribution of Humanitarian Resources in a Refugee Camp Using ArcGIS Presentation Christa Cook User Presentations
Using Digital Mobility Data for Emergency Response: The CrisisReady Project Presentation Andrew Schroeder User Presentations
Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG 911) GIS Data Integration and Workflow Presentation Budge Currier User Presentations
Lighting the GIS Fire Calix Martinez User Presentations
From Zero to Hero, Building Spatial Data into Charlottesville Fire Department Joe Powers User Presentations
Open Data for Police Transparency Presentation Gaya Ganesan, Marianna Pellizari User Presentations
Regional Assessment of Transnational Crime in the Western Hemisphere Presentation Bryce Barthuly, Hung-En Sung User Presentations
Understanding State Level Data, Can Trends Be Found? Presentation Renee Tavares User Presentations
Reviving Public Safety Infrastructure: Detroit's first ever Public Safety Hub Presentation Frank Romo User Presentations
A GIS Web-Tool for Developing Biological Sampling Designs Matthew Blaser, Timothy Boe User Presentations
Space-Time Dynamics: A Tale of Two Chicago Baseball Stadia Presentation Alina Ristea, Justin Kurland User Presentations
GIS Impacts in a Regional Common Operating Picture Map Deb Rozeboom, Karl Larsen, Rob Morris, Stephen Kelley User Presentations
Commodity Tracker Dashboard for Louisiana National Guard Tina Morgan User Presentations
Supporting the Community During COVID-19 Mary Beth Danuser, Stefanie Cosel User Presentations
Group on Earth Observations Disaster Risk Reduction Working Group Activities David Borges User Presentations
Beirut Blast - Collaboration in Humanitarian Aid Chahine Hamze, Kassem Chaalan User Presentations
Defining Boundaries in a Flash: Utilizing GIS to Ensure Public Safety Presentation Anthony Arce, Leilah Kelsey, Serene Ong User Presentations
Esri HUB to the Rescue: A Crisis Management Solution Presentation Candice Smith User Presentations
Deploying Survey123 and Ops Dashboards for COVID-19 and Hurricane Laura Response Elina Breton, Justin Koppa User Presentations
Estimating Emergency Food and Water Requirements for Vulnerable Communities Presentation Joseph Toland User Presentations
Flood Inundation Mapping Using GIS & Remote Sensing Techniques Presentation Mohamed Rizwan Meera Sahibu User Presentations
Using GIS and Esri to Screen Buildings for Potential Earthquake Hazards Brian Blake User Presentations
Leveraging ArcGIS Online in Urban Forestry Storm Damage Response Kevin McIntyre User Presentations
Alternative Care Facilities, Esri, and Qlik: Creating a COP during COVID19 Presentation Chad Lott, Doug Hessler, Julie Vicars User Presentations
U.S. EPA Disaster Debris Recovery Tool- A New Dataset of Recyclers and Landfills Presentation Eric Holbus, Lucinda Stanfield User Presentations
Empowering State Emergency Response Team w/ Automated Damage Projection Solution Dexter Harris, Lakeisha Hood, Prasad Chittaluru, Suresh Sanka User Presentations
Michigan Moonshot: Spatial Citizen Science Aimed at Bridging the Digital Divide Amy Stuyvesant User Presentations
Test Implementation of IoT Services Based on LTE-M Technology in Orange Polska Inez Beszterda, Łukasz Brylak User Presentations
A Geospatial Solution to Designing and Constructing Fibre Lit Buildings Tarik Dixon User Presentations
Rapid Mapping of Environment for Emergency Response with Radar Presentation Reda Amer User Presentations
AI Training and Inferencing Processes for LiDAR Classification Presentation Amin Tayyebi, Nick Day User Presentations
Geospatial Decision Making: The SC National Guard Data-Driven COVID-19 Response Presentation Christy Jacobs, Kevin Haynes User Presentations
Navy Real Property Virtual Audit Tool: Existence & Completeness Web Applications Presentation Anthony Scardino, Elena Wells, Sarah Vorona User Presentations
Army-Navy Football Game Day Operations at Michie Stadium in a COVID Environment Presentation Chris Oxendine, William Wright User Presentations
Quarantine Haircut: Data Exploration and Activity Analysis with Interactive Charts Gregory Couch User Presentations
Death to PowerPoint, In with Esri! Jennifer Holland, Julie Vicars, Michelle Schultz User Presentations
Application For Monitoring and Analysis During COVID-19 Pandemic in Malaysia Presentation Yeap Wei Chien User Presentations
Engaging Anglers and Managing Ponds with ArcGIS Hub and Operations Dashboard Presentation Caroline Johnston User Presentations
GIS for All – A Web Centric Approach Andrew Miller, Sean Tucker User Presentations
Participatory Mapping in the Time of COVID-19 Presentation J. Nicholas Butler, Lacee Cofer User Presentations
Public Works Deploys an Operations 'Stay Safe' Dashboard During COVID-19 Pandemic Presentation Rocky Agbunag, Stephanie Kurtz User Presentations
Producing Equity in Capital Improvement Plans with ArcGIS and ArcGIS Community Analyst Presentation Robert Anderson User Presentations
Integrated Systems, Big Data, & Performance Management for Operations Transparency Izak Maitin User Presentations
CCTV Data Management: Lateral Inspection Life in the Time of COVID Presentation Becky Specht, Sean Kilpatrick User Presentations
Benefits & Insights of Using ArcGIS to Manage 811 Locate Requests Emma Dirolf User Presentations
Plain Talking Data: Non-traditional GIS and Visual Communication Presentation Winston McKenna User Presentations
Below 400 ft. - Building Low Altitude Drone Transportation Infrastructure Christopher Girdwood, Michael Healander User Presentations
Using GIS to Analyze Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off Data Presentation Lixin Huang User Presentations
How ArcGIS Helps Collect, Collaborate and Engage in Homeless Initiatives Zoralys Calle User Presentations
Winning with GIS: An ArcGIS Solutions Success Story David Wray, Wendy Peloquin User Presentations
A Better Grain of Data Makes a Broadband Map Better! Presentation Colter Sikora, Milena Bernardinello User Presentations
Expanding ArcGIS Hub with Experience Builder, HTML, and Illustrative Techniques Cory Alden User Presentations
COVID-19 Mobile Testing Site Deployment Presentation Michael Inman User Presentations
