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Using the American Community Survey and GIS in Breast Cancer Screening
Track: Health and Human Services
Author(s): Jane Lesile McCall Garb, Jessica Renae Schueler, Colleen Diane Flannery, Amy K. Pasini, Richard b. Wait

This study demonstrates use of the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) to characterize geographic areas and population subgroups needing health care intervention. Our purpose was to estimate population size and create a sociodemographic profile of communities in Springfield, Massachusetts requiring increased breast cancer sceening. Oncology registry, spatial, and ACS data were integrated with a GIS. We employed spatial and regression analysis to assess clustering and identify sociodemographic factors in advanced-stage breast cancer. While there was no significant geographic clustering, race, marital status, completion of high school, and foreign-born status were significant factors. We describe how this approach can improve the design of health care intervention programs and resource allocation.

Jane Lesile McCall Garb
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