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Track Index

Application Development
Business, Banking, and Insurance
Cadastral and Land Records
Climate and Weather
Cartography and Map Production
Database Design, Automation, and Management
Defense and Intelligence
Ecology, Archaeology, and Conservation
K-12 Education and Library Science
Electric and Gas
EMS, Fire, Disaster Management
Environment Management
Federal Government Systems
Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries Management
Geography Network
Geographic Information Officer
Health and Human Services
Humanitarian Affairs and International Development
Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice
Location Services
Metadata and Data Publishing
Mining and Geosciences
New Technology and Technology Integration
Ocean, Coastal, and Marine Resources
Pipeline Transmission
Remote Sensing Imagery
State and Local Government
System Implementation for GIS
Transportation and Logistics
Universities and Higher Education
Water Distribution, Wastewater, and Stormwater
Water Resources

AGR - Agriculture

Paper ArcView Extension for Site-Specific Soil and Water Conservation

Broad Integration of ArcView into Environmental/Agriculture/Natural Resources Curriculum

Paper Controlling Livestock Disease with the Help of an Internet Map Server

Developing a National Distributed GIS to Support Farm Program Management and Compliance

Paper Development of a New Precipitation Effectiveness Index

Enriching a Maximum/Actual Agricultural Production GIS Using ArcIMS

Paper GIS Decision Support System for Animal Feeding Operations Planning

Imagery Technology Meets Vineyard Management

Paper Integrating Remote Sensing Data with a GIS Application for Precision Agriculture Customers

Locating and Registering Animal Agriculture in Minnesota

Remote Sensing and GIS Tools for Mitigation of Pierce's Disease

Validation of the CANESIM Sugarcane Growth Model Using a GIS Within the South African Sugar Industry

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APD - Application Development

Paper A Nationwide WWW-Based GIS for Coordinating Community Development Activities

Paper An ArcView GIS Extension for Interpreting and Delineating Features in Georeferenced Imagery

Application Development for an Enterprise GIS

Paper AvEMC: Tools for Decision Making

Paper Bridging the Gaps Between ArcView GIS and Visual Basic

Paper Control and Representation of Metabolic Features Using ArcObjects

Paper Converting Desktop MapObjects Applications to ArcIMS: Case Studies for Environmentally Sensitive Sites

Customizing the ArcMap Editing Environment with VBA

Paper Desktop and Internet GIS Development for Spatial Segregation Analysis

Paper Enterprise GIS: Web-Based Map Production with ArcIMS and ArcInfo AML

Facilitating Communication Between Separate GIS Applications and Databases: Modular Approaches

Fiscalization of Use and Occupation Processes in Airport Safety Areas

From Client Need to Developer Script to Client Satisfaction

Paper Generalizing Features to Improve ArcIMS Performance: A Practical Guide

GIS Empowerment to Strengthen Communities

GIS for Making the High Speed Grid Themes

How to Use Your INFO Attribute Data with the SAS System

Paper Hydrography Framework Clearinghouse for the Pacific Northwest

Information Design: Envisioning Places Using Multiple Maps, Charts, and Digital Images

Paper Integrating Municipal GIS Functions in One ArcInfo Application

Paper Integrating XML and Java to Build Server Side ArcIMS Applications

Paper Java RMI-Based Approach for Web-Enabling the ArcView GIS RPC Server

Paper LANDVIEW: A Visual Basic and MapObjects LT 2 Application

Local Government Enterprise-Wide Address Management System

Mapping Imageability: Web-Based GIS Application

Migration of a Application to ArcIMS

Paper MOKA Development Environment for Building Shareable Applications Through Definition of Reusable Objects

Paper Moving the MapObjects/VB Toolbox to a Higher Level

Oeiras Digital - A Public Service in the WEB

Paper PlotFinder: A Custom GIS for the Cemetery Industry

Simplified GIS for Community Planners

Paper Spatial Modeling for GASB 34 Fiscal Analysis

Tips and Tricks to Build the ArcIMS Application you want

Paper Tobin's LandGIS: The Ultimate Land Records Spatial Creation Tool

Transforming Web GIS into a Tool for Everyone

Un-contouring Your Data: Reading Between the Lines

Using ArcIMS in the Open GIS Environment

Paper Using Shape Analyses for Placement of Polygon Labels

Web-Based Public Record Retrieval and Viewing System

Paper Work/Data Modeling: From GIS Needs Assessments to IS Functional Requirement

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BG - Business, Banking, and Insurance

A Bug's Death

Paper Adding Scoring Science With Spatial Analysis

Browsing the Big One: Business Recovery Planners Earthquake Map Service

Paper CAT Modeling

Paper CatNet: A Worldwide Natural Hazard Atlas on the Internet

Converting Business Applications from ArcView GIS 3.x to ArcView 8.1: "Problems and Prospects"

Paper Development of an Intranet GIS Application for Companies

Paper Powered by ArcView Business Analyst and RouteMAP IMS

Finding Coffee Without Java

GeoCommerce: Integrating GIS with e-Commerce

Paper Geographically Representative Sampling--The People

GeoPondicherry: A Citizen and Tourism GIS Software

GIS and Marketing?