Spatial Trends in Close Contacts and Social Activity Exposure during COVID-19 Deepak Kumar User Presentations
Private Water Well Modelling Using GIS Andrew Milanes, Darcie Olexia, David Alford User Presentations
Visualizing COVID-19 Data for U.S. Local Health Departments Using ArcGIS Emily Yox User Presentations
Why Can't We Go to School? Kacie Baker, Sheldon Lessard, Shiloh Johnson, Steve Hossack User Presentations
How the Pandemic Promoted GIS at Oakland County Bryan Debus User Presentations
West Virginia Board of Pharmacy Controlled Substance Monitoring Program Dashboard Presentation Nathan Wood, Timothy Dotson User Presentations
Ensuring COVID-19 Compliance: Facility Education and Engagement Anthony Arce, Leilah Kelsey, Serene Ong User Presentations
Leveraging GIS Technology to Mitigate the COVID-19 Pandemic Anthony Arce, Lap Le, Serene Ong User Presentations
ArcGIS Hub & COVID-19 Wesley Kortuem User Presentations
Risk Assessment of COVID-19 in 22 Municipalities Sergio Niquisse User Presentations
Latin America: Increase in Infectious Diseases Amanda Weber, Samira Lloyd User Presentations
Utilizing Mapping in Reentry Iveta Stefancova User Presentations
Battling the Opioid Epidemic with ArcGIS Hub Joshua Thompson, Kyle Wikstrom User Presentations
Spatial Analysis: Participants' Walking Distance to WIC Clinic & Public Transits Lap Le, Serene Ong User Presentations
Combining Data Systems to Better Study Associated Factors in Children’s Health Victoria Sheil User Presentations
Developing a Web App to Identify Treatment Gaps Amidst a Rise in Opioid Overdoses Elina Breton, Jeffrey Stitz User Presentations
Safer NOAA Diving through GIS Applications Presentation Karen Kavanaugh User Presentations
Mapping the Opioid Epidemic: A GIS Data Surveillance Solution in Arkansas Kent Thompson, Sydney Lewis User Presentations
Using GIS to Inform Emergency Meal Delivery Programs Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic Presentation Joanna Hutchinson User Presentations
Youth Community Mapping COVID-19 Disruptions to Food Access, 'Where's the Food?' Austin Ramsey, Fran Harvey, Katherine Winchester, Tom Tate, Vibriyogn Epuri User Presentations
COVID-19 Drives an ArcGIS HIPAA Cloud at New York City Health & Hospitals Aaron Miller, Katya Murphy, Vince Rosales User Presentations
Equity-Driven Community Health Improvement: Engagement and New Approaches Presentation Megan McAninch-Jones User Presentations
Smart City Development and Community Engagement Presentation Mark Hebert User Presentations
Managing Park & Ecological Assets in GIS for Small Conservation-Based Non-Profits Presentation Matthew Jackson User Presentations
Utilizing Esri Field Applications for Salmon and Steelhead Monitoring Presentation Andrew Bartshire User Presentations
Tracking Sustainability Practices in WI K-12 Schools using Hub Premium Presentation Nina Rihn, Samara Hamze User Presentations
Integrating ArcGIS & 3D Modeling:Alternate Methods for 3D Mapping Using SketchUp Presentation Dominic Ramos User Presentations
Remote Digital Ethnography using GIS – Mapping Languages - Jamaican Patois Derrick Scott, Sean Tucker User Presentations
A University Responds: Creating a COVID-19 Research Platform Using ArcGIS Hub Benjamin Mittler User Presentations
Using Enterprise & JavaScript API to Build an Application for the State of Delaware Corey Downer, Sean Lynn User Presentations
Designing a STEM Center for Underrepresented Youth Presentation Abimbola Asojo, Hoa Vo User Presentations
A New Geologic Map Information Service from the Kentucky Geological Survey Presentation Doug Curl User Presentations
Utilizing Survey123 and Dashboards for Environmental and HAZMAT Investigations Presentation Jonathan Durland, Lynette Dooley, Michael Stepowyj User Presentations
Deploying Guyana's National Forest Monitoring Platform Presentation Towana Smartt User Presentations
Utilizing Multidimensional Analysis with NASA Atmospheric Datasets Presentation Matthew Tisdale User Presentations
ArcGIS QuickCapture, the New Hub for the Field - Link Buttons and URL Parameters Presentation Jamie Lambert User Presentations
Bringing Sea Level Rise to Life using GIS and Python Presentation Ashley Miller User Presentations
Navigating Colorado's Regulatory Environment - A GIS Based Look Presentation Andy Bohnhoff User Presentations
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Leverages Web GIS to Improve Communication with Stakeholders David Krady User Presentations
A Global De-Risking Tool for Subsurface Fluid and Heat Reservoir Portfolio Sofia Campo User Presentations
Map Data Distribution Over GIS Services and Their Presentation in ArcGIS Online Presentation Stephan Nysveen User Presentations
Implementation of a Regional Lead-in-Soil Environmental Investigation Shayan Simantob, Tim McVey User Presentations
Using Esri Drone2Map to Create Orthomosaics/3D Datasets for Mine Mitigation Presentation Shane Zentner User Presentations
Pipeline Logging Made Easy Presentation Steven Brown, TD Baskin User Presentations
Ensuring Census Data Quality with GIS Presentation Melanie Hollowood User Presentations
30 Years of Census Block Geography and Data Presentation Jim Castagneri User Presentations
Underground Storage Tank Finder: EPA's National Map of Underground Storage Tanks and Releases Presentation Alexander Hall User Presentations
Department of Energy Office of Legacy Management Enterprise Geospatial Implementation Program Frank Orr, Matthew Cuneo User Presentations
Crowdsourced Flood Monitoring and Applications for Inundation Model Validation Presentation Derek Loftis User Presentations
Integrating Mobile Work Management Systems with ArcGIS Enterprise Presentation Tyler Suda User Presentations
The Future of ArcGIS Applications in a Growing Gas Company Presentation Anthony Buono User Presentations
Setting Your Own Pace - Avista's Journey to the Utility Network Presentation Frank Roberts, Mike Littrel, Ron Riel, TJ Houle User Presentations
Using GIS Suitability Analysis for Electric Vehicle Charging Locations Presentation Brian Colson User Presentations
