2016 Southeast User Conference Proceedings

The 2016 Southeast User Conference Proceedings is a compilation of professional abstracts and presentations delivered May 2–4, 2016, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Esri users contributed a fundamental part to the conference by submitting and presenting their presentations on a diverse collection of GIS applications.

Title Presentation Author Session
Herding Cats: Managing ArcGIS Online in a Higher Education Context Presentation Seth Peery Education Lightning Talks
Spatial Analysis and Community Partnership to Address Strays and Surrenders Presentation Ingrid Norris, Leigh Robertson, Mike Winiski Education Lightning Talks
Constructing Interactive Tools for Student-Acquired Earth Observations in Classrooms Presentation Tim Klug Education Lightning Talks
Problem Based Learning - Design a Bus Route   Jane Kohler Education Lightning Talks
Easements Web Application using Web App Builder Presentation Olivia DeSimone Public Works and Utilities
Migrating Water & Sanitary Data to the Local Government Model using X-Ray for Geodatabases Presentation Darrell Hill, Margaret Montgomery Public Works and Utilities
Airport GIS Implementation and Development - Taking Flight with GIS   Derrick Gregory Transportation
Tackling Today's Traffic through Advanced Technology and ArcGIS   Steven Jasmin, Christian Kotscher Transportation
Extend ArcGIS Server for Historical Reporting and Business Insights   Chris Friel Technology
Automate and Reduce Cost with ArcGIS Data Interoperability   Mike Sawdo Technology
Violence and Environmental Impact on Student Test Scores Presentation Linda Hopson, Vereda King Williams, Tony Graham, Brandon Rodgers Education Lightning Talks
Geospatial Analysis of Academic Achievement Gaps and Predictors Presentation David Ansong, Eric Ansong Education Lightning Talks
Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Social Media Trends Mapping for Military Education and Training Presentation James Dorough-Lewis Education Lightning Talks
Getting the Best Accuracy from Your Collector App   Tiffany Puett Technology
Using ArcGIS Online to Support Transportation Engineering Presentation Daniel Mellott Technology
Identifying High Priority Target Areas (HPTAs) Presentation Rexford Anson-Dwamena Health and Human Services
Healthcare Workforce Planning...Data and Tools to Help You Cause Needed Changes   Ann Penton Health and Human Services
Fayetteville - FAST Access to Transit Information!   Laura Major, Charlie Stanfield, Richard Tuinstra Community Engagement
Using GIS to Create Tennessee Radon Map   Sutapa Mukhopadhyay Community Engagement
How Big was that Storm? Determining and Mapping Storm Event Magnitudes with GIS   Neal Banerjee Environment and Natural Resources
How to Better Manage Floodplains and Improve Your Community Rating System Score Using GIS Presentation Bill Millinor Environment and Natural Resources
Migrating Flex Applications To A New Environment Presentation Justin Jacobs Technology
Chattanooga-Hamilton County RPA Integrated Zoning Application Presentation Robert Berger Technology
Enhancing NPDES Phase II Stormwater Permit Compliance via Collector for ArcGIS Presentation Rachel Crews Public Works and Utilities
Innovative Applications of GIS for Stormwater Planning - Case Study Mooresville, NC Presentation Neal Banerjee, Jonathan Young Public Works and Utilities
DC2RVA: Engineering Collaboration and Decision Support through ArcGIS Online (AGOL)   Karen Harrington, Bridget Ward, Andrew Zimba Technology
Exploiting the Power of Workflow Management   Daniel Johns Technology
GIS and EAM: The Power of And   Jennifer Morgan Public Works and Utilities
Lessons Learned From GIS Data Synchronizations with Asset Management Presentation Jeremy Williams Public Works and Utilities
Roanoke County Virginia's Web Presence Presentation David Wray GIS for Managers
GIS to the RESCUE Presentation Jason Harris GIS for Managers
Implementing Collector for ArcGIS - a Case Study   Kent Rothrock Technology
Utilizing Python to Manage and Update Data in ArcGIS Online   Christopher Long Technology
Implementing Routing for Assessors and Emergency Services with ArcGIS Online   Bridget Lawlor COTS GIS
Better Basemap Data for Utility Service Areas Using Esri State and Local Government Tools Presentation David Speight COTS GIS
Public Works Leverages ArcGIS Online for Service Ticket Management Presentation Della Adams, Jeffery Jackson Technology