GIS Serves Tourism

How Close Can We Get? Proximity Is a Major Factor in CRM and Size of Retail Transaction

Paper Internet Application for Risk and Catastrophe Assessment in the Insurance Industry (NATHAN)

Making the Transition to ArcView 8--The "Sears Integrated Mapping Module System (SIMMS)" Story

Mapping the Future with Esri Spatial and Business Intelligence Solutions

Next Generation Information Sources For Business Analysis

Paper Serving Maps (and Dinner!) for "Brooklyn Eats" at

Paper Strategic Planning, Marketing Research: Revenue Tools for the Geospatial Industry

Using ArcView Business Analyst in a Retail Setting

Paper Utilizing Open Access Technology to Integrate SAS and Esri Applications

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CDA - Cadastral and Land Records

After the Conversion – Parcel-Based GIS Tools

Analysis of the "Comparable Sales Algorithm"

Cadastral Mapping: Transitioning from "Digital Hard Copy" to GIS

Creative Uses of ArcView Spatial Analyst in Property Valuation and Assessment Administration

Developing a Cadastral Basemap: The Foundation of Your GIS

Paper Developing a Maintenance System for a Large Parcel Database in ArcSDE

Paper Developing and Sharing a Spatially Accurate Parcel GIS

GIS in Lucas County's 2000 Revaluation of Property

Paper Local Government Map Maintenance at Work: The Fairfax County Case Study

Map Maintenance Solutions for Florida Counties

Paper New York City's New Basemap: The Holy Grail?

Paper Parcel Maintenance: Lessons Learned

Promoting Land Use Control Awareness: Navy BRAC LUCIS

Property Information and Cadastral GIS of Real Value

The Road Ahead: NovaLIS Integrated Products Suite

Paper Using ArcSDE Versions in the Real World

Using GIS to Create Tax Assessment Districts

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CEN - Census

American Community Survey Data for Community Planning

Paper An Analysis of 1980 Missouri Census Geography

GIS in East Nashville: Community IMPACT! Project

Paper Implementing ArcGIS 8.1 for Redistricting

MAF/TIGER Modernization

New Urban Area Standards

Paper Redrawing Council Districts in Greensboro, NC

Paper Serving the American FactFinder with TIGER Data

Standards for Defining Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas

The American Community Survey: The Key to Reengineering the 2010 Census

The Census Bureau's Automated System for Producing Cartographic Boundary Files

Paper The Population and Household Census: From Past to Future

Using GIS to Evaluate U.S. Census 2000 Counts

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CLI - Climate and Weather

Climate Atlas of the Contiguous United States

Paper GIS Highlights Importance of High-Resolution Radar-Rainfall Data

GIS-Aided Assessment of the Health of NOAA's Observing Networks

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CRT - Cartography and Map Production

A Municipal System of Cartography (Lisbon)

Paper Advanced System for the Needs of Modern Chart Production Challenges

Applications of IKONOS Stereo Imagery in Geodesy, Cartography, and GIS
ArcView 3D Analyst for DEM

CPS Cartographic Enhancements

Creation of the 106th and 107th Congressional District Atlas

Paper Custom Rendering in ArcInfo 8 Using Feature Class Extensions

Digital Map of the Baltic Sea Region (MapBSR)

EPA DRG Tools: Simplicity and Power

From Pipe Dream to Product: Producing a Full Color Atlas with Desktop GIS

Paper Generalization of Multiple Scale Maps from a Single Master Database

Paper Large Scale Conversion from Paper Maps to Digital Coverage

Paper Map Design with ArcGIS: The AAA Experience, So Far

Mapping the Long Gray Line

Massive Production of 75,000 Electoral Maps

Paper Resolving Spatial Conflicts Between Linear Features in ArcInfo Workstation

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DBM - Database Design, Automation, and Management

Paper A Comparison of Digitizing: FastCAD, FreeHand, and PC ARC/INFO

Advantages of Databases over Files for Management of Spatial Data

Paper An Approach to Land Base Management for Address Inheritance from Layer to Layer

