2013 Esri Electric & Gas GIS Conference Proceedings

The 2013 Esri Electric and Gas GIS Conference Proceedings is a compilation of professional papers regarding a diverse collection of GIS applications. The conference was held October 20-23, 2013, in San Antonio, Texas. Esri users made a fundamental contribution to the conference by submitting and delivering presentations.

Title Presentation Author Session
A Welcome and Plenary Morning
Various Plenary
Maximizing Conduit Management for Electric Presentation Scot Twining, Bill Wickersheim Interesting Implementations
Implementation and Training at Metropolitan Utilities District Presentation Donald Lytle GIS Everywhere!
Managing LiDAR Efforts in Electric Utilities Presentation Richard Garcia, John Tyll Transmission Trends
Encroachments - A GIS/SharePoint Solution Presentation Sara Hackbarth, Aaron Hartman Transmission Trends
Building a Realtime Lightning Visualization Tool with the Javascript API Presentation Theo Laughner Situational Awareness
Creating an Underground Inspection and Maintenance Program Presentation Nathan Hodges, Kurt Towler GIS Everywhere!
Planned Customer Outages: The Birth of the Planned Outage Tool Presentation Dan Roberts Interesting Implementations
Electric Network Data Integrity Presentation Wayne Meyer Location Analytics, Big Data, and Smart Grid
Consolidating Mobile GIS Data with Mobile Field Data Presentation Shane Hullinger, John Heck GIS Everywhere!
How an Intergraph utility found value in ESRI GIS for Gas Compliance Presentation Don Stagner, Jeremy Myers Interesting Implementations
Reaching State 0 without Losing Your Versions Presentation Dennise Ramirez Interesting Implementations
Do you know what your custom code does? - A Conscious step toward COTS Presentation Kyle Erickson, Brittany Wall Interesting Implementations
Latest Tools for Mobile GIS in the Natural Gas Industry Presentation Nathan Sills GIS Everywhere!
GIS Provides a Foundation for the Modern Electric Utility Presentation Bruce Hamer Location Analytics, Big Data, and Smart Grid
GIS Data Preparation for ADMS and Smart Grid Implementation at Burbank Water and Power Presentation John Dirkman Location Analytics, Big Data, and Smart Grid
Maximizing Smart Grid Return through GIS Accuracy Presentation Brian Lindsay, Wayne Atkinson Location Analytics, Big Data, and Smart Grid
Geospatial Business Intelligence: Using All the Arrows in the Quiver Presentation Matthew Clarkson Location Analytics, Big Data, and Smart Grid
Traveler's Tales From the World of SDE Transactional Versions Presentation Jonathan Pickett Interesting Implementations
Using GPS Technology to Document As-Built Construction Presentation Tren Giles GIS Everywhere!
Replacing Service Pipe paper tickets with “SmartForm” powered by AGOL Presentation Vladimir Vojvodic GIS Everywhere!
Streelight Billing Presentation Enrique Figueroa Supporting Utility Business and KPIs
Analyzing Third-Party Damage Incidents to Aboveground Facilities Presentation Bridgette Anderson Supporting Utility Business and KPIs
Identifying Overloaded Transformers Using CIS Data-Geocoding and ModelBuilder Presentation Ben Nadler Supporting Utility Business and KPIs
Upgrade vs. Re-architect: Moving to ArcGIS 10.2 - A Different Approach Presentation Wayne Meyer, Lance Elroy Interesting Implementations

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