Using Data Science to Minimize Power Outage Due to Vegetation Presentation Amin Tayyebi, Kevin Jury, Summerlyn Turner User Presentations
Improve Fault Detection Location Accuracy for Historical Electrical Outages Presentation Amin Tayyebi, Ratanak Heng, Ryan McGuire, Summerlyn Turner, Vinay Mandati User Presentations
Identifying Physical Threats to Power Systems Using GIS and Satellite Imagery Presentation Brian Deaver, Davis Montenegro User Presentations
The Future of GIS And Electric Transmission Industry David Miller, Melissa Mayo User Presentations
PG&E AWS Journey with Esri Products for Electric and Gas Utilities George Nadar, Kurt McNeel-Caird User Presentations
Mapping Customers to County Parcels (Creating a Better Outage Map) Eszter Tompos, Jason Bright User Presentations
Peabody Municipal Light Plant using Utility Network Editor with Esri UK Billy Guerrero, Brian Abcunas, Sarah Saint-Ruth User Presentations
Implementing the Utility Network at Seattle City Light Presentation Juul Dijkstra, Michael Walton User Presentations
Integrating AMI with GIS for Electric Distribution Transformer Load Management Presentation Sue Ann Panton User Presentations
Deploying Esri to Provide and Collect GIS Data from the Field Christy Licavoli, Mikkel Hylden, Paul Hughes User Presentations
Converting to the Utility Network at Chelan County PUD Jeff Berry, Robert Krisher User Presentations
Fort Collins Goes Digital with Light & Power GIS Jon Fairchild, Tim McCollough User Presentations
Map Your Heritage - Web Apps for an Effective Change Management Process Chiara Cocco, Saul Crowley User Presentations
Application of CityEngine 3D Rule-Based Modeling for Complete Streets Designs Cenqi Zhu, Ilir Bejleri, Jamie Bufkin, Soowoong Noh User Presentations
Smart Land Information System for Regional Planning Presentation Jonah Pellecchia, Jung Seo, Tom Vo User Presentations
What About Safe and Decent Housing that is Affordable? Ned Murray, Nika Zyryanova User Presentations
Growing Equitable Tree Canopy: Austin’s Community Tree Priority Map Alan Halter User Presentations
Atlas for the Metropolitan Area of Guatemala Carmen Reyes, Julián Castillo User Presentations
Enterprise GIS Enabling Locational Intelligence for Data Driven Urban Renewal Wilfred AU User Presentations
Building a Regional COVID-19 Hub for Hampton Roads, Virginia: Lessons Learned Sara Kidd User Presentations
Telling the Story of Historic Redlining and Urgent Need for Affordable Housing Presentation Christina Chelf, Elliott Barnett User Presentations
A National Tool for Creating Equitable Park Systems Kirsten Mickow, Kristen Weil User Presentations
Guiding Equitable Changes Through Multi-Benefit Land Use Decisions Presentation Breece Robertson User Presentations
Geologic Web Mapping with Custom Subsurface Profiling Tools Presentation Glenn Russell, Tess Gardner Oldemeyer User Presentations
Geohazard Analysis of Seafloor Landslide Potential for Infrastructure Protection Alec Dyer User Presentations
Identifying One of the Most Important Global Diversity Hotspots on the High Seas Daniel Wagner User Presentations
Using GIS to Support Mooring Buoys to Protect Historic Shipwrecks in Lake Huron Presentation Phil Hartmeyer User Presentations
Supporting Stormwater with Apps, Maps, and More Corryn Smith, Edward Schenk User Presentations
Improving Customer Service and Controlling Water Outages with Enterprise GIS Presentation Jonatas Dos Santos, Luciano Zingano User Presentations
Utilizing Esri Best Practices for Success Presentation Brett Angel User Presentations
SUEZ Enterprise GIS ReHost Presentation Shannon Decker, Tyler Prahl User Presentations
Automation Of Spatial Data Validation, National Hydrographic Dataset (NHDPlusHR) Presentation Greg Cocks User Presentations
A First-of-Its-Kind Intelligent Water Network in Australia Presentation Paul Drummond User Presentations
What in the World is a Watershed? Communicating Watershed Location and Flow Presentation Melissa Lanclos, Michelle Simpson User Presentations
A Need for Instant Access & Sharing! Presentation Erik Ray, Mark Grabowski User Presentations
Integrating the Utility Network with Cityworks CMMS David Long, Joel Griffin, Steven Gunsch User Presentations
Public Web Based Drainage Basin Delineation Tool Using LiDAR Elevation Surface Presentation Brett Martin User Presentations
Analysis of Lake Stratification Dynamics using ArcGIS Pro Presentation Elijah Papen User Presentations
Increased Field Work Efficiency by 210% Through Stormwater Program Digitization Presentation Michelle Tanner, Tony Angueira User Presentations
Leveraging the Esri Ecosystem for Rapid, Scalable, High Accuracy Data Collection Adam Horn, Warren Kron User Presentations
Finding the Balance for Off-Road Vehicle Use Presentation Michael Mason User Presentations
Building Partnerships for Landscape Level Conservation Presentation Charlie Mix User Presentations
Best Practices for Biodiversity Mapping and Analytics Presentation Lori Scott, Regan Smyth User Presentations
An Enterprise Toolkit for Conserving New Zealand Presentation Amanda MacDonald-Creevey, Viv Cole User Presentations
Innovation for Animal Welfare and Saving Wild Birds John Boone, Lauren Lipsey, Sam Decker, Tyler Flockhart User Presentations
Updating ArcGIS Election Solutions Using ArcGIS GeoEvent Server Presentation Chelsea Robinson User Presentations
Understanding Bird Migration with Enterprise GIS Melanie Smith User Presentations
Visualizing and Monitoring Global Biodiversity Michael Gill User Presentations
Blazing a Trail with Land Records Management in Oklahoma Joel Foster, Lisa Schaefer User Presentations
Taking Land Records Further at Polk County Kyle Wikstrom, Lisa Schaefer, Rick Thompson User Presentations
A New Approach for Visualizing Biodiversity in Europe Jens Benohr, Kara Virik User Presentations
A Story of Land Records Modernization & ROI Brandon Harris, Chelsea Huang, Randy Mellin User Presentations
Natural Climate Solutions for Colombia Presentation Deissy Andrea Arango Gonzalez, Diego Navarrete, Juanita González User Presentations
Restoring the World's Forests Presentation Talia Liney User Presentations
