2017 Esri Public Sector GIS Conference Proceedings

The 2017 Esri Public Sector GIS Conference Proceedings is a compilation of professional abstracts and presentations delivered April 11–13, 2017 in West Palm Beach, FL. Esri users contributed a fundamental part to the conference by submitting and presenting their presentations on a diverse collection of GIS applications.

Title Presentation Author Session
Can an ArcGIS Map Increase Recycling? Presentation Bill Dempsey Sustainable Communities
Painting a Picture of the Penny- Story Map for Citizen Engagement Presentation Angie Tootle Sustainable Communities
Increasing Climate Resilience Planning Effectivieness with 3D GIS   Jeff Hicks, Greg Dobson Environment and Natural Resources
Utilizing NASA Earth Observations to Support State and Local Decision-Making Presentation Emily Gotschalk, Georgina Crepps Environment and Natural Resources
CityEngine & Minecraft - Building Engagement Block by Block Presentation Jessica Vargas, Nick O'Day Planning
The Site Selector App - Bolstering Economic Growth and Job Creation   Ken Busby Planning
Hurricane Matthew from a GIS Perspective Presentation Robert Strickland Public Safety
From Prototype to Production: Cloud Powered Web GIS Disaster Response in Action   Peter Kessler Public Safety
The GIS Success Story behind Pinellas County, FL Enterprise GIS Award Presentation Bryan Zumwalt, Adam Carnow GIS Services
The Holy Grail of GIS   Matthew McLamb GIS Services
Next Generation Property Search using AGOL   Katrina Scarborough, Christine Schluter Land Records
Using Network Analyst to Create Optimized Routes for Data Collectors Presentation John Watterson Land Records
Developing a Crime Analytics Web Application for the Wake County, NC Sheriff's Presentation Brandon Herrington Public Safety
Visual Intelligence - Supporting the Public Sector Mission   Scott Burton Public Safety
How GIS Helped Make Needleseye Boulder Park a Reality Presentation Marvin Davis Parks and Recreation
Smarter Communities: Data Analytics, Geospatial Technology and Parks and Recreation   Matthew McLamb Parks and Recreation
Greenhouse Gas Assessment of Daily Commutes at Radford University   Shane Carper Sustainable Communities
Eco Map Series - Communication Tool to Foster Sustainable Communities   Katie Lelis Sustainable Communities
Best Practices for Fleet Management Presentation Bill Millinor Public Works and Utilities
Managing Asset Databases in Your Asset Management Program with Mobile Devices   Dave Bramwell Public Works and Utilities
Hillsborough County Prepares for Zika with OSC Solution Presentation Larry Gaudieri, Wendy Peloquin Public Health
Miami-Dade Zika Response   Patty Madrid, Soheila Ajabshir, Diana Zalivchaya Public Health
GIS Relational Database Applications for Artificial Reef Management   Bradley Ennis, Christine Kittle Environment and Natural Resources
GIS-centric Mobile Work Order Management   Gary Blohm Transportation
Can You See the Signs? GIS Solutions for Sign Inventory & Retroreflectivity Presentation Bill Millinor Transportation
Using GIS to Navigate Through the Storm Presentation Tom Tibbets, Mark Nelson AEC
Improving Work Flow Practices with ArcGIS Online Presentation Michael Kirn, Jason Alber AEC
GIS and EAM: The Power of And   Jennifer Morgan Public Works and Utilities
Utility Asset Management in 10 Steps: A GISer's Perspective   Jeffrey Dunham Public Works and Utilities
An Exploratory Study of Fraud Offenses in Miami-Dade County   Christopher Torres, Sinchul Back Public Safety
All that Remains: Visualizing Unidentified Decendents using the FLCC Geodatabase Presentation Bomin Koh, Aron Stencel, Chelsea Fugate, Dan Meder, Matt Bauld, Sara Chlebecek, Sean McNulty, Elizabeth Walton Public Safety
Geographic Variation of Life Expectency in Virginia by Census Tract   Jong Hyung Lee Health and Human Services
Proactive Alert Notification Tools System   Byron Lobsinger, Robbie Bagby Health and Human Services