ArcGIS Geodatabase Development

Paper Automated Conflation with Validation

Automating GIS Dataset Maintenance with ArcView

Better Addresses for All: The Indianapolis/Marion County Master Addressing Database

Paper Building Informatics: Vertical Topology as a Basis for Architecture Typology

Bulk Processing on Large ArcSDE 8 Geodatabases

Paper Cross-Media Database Normalization Across Various Metadata Standards

Enhanced National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) Through Spatial and Attribute Crosswalks

Error Tracking and Propagation Identification

Paper Fuzzies of Framework Data Development at the Local Level

Paper GIS Database Systems Development

High Capacity, High Quality QA/QC Using Esri's QCView

High Performance Spatial Indexing in Databases

Paper Image Database Extension to ArcView: How to Find the Photograph You Want

Paper Integrating GIS Technology into the National Resource Inventory

Paper Los Angeles: How a City Is Using Digital Orthophotography to Expand Its GIS Database

Paper Maps Are Dead. Long Live Maps.

Paper Model-Oriented Generalization Rules

New GPS Technique to Update GIS

Paper Putting Puzzles Together When the Pieces Don't Fit: Data Integration

Paper Quality Control & Test of 3D Geographic Data Using Esri Software

Recent Advances in GPS/GIS Data Collection

Replication Tool in an ArcSDE Geodatabase

SpatialDirect for ArcIMS: Data Distribution for the Community

Paper The Development of the Social Assets and Vulnerabilities Indicators (SAVI) Database

The Importance of Data Quality in Selecting a Street Network Database

Paper The National Transition Database's GIS Module: A Management Information Tool for the National Weather Service

Using Database Business Logic to Manage New Zealand Land Information

Paper Using GIS to Successfully Create Organizational Change in Cincinnati

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DEF - Defense and Intelligence

Paper An ArcIMS Site for the Defense/Intel Community

Paper Analyzing Sonic Boom Footprints of Military Jets with GIS

Paper Architecting Solutions for Distributing NIMA Geospatial Data and Services

ArcIMS? An Installation Management Tool

Paper ArcInfo 8 Geodatabase Models for Analytical Data Products

Creating a GIS Community: DoN GIS Communications Network

Customizing ArcIMS 3 to Build U.S. Army Standard Map Server

Defense Meeting Agenda

Esri: Defense and Intelligence Team Introduction: Transforming Analysis, Planning, and Operations with GIS

Beyond Visualization

Geographic Information Systems 'Moving Into the Mainstream' A System Integrator's Perspective

Esri: Defense and Intelligence Team Overview

Paper Development of the DLA/DLIS Interactive Catalog of NIMA Products

Explosive Storage Safety Review Automation

Fuzzy-GIS Implementation for Better Evaluation in Air War Game

GIS Applications in Space-Based Defense Systems

Paper GIS Applied to Virtual Reality and Real-Time Simulation

Paper GIS in Wide-Area Surveillance Systems

GLIDE: Geographically Linked Information Display Environment for the USMC

IC Geonet: A Geography Network for the US Intelligence Community

Implementing an SDS-Compliant Geodatabase

Information Assimilation on the Installation

Paper Integrated Facilities Data System Using Web and Database Technology

Paper Integrating Real-Time Environmental Data into GIS-Based Military Land Management Systems

Keeping an Eye on POTUS During Inauguration 2001

Paper Logistic Site Planning and Operations Tool (LOGSPOT)

Paper Managing Robins Air Force Base Aircraft Inventories Using MapObjects and ArcIMS

Mapping for MOTW (Military Operations Other Than War)

Paper Migrating from a Legacy Departmental GIS to an Enterprise GIS Solution

Paper Military Digging Permit Process Goes Geospatial

National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) Digital Geospatial Support for Noncombatant Evacuation Operations (NEO)

Near Real-Time Solutions for the U.S. Army's Mobile Positioning Initiative

Paper Planning and Implementation of Enterprise GIS Systems

Planning for Sustainable Military Training Ranges Using GIS

STK and ArcView in Action: Prime Examples of Defense and Intelligence

The Ron Brown Airfield Initiative: Improving Military Flight Safety

Paper U.S. Army WSMR Implements Geospatial Data Management System Using ArcIMS

U.S. Army Europe IMS Initiative: A Platform for Distributed GIS

U.S. Army WSMR Implements Nobility EM System for National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Compliance

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ECO - Ecology, Archaeology, and Conservation