Streamlining Street Closure Management and Notification Process with ArcGIS Online Presentation Nianwei Liu Technology
Mutual Aid Planner   Jonathan Fisk Public Safety
GIS as a Management Tool in Nepal Earthquake Response Presentation Charlie Charping Public Safety
Hurdles for Turtles: Modeling Nesting Suitability of Loggerhead Sea Turtles in NC (2005-2014) Presentation Alyssa Randall Environment and Natural Resources
Connecting the Dots: NC Flood Inundation Mapping and Alert Network Presentation Kurt Golembesky, Laura Wilson Environment and Natural Resources
North Carolina Damage Assessment Tool: Lessons Learned Presentation Colleen Kiley Public Safety
Improving Emergency Response on Lee County's 108 Golf Courses Presentation Robert Lovell Public Safety
Best Practices in Land Records   Frank Conkling Engineering, Surveying, and Cadastra
Building Confidence in a Vital Legacy Dataset - Integrating Survey and GIS to Update Mecklenburg County's Elevation Certificate Database Presentation Neal Banerjee Engineering, Surveying, and Cadastra
Dumpster Diving for Savings Presentation Ryan Beggy, Diana Linville, Michelle Powers Smart Communities
Community Planning with Scenarios: A Use Case of CityEngine Presentation Ming-Chun Lee Smart Communities
Increasing Citizen Awareness with City of Fayetteville Fire Presentation Courtney Moore, Richard Tuinstra Public Safety
Taking the Next Step with GIS Presentation Kimberly Richards Public Safety
South Carolina Coastal Web Applications Beachfront Monitoring and Renourishment Presentation Jessica Boynton Environment and Natural Resources
A GIS Roadmap for Strategic Conservation: George Washington Region, Virginia   Claire Shipman, Jason Winner Environment and Natural Resources
From ArcIMS to COTS: The Journey to GIS Mapping Application Modernization   Scott Weisman Technology
Implementing ArcGIS Online in Chesterfield County, Virginia   Megan Molique Technology
MangroveCarbon: A Scientific Workflow-driven GIS Toolkit for the Estimation of Mangrove Biomass and Carbon Stock   Jiyang Shi Technology
Quantitative Geospatial Pre-flooded Endemic Vulnerability Analysis in Chemolingot, Baringo County, Kenya   James Kukat Technology
Using ArcGIS Online and Collector for Drainage Work Orders Presentation Jason Britton Public Works and Utilities
From Desktop to Web GIS in Days Presentation Ryan Lewis Public Works and Utilities
Finally...A Platform Template for Economic Development Presentation David Wray Planning
Vacant City Properties - Whats a Community to Do? Presentation Alice Wilson Planning
Lessons Learned In Evaluating Predictive Policing Software Presentation Brandon Inscore Public Safety
Visualizing Fire Risk Assessments with the Help of GIS Presentation Whitney Rountree Public Safety
Historic Bike Tour with GIS Presentation Jessica Leonard Community and Economic Development
Demographic Change in Sandy Springs, Georgia, a Decade after Incorporation Presentation William Hartnett Community and Economic Development
3D Modeling with CityEngine & ArcGIS Pro Presentation Geoff Taylor Technical Workshop
App Studio for ArcGIS   Alexander Nohe, Stewart Rouse Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Online: Management Tips & Tools for Success Presentation Matt Still Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Online: Web Application Templates   Ben Ramseth Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Open Data   Ben Ramseth Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Pro: Introduction Presentation Mike Rhoades Technical Workshop
ArcGIS Server: Optimizing Performance and Scalability Presentation David Crosby Technical Workshop
ArcGIS for Land Records   Brenda McLuskie Technical Workshop
ArcGIS for Public Works Presentation Scott Oppmann Technical Workshop
Collector for ArcGIS Presentation Peter Nasuti, Nicholas Davis, Dan Moore Technical Workshop
Expanding Your Mobile Portfolio Presentation Nicholas Davis, Peter Nasuti Technical Workshop
GeoEvent Extension to ArcGIS Server   Chris Beyett, Josh Joyner Technical Workshop
Harnessing the ArcGIS Platform for Planning and Economic Development   Keith Cooke, Adam Carnow Technical Workshop
Imagery and LiDAR   Mike Rhoades Technical Workshop
State and Local Government Solutions Presentation Damian Spangrud, Scott Oppmann Technical Workshop
The Power of a Workforce Development: A People Strategy for Organizations   Caroline Walker Technical Workshop
The Under Utilization of GIS & How to Cure It Presentation Adam Carnow, Keith Cooke Technical Workshop