Mapping the Story of Sunrise Movement Los Angeles Presentation Justin Chow, Krystle Yu, Susannah Eidmann-Hicks User Presentations
Coastal Septic System Vulnerability Due to Sea Level Rise in North Carolina Presentation Sarah Jordan User Presentations
Assessment of Urbanization & Urban Heat Island Intensities Using Landsat Imageries Presentation Medha Pathak, Vamika Mathur User Presentations
Communicating Spatial Aspects of Endangered Species Pesticide Risk Assessment Presentation Dana Christian User Presentations
Using ArcGIS to Understand How a Global Pandemic has Impacted Local Real Estate Values Presentation Aaesha shehhi User Presentations
Measuring the Availability and Capability of Local Labor for Site Selection David Sutton, Kyle McNair User Presentations
Leverage Core Tools for Small Pipeline Operator Risk Management Presentation Neal O'Driscoll User Presentations
Detecting the Invisible: AI-Based Wetland Mapping Kumar Mainali, Michael Evans User Presentations
Hate and Bias and Sacred Stories: Beyond Qualitative Data Christopher Bhang, Sung Cho User Presentations
Mitigating Systematic Oppression Through Data Activism and Design Excellence Presentation Zarith Pineda User Presentations
Using Mapping to Minimize the 2020 Census Undercount Presentation Anthony Fairfax, Elana Needle, Jamal Watkins User Presentations
Community Engagement in Redistricting Presentation Sophia Garcia User Presentations
Police Use of Force: Implications for Policing and Neighborhood Policy Presentation Frank Romo, Harley Etienne User Presentations
Analyzing Environmental Inequity in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex School District Presentation Jayeeta Chakraborty User Presentations
Leveraging Citrix for Desktop Users Andrew Miller, Carlos Pacheco User Presentations
Save Black Press: Innovating Black News with Data Access & Content Discovery Alex Reed, Candice Mays, Paulette Brown-Hinds, Stephanie Williams User Presentations
Chesapeake Environmental Justice and Equity Dashboard John Wolf User Presentations
Exploration Workflow with Discover for ArcGIS Pro Presentation John Shippick, Wendi Adrian User Presentations
Enhancing Airport Inspections: The Benefits of Using Drones and GIS Zach Tecson User Presentations
Using a GIS Infrastructure Data Model to Improve Airport Operations Agie Gilmore, Hanson Michael User Presentations
Prioritization of Site Selection for Subsidence Mitigation of Abandoned Mines Presentation Harry Plendl User Presentations
Utilizing Dashboards for Information Dissemination at Port NOLA Presentation Andrew Milanes, Maggie Cloos User Presentations
Addressing the Challenges of Field Operations in the Time of COVID-19 Presentation Matt Hinds-Aldrich, Yuting Yang User Presentations
Modernizing the Port of Alaska with GIS Daniel Elroi, Luke Boggess, Sharen Walsh, Tina Miller User Presentations
Bringing GIS Value to CA High-Speed Rail Through Esri ArcGIS Enterprise Presentation Jason Hill, My An Nguy User Presentations
Sweet and Sustainable: Using GIS to Prevent Future Cocoa-related Deforestation Presentation Kellee Koenig User Presentations
The Global Agriculture & Disaster Assessment System (GADAS) powered by Esri Justin Jenkins, Kenneth Pelman User Presentations
Combating Agricultural Drought in the Netherlands with Satellite GIS Data Eesge Elzinga, Wilmer Woudwijk User Presentations
Mapping Coffee and Carbon in the Time of COVID-19 Kellee Koenig, Starry Sprenkle-Hyppolite User Presentations
Enhancing Mobile Field Collection at Metro St. Louis Daniel Arias, Walter Jenkins User Presentations
MTA Bus Stop Project Tracker: How Apps Led to Key Collaboration Across Departments Presentation Jennifer Hopkins, Nicholas Stewart User Presentations
Mapping Horticulture Tree Crops in Australia Joel McKechnie, Craig Shephard User Presentations
Improving Mobility Options by Knowing Your Community Ilir Bejleri, In Je Lee, Soowoong Noh User Presentations
Modernized Data Management for Fruit Fly Eradication Programs in Florida Katherine Fairbanks User Presentations
How to Create Conservation Plan Maps in 3D Using LiDAR and Imagery and AGOL? Bethany Munoz Delgado, Jeremy Scherer, Steven Nechero User Presentations
Creating Statewide Bike and Pedestrian Networks Presentation Jennifer Hopkins, Nate Evans, Rebecca Slocum User Presentations
Pinellas County Vision Zero Analysis Presentation Marshall Ballard, Sarah Caper User Presentations
Virtual Prototyping for Construction Management Presentation Christopher Forsgren User Presentations
Geographic Equity Toolbox: Process and Progress Presentation Josie Ahrens, Pierre Gerard User Presentations
Enhancing Pedestrian Safety with ArcGIS Analytics and Visualization Chris McPhilamy, Will Brewer User Presentations
Directing Statewide Sign Inventory with ArcGIS Online and Field GIS Tools Presentation Chris Gabris User Presentations
A Road Further Traveled - Migrating Legacy Inspections to AGOL Apps Presentation Darin Welch, Sarah Mitchell User Presentations
Improving Roadway Safety in New York Using GIS Andrew Sattinger, Larry Spraker User Presentations
Using Suitability Modeling to Save Access to Rock Climbing Areas Presentation Shannon Tattitch User Presentations
Agile Asset Management Systems and Statewide ITS Device Collection during COVID Charles Fisher, Joel Gladfelter User Presentations
Asking the Right Questions: Framing a GIS Business Model for the Organization Presentation Pravin Mathur User Presentations
Leveraging ArcGIS Solutions for Digital Infrastructure Design Delivery Bridget Wagner, Cameron Schaefer, Michael Schmedt User Presentations
Data Driven Modeling for Reporting and 3D Visualization with ArcGIS & CityEngine Kenneth Lindhardt User Presentations
GIS, BIM and Augmented Reality to Support Enhanced Visualization and Geodesign Adam Horn, William Cozzens User Presentations
Streamlining Data Management & Reporting for Collaboration and Mapping Presentation Carla Evans, Matthew Maloney User Presentations
Tampa Neighborhood Improvement Design Build Presentation Matt Quackenbush User Presentations
ArcGIS Experience Builder Supports Critical USACE Decisions Through Innovative Solution Tim Cushman User Presentations
