2018 Esri Water Conference Proceedings

The Esri Water Conference Proceedings is a compilation of professional papers regarding a diverse collection of GIS applications. The conference was held January 29–February 1, in San Diego, CA. Esri users made a fundamental contribution to the conference by submitting and delivering presentations.

Note: If a user presentation is not listed, permission to publish was not granted.

Title Presentation Author Session
A Complete Mobile Workflow for Your Organization Presentation Jason Channin Technical Workshop
The Utility Network - What You Need to Know About What's Coming Presentation Derek Lorbiecki Technical Workshop
Getting Your Organization Ready for the Utility Network Presentation Derek Lorbiecki Technical Workshop
Keep It Flowing - A Water Utility GIS Story Presentation Kenny Ratliff Customer Success Stories
Removing Technical Barriers for the City of Salinas Stormwater Program Presentation Maggie Mathias Stormwater in the Cloud
An Innovative Approach: Integrating Billing Software with Esri Workforce to Create Operational Efficiencies Presentation Kerry Zwierschke Leveraging Billing Data in GIS
Integrating ArcGIS Enterprise with the IoT Presentation Jason Channin Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Solutions Update Presentation Derek Lorbiecki Technical Workshop
Survey123: The App You Aren't Using but Should Be Presentation Corey Gens Technical Workshop
A Complete Drone2Map Workflow for Your Organization Presentation Corey Gens Technical Workshop
Data That You Need - Hydrographically Enhanced Terrain   Dean Djokic Flood Symposium
Extraction, Separation and Characterization of Endotoxins in Water Samples   Sam Li Water Chemistry
Water Flow and Flood Stage Visualization in 360 Viewing   Brian Footen Water Technology
Flood and Water Monitoring Systems with GIS + Industrial IoT Sensors   Pawel Sasik Water Technology
Residential Stormwater Fee Tier Setting - A Data Driven Interactive Approach   James Hale Improving the Bottom Line
How GIS Can Win Your Rate Case   Christina Martinez, Jamie Patterson Improving the Bottom Line
Construction Cost Estimating and GIS   Kevin Stewart Improving the Bottom Line
Water Scarcity Adaptations in Agriculture Detected with Remote Sensing   Joel Kramer Remote Sensing
A "Big Data" Alternative to SNOTEL Snow Water Equivalent: MODIS Snow Cover Extent and Snowpack-streamflow Dynamics of Western U.S. Mountain Watersheds   Jennifer Van Osdel Remote Sensing
City of New Braunfels Leverages Solutions from ArcGIS to Improve Flood Preparedness and Response   Greg Brown, Corey Baker Using GIS for Flood Management
Digital Transformation in Victorville   Brandon Cales, Paul Hauffen Leveraging CMMS Solutions
ArcGIS Network Editing Tools Simplifies Data Management   Leena Gautam Customer Success Stories
A Mobile, Cloud-Based GIS for Stormwater Management Presentation Marcus Aguilar Stormwater in the Cloud
Locates Application Presentation Leamon Anderson Improving Locate Workflows
Enhancing 811 Ticket Locating with GIS Presentation Jacob Monson Improving Locate Workflows
Enterprise GIS Water Utility Data Migration: Service Location Case Study Presentation Anthony Pologruto, Joseph DeLuca Big Data: Getting to Know Your Customers
Using Big Data to Achieve "Big Results" Presentation Miriam Polga Big Data: Getting to Know Your Customers
Using Esri's WMX to Manage Water Projects Presentation Carol Wickenheiser Increasing Efficiency with Workflow Manager
Bowling Green Municipal Utilities Dispatch Operations and Infrastructure Condition Analytics Presentation Becky Brown, Andrew Reeder Increasing Efficiency with Workflow Manager
Streambank Stabilization: How GIS Helped Create an Assessment and Educational Tool Presentation Katie Goff Watershed Erosion
Urban Erosion Potential Risk Mapping with GIS Presentation Randy Dymond Watershed Erosion
Lead Services Replacements Presentation Antonio Lemos Supporting Customer Assets
Streamlined Customer Notification Using ArcGIS Online Presentation Mark Bowen, Jonathan Greiner Leveraging Billing Data in GIS
Starting from Scratch- UAS Program Presentation Will Bianchini How to Get Started with Drones
Improving Drone Output with High Precision Ground Control Presentation Joel Smith How to Get Started with Drones
Challenges in Building Water Distribution Models one-to-one with GIS Presentation Ben Chenevey Water Technology
Using GIS For Confined Space Safety Presentation Kaitlin Szedlar Apps in Action
Collecting Main Breaks with Collector, Survey123, and GNSS Receivers Presentation Maria Nieves, Gennady Mogilevich Apps in Action
Utilizing Collector for the Valve and Hydrant Crews Presentation Colleen Larsen, Yelena Granovskaya Apps in Action
Deficit versus Water Excess Presentation Alejandro Marulanda Predicting Water Supply
Utilizing the LGIM to Enhance Asset Management Presentation John Nolte Asset Management
A Change Is Gonna Come - Continual Water/Wastewater Asset Management through GIS Presentation Jeff Owen Asset Management
Taking Calculated Risk using ArcGIS Model Builder Presentation Miriam Polga Asset Management
Service Area Facilities Mapzilla Portal Web Application Presentation Debra Stein Beyond the App: The Changing Face of GIS
Knowledge Retention of an Aging Workforce: GPS Data Collection for Water Utilities Presentation Shawn Simpson Beyond the App: The Changing Face of GIS
GIS's Trickling Effect through Yucaipa Valley Water District Presentation Kathryn Hallberg Beyond the App: The Changing Face of GIS
Utilizing Advanced Satellite Imagery and GIS to Re-think Leak Detection Presentation Andrew Fry Remote Sensing
Increased Flood Scenarios in San Juan County, WA Presentation Naomy Perez-Sanchez Using GIS for Flood Management
Mapping and Publishing Proposed Infrastructure to Facilitate Utility Inspections and Development Impact Evaluations Presentation Mike Pappas Leveraging CMMS Solutions
GIS and Asset Management, an Effective Stormwater Planning Tool Presentation Eric Friedlander Leveraging CMMS Solutions
Using GIS to Realign Valve and Hydrant Maintenance Routes Presentation Shawn Simpson Customer Success Stories
Streamlining Operations with Collector for ArcGIS Presentation John Winston, Ryan Moore, Michele DeCoskey Mobile Field Optimization
Using Collector to Improve Water Distribution Flow & Pressure Testing Presentation Ben Chenevey Mobile Field Optimization
Holistically Enhancing Field Operations with GIS Presentation Eric Garcia Mobile Field Optimization
Living Atlas Content is Ready and Waiting for You Presentation Jonas Rugys Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Pro: It's Time Presentation Matt Kennedy Technical Workshop
Open Data Options for Utilities Presentation Jonas Rugys Technical Workshop
Insights for ArcGIS: The New Frontier in Spatial Business Intelligence Presentation Matt Kennedy Technical Workshop
Getting Real with Workforce for ArcGIS Presentation Delison DaSilva Technical Workshop
Diagnosis of Persistent Urban Flooding in Roanoke, Virginia Presentation Marcus Aguilar Flood Symposium
National Water Model Presentation David Arctur Flood Symposium
Preserving Harvey & Irma Hurricane Data for Future Research Presentation Dean Djokic, David Arctur Flood Symposium