2017 Esri Ocean GIS Forum Proceedings

The 2017 Esri Ocean GIS Forum Proceedings is a compilation of professional papers regarding a diverse collection of GIS applications. The conference was held October 31–November 2, 2017 at the Esri Conference Center in Redlands, California. Esri users made a fundamental contribution to the conference by submitting and delivering presentations.

Note: If a user presentation is not listed, permission to publish was not granted.

Title Paper Author Session
Drones and Open Data to Understand Development and Conservation Challenges Presentation
Nicholas Altizer, Timothy Hawthorne Drones and Imagery
Use of Drone Technology in Ocean Research of the Saco River Estuary Supporting Student Research Presentation
Michael Esty Drones and Imagery
Flood Inundation Mapping Using GIS Techniques   Meera Sahibu Mohamed Rizwan Drones and Imagery
Mapping Deformation: Combined Tomographic and Morphometric Analysis, Gulf of Alaska Presentation
Wes Clary, Lindsay Worthington, Louis Scuderi Drones and Imagery
Adapting to Rising Tides: Bay Area Sea Level Rise Analysis and Mapping Project: Using Esri Story Maps to Inform Regional Adaptation Planning Presentation Heather Dennis, Todd Hallenbeck Planning and Coastal Protection
Keeping it Simple One Coastal GIS Project at a Time   Alexandra Carvalho, Ph.D, GISP, Kathy Fitzpatrick Planning and Coastal Protection
Planning for Floating Offshore WindEnergy in California   Frank Pendleton Planning and Coastal Protection
Integrating Local Knowledge: Assessing Disaster Preparedness in Hopkins, Belize Presentation Kate Brandt, Julia Jeanty, Brenner Burkholder, Monica Lemus, Andrew Castillo, Timothy Hawthorne, Christy Visaggi, Lain Graham, Christine Munisteri Planning and Coastal Protection
Priority Areas for Marine Biodiversity Conservation in the Coral Triangle Presentation
Irawan Asaad, Carolyn Lundquist, Mark Erdmann, Mark Costello Lightning Talks
Olympic Coast Seafloor Ecological Marine Unit Mapping Presentation
Kathleen Goodin Lightning Talks
Drainage Shape Classification in the Pamplona Zone, SE Alaska Presentation
Wes Clary Lightning Talks
California's Coastal Zoning: Social and Legal Considerations for Coastal Adaptation Presentation
Sierra Killian, Lisa Wedding, Eric Hartge, Greg Verutes Lightning Talks
Boating Use Patterns on the Coral Reefs of the Florida Keys Presentation
Maria Cooksey Lightning Talks
Microplastics in the Oceania Region Presentation
Bill Robberson Lightning Talks
Leveraging the Living Atlas Ocean Data For GIS Analysis of the Oceans Presentation
Frank Roberts Lightning Talks
Operational Search for MH370 2014-2017 Presentation
Megan McCabe Lightning Talks
Utilization of Visualization Tools in the Processing, Analysis & Fusion of Seafloor Information Video Chris Malzone Lightning Talks
Modeling Threat of Runoff to Coastal Ocean Environments Video Paige Hoel Lightning Talks
Using GIS to Identify Strategically Important British Columbian Wave Energy Sites Presentation
Xinxin Xu Lightning Talks
Visualizing Chesapeake Bay Water Quality in 3D   John Wolf Lightning Talks
Mapping Underwater Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) using AUV-mounted Sensors, ROV Videos and ArcGIS in a Complex Seabed Environment Presentation
Nate Novak Lightning Talks
An Arctic Perspective- NCEI's Arctic Data Viewer Presentation
Kate Rose Lightning Talks
Linking Marine Geography and GIScience in an Advanced University Course Video Dr. Thomas R. Allen Lightning Talks
Citizen Science GIS: Collaborating with Communities to Investigate Marine Debris in Belize Presentation
Michelle Chang, Rachel Layko, Chinonso Uzowihe, Erin Butler, Rigoberto Garcia Von Saqui, Lain Graham, and Christine Munisteri ArcGIS in Community Engagement
Using ArcGIS Online to Bring Hope to Ocean Conservation   Graham Stickler ArcGIS in Community Engagement
Protecting Communities and Open Space Through the Community Rating System Presentation Laura Flessner, Melissa Rosa ArcGIS in Community Engagement
Project Badweyn: Mapping Somali Coastal Resources Presentation
Paige Roberts ArcGIS in Community Engagement
Exhibiting the Interconnections between Inuit, Narwhals, and Climate Change Presentation Daniel Cole Supporting People and Animals
Analyzing Sea Turtle Entrainment Risk (ASTER) Decision Support Tool   Cherie Jarvis Supporting People and Animals
A Web AppBuilder Widget for Spatial Prioritization Presentation
Ken Buja Seafloor and Coral Reefs
A Web-Based Geodatabase Tool for Seabed Mineral Exploration Presentation
Peggy Myre, Grace Peven, Sandar Muslow Seafloor and Coral Reefs
Using ArcGIS to Analyze Ephemeral Nearshore Hardbottom for Mitigation Requirements Video Heather Vollmer Seafloor and Coral Reefs
Deep-sea Corals of the USA: Surveys, Maps, Models, and Visualization Presentation
Heather Coleman, Robert McGuinn, Dan Dorfman, Matt Dornback, Renee King, Daniel Wagner Seafloor and Coral Reefs
A Spatially and Ecologically Balanced Approach to Artificial Reef Placement Presentation
Stan Bosarge, Crystal Hightower, Sean Powers Seafloor and Coral Reefs
GeoNet, The Esri Community Presentation
Chris Catania Special Presentation
Your Knowledge, Our Community, The Ocean's Resilience Presentation Dawn Wright Plenary Session
Bringing Together Ocean Leaders in Science, Business and Education Presentation Sandra Whitehouse Plenary Session
Global Ecological Coastal Units (ECUs) Presentation
Roger Sayre, Dawn Wright, Sean Breyer Plenary Session
Technical Plenary Session Video Esri Staff Plenary Session
Coastal Management—Automatic Shoreline Delineation and Change Detection Analysis Video Keith VanGraafeiland Plenary Session
Marine Biology—Modeling Telemetry-based Animal Tracks and Home Ranges with GIS Video Kevin Butler Plenary Session
Marine Geomorphology -- Automated Seafloor Feature Extraction Video Vinay Viswambharan Plenary Session
Marine Biology—Predicting Seagrass Abundance Video Marjean Pobuda Plenary Session
Atmospheric Science—Automated Regression-based Statistical Downscaling of Climate Models Video Orhun Aydin Plenary Session