Esri ArcGIS Enterprise Content Migration for an AEC Firm Jacob Raymond User Presentations
Mapping of Possible Expansion Areas of SOYA in Paraguay According to the RTRS Guide Presentation Enrique Oswin Hahn Villalba, Federico Antonio Pekholtz Báez User Presentations
Boundary Agnostic Data in a Shared Stewardship World Presentation Chad Davis, Scott Campbell User Presentations
Using Satellite Imagery for Early Tracking and Detection Presentation Miranda Wilson User Presentations
Authoritative Forest Inventory Data Products for the Contiguous United States Christopher Oswalt User Presentations
Developing Workflows for Large-Scale Cloud Analytics of Forest Inventory Data Presentation Chuck Werstak User Presentations
Mapping the Stratification and Accuracy of Vegetation Classes in Miombo Forest Presentation Serge Kalawu User Presentations
Optimizing Solar Projects for LCOE through Terrain Analysis Presentation Matthew Gagne User Presentations
Mapping Indigenous People and Local Communities’ Land Presentation Katie Pickett User Presentations
City of Freeport Street Light Auditing Information System Amit Seeram, Troy McIntosh User Presentations
A GIS System for Participatory Mapping in Near Real Time in Nepal Indra Sharan KC User Presentations
Automating the Assessment Municipality-Owned Real Estate Assets Using GIS Presentation Alejandra Coronado, Brittany Burson User Presentations
Women, Land Rights, and Sustainable Food Systems Amy Coughenour Betancourt, Carolina Reynoso Pieters User Presentations
Using Drone Imagery to Support Haitian Slum Communities Jean-Marc Placide, Louis Jadotte User Presentations
Locating Nomadic Pastoralists Over Time and Space Tim Buckley User Presentations
An Africa Environment Partnership Platform Presentation Abeer Medhat, Alaa Zohery, Bradley Fotabong, Kwame Ababio, Mai Ghaly User Presentations
National Mapping-Next Generation Geospatial Enterprise Data Hazel Slawson, Nath Reddy User Presentations
National Mapping-National Digital Trails Elizabeth McCartney, Tatyana DiMascio User Presentations
National Mapping-National Hydrography Datasets Drew Decker User Presentations
National Mapping-Data Hubs for Countries' COVID-19 Response Presentation Olena Borkovska User Presentations
Migrating UPDM/PODS-7 w/APR Systems to Full Utility Network (UN) Implementations Presentation Jay Smith User Presentations
Improving the Nation’s Capability for Integrating Environmental Data Audy Jason Barnett, Bradley Macpherson User Presentations
CalEnviroScreen 4.0: Cumulative Impacts and Community Engagement Presentation Walker Wieland User Presentations
Corrosion Growth Analysis and Visualization Using ArcGIS Pro Presentation Evan Kostelka, Ron Brush User Presentations
GIS Added Value for the Medical Operations in the Field Roxana Nazarie User Presentations
Empowering Okavango Basin Conservation with Virtual Reality Brian Footen User Presentations
Scaling Up the Jane Goodall Institute Science Platform using ArcGIS Technologies Lilian Pintea User Presentations
One Hundred Feet: Precise Geospatial Data Vibhu Singh, Amelia Esrl User Presentations
Mask R-CNN-Based Building Extraction from Satellite Data in Humanitarian Action Presentation Dirk Tiede User Presentations
Operationalizing Places in GIScience: A Review Presentation Vicente Tang User Presentations
Informing an Agent-Based Model Using Classification Trees Jugal Patel User Presentations
A Privacy-Preserved Framework for Location Recommendation Via Federated Learning Presentation Jinmeng Rao User Presentations
Using ArcGIS Hub to Cultivate Community and Improve Maternal and Newborn Health Jessica White User Presentations
Common Operational Datasets: Humanitarian Response Intelligence Elsa Raunio User Presentations
Resilient and Connected Networks for Conservation in a Changing Climate Melissa Clark User Presentations
Volunteering with URISA’s GISCorps: How Doing #GISforGood is Good for You, Too German Whitley, Holly Torpey User Presentations
IMF’s New Climate Change Indicators Dashboard Alberto Sanchez, Alessandra Sozzi User Presentations
Mapping for a Sustainable World Presentation Ayako Kagawa, Menno-Jan Kraak, Britta Ricker, Guillaume Le Sourd User Presentations
GIS.LSP: A Soft Computing Logic Tool for Geospatial Suitability Analysis Shuoge Shen User Presentations
Making Conservation Data Operational Brett Stevenson, David Williams User Presentations
GIS as a Heuristic Tool to Interpret Ancient Historiography Vincent van Altena User Presentations
GIS As a Key Enabler in Digital Transformation for Kuwait Oil Company Shaima Shihab User Presentations
ArcGIS 2021: Technology Advances and RoadMap Presentation Sud Menon Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Pro Editing: An Overview Presentation Kevin Steller, Derek Nelson Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Pro: Layouts and Map Series Presentation Aubri Kinghorn, Jeff Barrette Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Pro: Mapping and Visualization Presentation Greg Lehner, Charles Preppernau, Zihan Song Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Pro: Advanced Map Labeling Presentation Ciara Rowland-Simms, Sally Hill, Wendy Harrison Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Pro: Tips and Tricks for Exploring Your Attributes Presentation Alycia Rajendran, Jill Scholz Technical Workshop
ArcGIS: Map Wizardry John Nelson, Kenneth Field Technical Workshop
ArcGIS: Designing Thematic Maps John Nelson, Kenneth Field Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Pro: Tips and Tricks Aaron Falk, Julie Terhune, Kory Kramer Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Pro: Taking Advantage of 3D Presentation Michael Contreras, Steve Heidelberg, Ivonne Seler, Nathan Shephard Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud: An Introduction Presentation Sarah Bell, Madhura Phaterpekar Technical Workshop
ArcGIS: Automating Topographic Data and Map Production Presentation Amber Bethell, Johnny Beavers, G.C. Rice Technical Workshop