Drones Provide Critical Information to County Government   Timothy Oliver GIS Services
Building a DataHub - One Spoke at a Time   Nick O'Day GIS Services
Identification and Ranking of Traffic Fatality Sites using GIS and Drones Presentation John Lee Higher Education
FSU Student Project in 3-D GIS Modeling   Shawn Lewers Higher Education
Fire Station Site Selection Presentation Davide Kulpanowski Public Safety
Five GIS Apps Increase Local Fire District Efficiency and Coordination Presentation Amy Hoyt, Daniel Sieber Public Safety
Modernizing Hydrant Inspection Program with the ArcGIS Platform Presentation Kyle Crawford Public Works and Utilities
Mobile Utility Inspections and Automated Reports Using Collector for ArcGIS Presentation Susan Blake, Cameron Amrine Public Works and Utilities
Identifying the Return on Investment of Your GIS and Justifying Your Staff   Kathleen Solie, Sharon Schulte GIS Services
How Local Government Organizations are Quantifying the Return on Investment   Matthew McLamb GIS Services
A Regional Approach for Next Generation 911   David Wray, Wendy Peloquin Public Safety
4 Aerial Imagery Trends Changing CAD/911 Presentation Tony Agresta, Erin Jepperson Public Safety
SLR, Climate Change, Infrastructure Solutions, Adaption and GIS Presentation Francisco Delia, Nestor Navarro, Carlos Tamayo, Jason Stewart 3D/Geodesign
Using 3D GIS to Convey Flood Risk and Sea-Level Rise Information   Greg Dobson, Jeff Hicks 3D/Geodesign
Outward Facing GIS Solutions Help Support our CIP, Consent Decree, and Residents Presentation Jose Lopez Public Works and Utilities
Best Practices for Utility Management Presentation Stephen Osiecki Public Works and Utilities
Integration of the NHD and the Kentucky Karst Atlas Presentation James Seay Environment and Natural Resources
Mapping Groundwater-Dependent Ecosystems in Alpine Forests of the Western United States Presentation Justin Wells Environment and Natural Resources
The Road Ahead for Utility Network Management Presentation Larry Young Technical Workshop
ArcGIS GeoEvent Server: Real-Time GIS Presentation Anthony Myers Technical Workshop
Spatial Analysis with ArcGIS Online: An Introduction Presentation Jay Fowler Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Pro: An Introduction   Mike Sweeney Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Enterprise: An Introduction   Michele Lundeen Technical Workshop
Creating a Workforce Development Plan with Esri Presentation Tamara Adamson Technical Workshop
Get a Second Opinion - Enterprise GIS Health Checks Presentation David Crosby Technical Workshop
Drone2Map for ArcGIS: Bring Drone Imagery into ArcGIS Presentation Will Meyers Technical Workshop
Python: Getting Started Presentation Ben Ramseth Technical Workshop
ArcGIS for Law Enforcement Solution Templates Presentation Kevin Armstrong Technical Workshop
Architecting the ArcGIS Platform: Best Practice Presentation Raymond Bunn Technical Workshop
Modern Land Records Workflows   Will Meyers Technical Workshop
Overview of the Esri Disaster Response Program and Lessons Learned from Past Events Presentation Kevin Armstrong Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Pro: Creating and Editing Data   Mike Sweeney Technical Workshop
Scripting Your Web GIS - Introduction to ArcGIS Python API Presentation Ben Ramseth Technical Workshop
Survey123 for ArcGIS: Optimized Field Data Collection with Smart Forms   Michele Lundeen Technical Workshop
Leveraging LiDAR in ArcGIS Pro   Geoff Taylor Technical Workshop
GIS for Managers Workshop Presentation Keith Cooke Technical Workshop
Trends in Public Works: A Smart Approach to Managing Infrastructure and Enhancing Citizen Service Presentation Scott Oppmann, Mike Dyer Technical Workshop
Simple Ways to do More with Your Data Using Spatial Statistics   Gustavo Castro Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Open Data: Creating Hubs of Innovation Presentation Anthony Myers Technical Workshop