ArcGIS and Microsoft 365: Better Together Presentation Arthur Haddad, Linda Beale Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Pro Tasks: An Introduction Presentation Christine Leslie, Jason Camerano Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Parcel Fabric: Migrating and Administering Parcels Presentation Christine Leslie, Amir Bar Maor, Daniel Stone Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Field Maps: An Introduction & What's New Presentation Brent Pierce, D'Maia Curry, Jeff Shaner Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Field Maps: Migrating to Field Maps Presentation Jane Darbyshire, Alix Power, Scott Ball Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Field Maps: Taking Your Maps Offline Presentation Liz Armstrong, Kevin Burke, Joshua Clifford Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Defense Mapping: Standards-Based Cartographic Production Using ArcGIS Pro Presentation Johnny Beavers, John Grammer, Bo King Technical Workshop
ArcGIS for Intelligence Professionals Presentation Natalie Feuerstein, Jamon Johnson Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Field Maps: Creating and Using Smart Forms Presentation Doug Morgenthaler, Anna Segerstad, Aaron Pulver Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Field Maps: Data Collection & Inspection Workflows Presentation Carol Ghostine, Kevin Burke Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Field Maps: Location Tracking Presentation Colin Lawrence, Aaron Pulver Technical Workshop
Leveraging ArcGIS Across the Intelligence Cycle Presentation Hannah Shumway, Kenyon Huber-Wilker, Matt Berra, Stuart Penninger Technical Workshop
ArcGIS QuickCapture: An Introduction and What's New Presentation John Hasthorpe, Mandy Li Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Survey123: Working with Online Surveys Presentation Ismael Chivite, Zhifang Wang Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Survey123: An Introduction and What's New Presentation Zach Sutherby, Ismael Chivite Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Survey123: Advanced Smart Form Design Presentation Brett Stokes, Philip Wilson, Jim Moore Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Survey123: An Introduction to Reports Presentation Zach Sutherby, Zheng Liu, Barbara Webster Technical Workshop
Improving Understanding of the Operating Environment Presentation Thomas Warner, Andrew King, Julia Bell, Christopher Lee Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Parcel Fabric: Record-Driven Workflows Presentation Amir Bar Maor, Jason Camerano, Daniel Stone Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Parcel Fabric: Quality-Driven Workflows Presentation Amy Andis, Tim Hodson, Daniel Stone Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Workflow Manager: Overview and Roadmap Presentation Michael Broadbent, Aarthi Dwarakanath Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Data Reviewer: Improving How You Manage Data Quality Presentation Kaleb McNeil, Kumar Gaurav Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing: Introduction and What's New Presentation Nathan Easley, Debalin Das Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Roads and Highways: Introduction and What's New Presentation Praveen Kumar KV, Rahul Rakshit Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Pro: Introduction to Using CAD Data Presentation Richard Horrocks, Randy Garcia, Don Kuehne, Cici Xiao Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Pro: Using BIM Data Presentation David Alvarez, Karen Hodge Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Pro: An Introduction Presentation Katherine White, Dan Stephen, Doug Harris Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Pro: Migrating from ArcMap Presentation Stephanie Oliver, David Watkins, Andrea Santoro Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Network Management: Utility Network Overview Presentation Aziz Mahmood, David Crawford, Remi Myers Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Solutions for Defense: An Overview Presentation Oscar Villa, Brandon Armstrong, Derek Foll, Lorraine Funkhouser Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Solutions for Local and State Government: An Overview Presentation Michele Lundeen, Scott Oppmann Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Solutions for Utility Data Management: An Overview Presentation Michael Miller, Howard Crothers Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Solutions for Address Data Management: An Overview Presentation Chris Fox, Scott Oppmann Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Solutions for Public Safety: An Overview Presentation Walter Potts, Lindsay Thomas Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Solutions for Conservation and Natural Resources: An Overview Presentation Lauren Dreyfuss, Chris Buscaglia Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Solutions for Public Works: An Overview Presentation Ryan Nosek, Mike Dagle Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Solutions for Health and Human Services: An Overview Presentation Michael Brown, Jeremiah Lindemann Technical Workshop
ArcGIS: Data Interoperability and Integration Presentation Adam Martin, Bruce Harold, Satish Sankaran Technical Workshop
ArcGIS: Understanding SDI and Geospatial Infrastructure Presentation Bruce Harold, Jill Saligoe-Simmel, Marten Hogeweg Technical Workshop
Improve Data Quality with Attribute Rules and Branch Versioning Presentation Annie Sasidar, Diana Muresan, Hussein Nasser Technical Workshop
ArcGIS API for JavaScript: Data-Driven Animations Presentation Jeremy Bartley Technical Workshop
ArcGIS API for JavaScript: Amazing Mapping Apps Presentation Anne Fitz, Jeremy Bartley Technical Workshop
Living Atlas: US Demographics and Census 2020 Presentation Kyle Reese Cassal, Lucy Guerra Technical Workshop
Living Atlas: Policy Mapping Presentation Diana Lavery, Deepti Kochhar, Lisa Berry Technical Workshop
Living Atlas: Imagery and Elevation Presentation Robert Waterman, Rajinder Nagi Technical Workshop
Living Atlas: Community Maps Program Presentation Mike Ridland, Shane Matthews, Tiffany Cronin Technical Workshop
Living Atlas: Livefeeds Maps and Workflows for Disaster Response Presentation Deniz Karagulle, Paul Dodd, Gonzalo Espinoza Technical Workshop
Living Atlas: Environmental Content, Mapping, and Analysis Workflows Presentation Keith VanGraafeiland, Richard Nauman, Emily Meriam Technical Workshop
Living Atlas: Demographics for Visualization and Analysis Presentation Helen Thompson, Martin Paz, Michael Seybert Technical Workshop
Living Atlas: An Introduction Presentation Bern Szukalski, Deane Kensok, Deniz Karagulle Technical Workshop
Living Atlas: Esri Basemaps and OpenStreet Map Presentation Deane Kensok, Steve Moore, Andrew Green Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Online: Enrich Your Maps with Arcade Presentation Anne Fitz, Lisa Berry, Paul Barker Technical Workshop
ArcGIS StoryMaps: An Introduction Amelia Semprebon, Owen Evans, Liz Todd Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Online: Tips & Tricks for Viral Maps Presentation Marianne Farretta, Paul Barker, Jeremy Bartley Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Online: The New Map Viewer Presentation Chris Whitmore, Lauren Ballantyne, Zara Matheson Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Experience Builder: An Introduction Presentation Jianxia Song, Kenyon Huber-Wilker Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Insights: Interactive Data Science and Analytics Linda Beale, Warren Davison Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Insights: An Introduction Shirley Baffoe, Kate MacLachlan, Linda Beale Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Arcade: An Introduction Presentation Allison Rost, Rudy Prosser Technical Workshop
Spatial Data Science: What’s New in Time Series Analysis Presentation Alberto Nieto, Flora Vale, Xiaodan Zhou, Jie Liu Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Enterprise: Getting Started Presentation Thomas Edghill, Hannah Shumway Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Enterprise: What's New Presentation Katherine Dalton, Jon Emch Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Enterprise: Designing Sites and Pages Presentation Sam Hunter, Shanglei Zhang Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Enterprise: Publishing Content and Services Presentation Jill Edstrom-Shoemaker, Susan Tran Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Enterprise: Data Storage Strategies Presentation Nana Dei, Thomas Shippee Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Monitor: Beyond the Basics Presentation Cecil Lamb, David Crosby, Erin Richmond Technical Workshop
Spatial Statistics: What's New Presentation Ankita Bakshi, Cheng Chia Huang, Lynne Buie, Lauren Bennett Technical Workshop
Distributed Collaboration: Editing Across Environments Presentation Sarah Hanson, Hilary Curtis Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Online: Spatial Analysis Presentation Sarah Ambrose, Jian Lange, Amanda Ring, Sarmistha Chatterjee Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Pro: Analysis and Geoprocessing Presentation Jian Lange, Drew Flater Technical Workshop
Spatial Data Science: Data Visualization and Exploration Presentation Lauren Bennett, Chris Allen, Flora Vale, Belle Pandya Technical Workshop
ModelBuilder: Tips and Tricks Presentation Siqi Li, Shitij Mehta Technical Workshop
ArcGIS GeoAnalytics: Spatiotemporal Analysis of Big Vector Data Presentation Noah Slocum, Sarah Ambrose, Bethany Scott Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Business Analyst: What’s New and Coming Soon Presentation Garry Burgess, Helen Brown Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Spatial Analyst: Solving Real-World Problems Presentation Elizabeth Graham, Sarmistha Chatterjee, Steve Kopp Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Spatial Analyst: Suitability Modeler Presentation Kevin Johnston, Ajit George, Tong Jiao Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Platform: A Developer's Introduction Presentation David Cardella, Euan Cameron Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Runtime: An Introduction Presentation Nicholas Furness, Rex Hansen Technical Workshop
ArcGIS: Python Overview Presentation Shaun Walbridge, Andrew Chapkowski Technical Workshop
ArcPy: An Introduction Presentation Hannes Ziegler, Ghislain Prince, Danny McVey Technical Workshop
ArcGIS API for Python: An Introduction Presentation Andrew Chapkowski, John Yaist, Mohit Aggarwal Technical Workshop
ArcGIS AppStudio: An Introduction Presentation Chris Lesueur, Tina Jin, Erwin Soekianto Technical Workshop
ArcGIS 3D Analyst: Lidar Classification and Feature Extraction Presentation Lindsay Weitz, Khalid Duri, Clayton Crawford Technical Workshop
ArcGIS API for JavaScript: An Introduction Presentation Jose Banuelos, Julie Powell, Anne Fitz Technical Workshop
Imagery in ArcGIS: What's New Presentation Cody Benkelman, Emily Windahl, Peter Becker, Vinay Viswambharan Technical Workshop
ArcGIS API for JavaScript: Web Editing in 2D and 3D Presentation Heather Gonzago, Jonathan Uihlein, Arno Fiva Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Image Analyst: An Introduction  Presentation Kyle Talbot, Magali Barba-Sevilla, Prashant Mangtani Technical Workshop
Network Analyst: An Introduction Presentation Rachel Applebaum, Jay Sandhu, Melinda Morang Technical Workshop
ArcGIS API for JavaScript: Modern Development Environments and Techniques Presentation Noah Sager, Rene Rubalcava, Andy Gup Technical Workshop
Geocoding: What's New Presentation Jeff Rogers, Shana Britt, Victor Bhattacharyya, Brad Niemand, Christa Hash Technical Workshop
ArcGIS: Introduction to Deep Learning Presentation Vinay Viswambharan, Rohit Singh, Mingjing Yu, Sandeep Kumar Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Velocity: An Introduction Presentation Gregory Christakos, Suzanne Foss Technical Workshop
Imagery in ArcGIS: Working with Time Series Data Presentation Hong Xu, Ling Tang, Sarmistha Chatterjee Technical Workshop
ArcGIS GeoEvent Server: Leveraging and Analyzing Real-Time Data Presentation RJ Sunderman, Eric Ironside Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Image for ArcGIS Online: An Introduction  Presentation Shea Shelby, Jie Zhang, David Wright Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Velocity: Real-Time and Big Data Analytics Presentation Ken Gorton, Peter Nasuti Technical Workshop
Big Data, Spatial Analytics and Machine Learning: Workflows and Applications Presentation Jimmy O'Donnell, Kyunam Kim, Wendy Keyes Technical Workshop
Drone Imagery: Creating Orthomosaics, DEMS and 3D Mesh Presentation Nico Bonnafoux, Mark Buie, Christopher Patterson, Cody Benkelman Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Online: Partnered Collaboration Between Organizations Presentation Sentha Sivabalan, Colleen Peoples, Jacob Lias Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Hub: Managing and Collaborating with Your Community Presentation Katelyn Thompson, Marissa Defratti, Jay Dev Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Online: Using Smart Mapping Presentation Jim Herries, Jeremy Bartley, Julia Holtzclaw Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Enterprise: Deployment Options Presentation Derrick Burke, Robert Hadsell Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Enterprise: Best Practices for Upgrading Presentation Erin Richmond, Mark Carlson Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Enterprise: Administering Your Deployment Presentation Denise Vachon, Don Shaw Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes: An Introduction for Administrators Presentation Shreyas Shinde, Subrat Bora, Jonathan Quinn, Trevor Seaton, Sara Sanchez, Markus Walker Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes: Operations and Management Presentation Nidhi Arora, Vaibhav Singh, Eva Mui, Moginraj Mohandas, Caroline , Jeff Smith Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes: Publishing and Tuning Presentation Gayathri Vijay, Moginraj Mohandas, Shreyas Shinde, Jonathan Quinn, Laurence Clinton, Garima Tiwari Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Experience Builder: Designing Apps with Style and Layout Presentation Jian Wang, Wei Ying Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Maps SDK for Game Engines: An Introduction Adrien Meriaux, Rex Hansen Technical Workshop
GIS + BIM for AEC Project Delivery and Operations Presentation Anthony Renteria, Steven Santovasi, Erika Bocian Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Urban: Smart City Planning Presentation Silvia Casas, Christine Ma Technical Workshop
3D Across ArcGIS Presentation Philip Mielke, Steve Heidelberg, Ivonne Seler Technical Workshop
3D on the Web with ArcGIS Presentation Philip Mielke, Janett Baresel Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Pro: An Overview of 3D Analysis Presentation Khalid Duri, Lindsay Weitz, Matthew Ballard Technical Workshop
Sharing 3D Content with Scene Layers (I3S) Presentation Andrew Johnson, Tamrat Belayneh Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Earth: An Introduction Presentation Steve Haynes, CiCi Chen Technical Workshop
Enhancing Qualitative Social Science Research with GIS Presentation Lakeisha Coleman, Kyle Jones, Lain Graham Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Dashboards: Designing Effective Dashboards Presentation Soobin Choi, Dave Nyenhuis Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Online: An Introduction to Instant Apps Presentation Krista McPherson, Sarah McDonald Technical Workshop
Geospatial Deep Learning Using the ArcGIS API for Python Priyanka Tuteja, Karthik Dutt, Vaibhav Raj, Akhil Negi Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Indoors: An Introduction Presentation Andy Stewart, Beau Ryck, William Isley Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Indoors: Turn Your CAD and BIM Data Into Floor-Aware Maps Presentation Maya O'Brien, Patrick Wallis Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Indoors: Working with Facility Management Systems Presentation William Isley, Beau Ryck, Mohd Faraz Siddiqui, Tom Hahka Technical Workshop
Enabling Conservation Planning with GIS: A Vision for 30 by 30 Presentation David Gadsden, Sunny Fleming, Daniel Martin, Ryan Perkl Technical Workshop
ArcGIS API for JavaScript: 3D Visualization Presentation Sascha Brunner, Raluca Nicola Technical Workshop
ArcGIS GeoBIM: Connecting GIS & BIM Presentation Stephen Brockwell, Anthony Renteria Technical Workshop
Administering Your GIS Organizations Using ArcGIS API for Python Andrew Chapkowski, Bill Major Technical Workshop
Getting Started with Imagery Presentation Jeff Swain, Emily Windahl, Delphine Khanna Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Image Server: Image Management and Analysis at Scale Presentation Nirupam Dey, Zikang Zhou Technical Workshop
Infographics: A Compelling Way to Share Your Data Presentation Helen Thompson, Jordan Cullen, Fasil Tiru Technical Workshop
Spatial Data Science in ArcGIS Presentation Lauren Bennett, Koya Brown, Shannon Kalisky, Alberto Nieto Technical Workshop
ArcGIS GeoPlanner: An Introduction Presentation Eliza Gutierrez-Dewar, Ryan Perkl Technical Workshop
ArcGIS StoryMaps: What’s New and What’s Coming Aravind Sivasailam, Jennifer Bell, Ashley Du Technical Workshop
ArcGIS: Working with Date-Time Data Presentation Tanu Hoque, Russell Brennan, Gary MacDougall Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Mission: An Introduction & What’s New Presentation Shane Hefner, Darron Pustam, Megha Kakaraparti, Marcell Haynes Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Hub: An Introduction Presentation Morgan Sapia, Matthew Viverito Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Online: Choosing the Right App Kelly Gerrow-Wilcox, Alan Rex Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Survey123: Field Data Collection with Smart Forms Presentation James Tedrick Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Online: An Introduction Presentation Allison Rost, Tim Kinlaw Technical Workshop
ArcGIS: An Introduction Presentation Brittney White, Cheyenne Armstead Technical Workshop
Understanding the Basics: Essential GIS Workflows Presentation Kevin Steller, James Misfeldt Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Online: Choosing the Right App Kelly Gerrow-Wilcox, Alan Rex Technical Workshop