A Customized GIS and Relational Database for Field Ecology Programs

A GIS Tool for Studies on the Lake Texoma Ecosystem

Paper A Spatial Model for Predicting Animal Responses to Ecological Changes

Paper Analyzing Significant Natural Resource Areas in San Francisco Parks

Paper Application of GIS for Biodiversity Monitoring

Paper Applying ArcView Spatial Analyst Software's ModelBuilder to Habitat Conservation Planning

ArcView as a Curatorial Tool: Mapping Tropical Botanical Collections in Hawaii

Paper Charleston Urban Growth Model Used to Identify Resources at Risk

Paper Delivering Spatial Data on the Web for an International Wetlands Treaty

Paper Evaluation of Landscape Components in a Regional Conservation Network

Paper Field Testing ARC GRID-Based Archaeological Probability Models in Jordan

Paper Framework Land Cover Classification Schema Development in California

GIS and High Precision GPS for the Collection and Documentation of Vegetation Data

GIS in Archaeology at Historic St. Mary's City, Maryland

GIS Tools for Freshwater Biodiversity Conservation Planning

Historical Preservation of Michelson's Measuring Rod of the Universe Using ArcView

Integrating MapObjects, MS Access, and ArcView for Crane Conservation

Managing a Land Trust with GIS

Paper Modeling a Dynamically Changing Landscape: Using ArcView Spatial Analyst to Evaluate Impacts

Paper Old to New: State Historical Society of Wisconsin GIS Project

Organizing Archaeological Geophysical Survey and Surface Mapping Data in ArcView

Paper Potomac Corridor Historic Resources IMS: Connecting Past and Present

Paper Predictive Ecosystem Mapping Using a Raster GIS Model in the Interior of British Columbia

Preserving Tribal Culture and Language Using GIS

Prioritizing Conservation Efforts in the Sierra Nevada Ecoregion

Riparian Corridor Rapid Assessment Technique for Large Lowland Rivers of Puget Sound

Paper Sifting Through the Past: Investigating Landscape Morphology with GIS

Paper Sustainable Use of Plant Resources in Southern Africa: GIS Supports Biodiversity Conservation

Paper The Missouri Lewis and Clark Landscape Project

The Power of GIS for Opportunity Areas Assessment

Paper The Value of Trees in City of New Berlin

Using ArcView for Estimating Volume at Stratigraphically Complex Archaeological Sites

Using GIS and DOQ with Semiparametric Estimation to Value Urban Green Space

Paper Using GIS to Estimate Threatened Sunflower Distributions

Using GIS to Evaluate Ethnographic Links to Natural Resources in Biscayne National Park

Paper Using GIS to Model and Predict Likely Archaeological Sites

Using Imagery and Land Cover Change to Document an Ecological Disaster

Paper Utilizing GIS to Develop Partnerships Between Tribes and U.S. Government Agencies

Paper What's Eligible Here? Cultural Resource GIS, NJ Historic Preservation Office

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EDU - K-12 Education and Library Science

2000 Decennial Census School District and IMS

Paper Building Community GIS Educational Applications

Census 2000 School District Geography: An Overview for GIS Users

Comparing and Contrasting Library Tools for Finding GIS Data

Paper Creative Ways to Make Geospatial Data Accessible in Academic Libraries

Paper Designing a Distributed Geographic Information System for Environmental Education

Paper Forecasting K-12 School Enrollment Using GIS Tools

Paper GIS in the First Greek School Network

Paper Implementing GIS Technology and Methods in American Secondary Education

Integrating Student Enrollment Data with GIS Software: School Planner

Paper Locating Potential School Sites

Paper Mapping the Environment: Improving Middle School Education with GIS

The Arc Platform in the TDSB

Paper The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Internet GIS Web Site

Utilizing ArcView GIS to Facilitate the Marketing Research Process

Paper Webcasting Technologies to Enhance and Deliver GIS Events

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ELC - Electric and Gas

An Approach to Integrating ArcGIS Energy with ABB CADOPS

Paper ArcGIS 8 Enabling Energy Distribution Resource Planning

Breaking Through the Personal/Personnel Issues

Business Process and Efficiency Improvements using Field Portable GIS Solutions

Database Project of Lithuanian Electric Network

Paper Ensuring Executive Approval and Support of Your Project

Estimating Electrical Service Areas Using GIS and Cellular Automata

Field Data Collection and ArcGIS 8.1 Implementation

Paper GIS: The Foundation of the Utility Corporate Business in a Deregulated Environment

Paper Leveraging the PPL's EFD to Determine Fusing Opportunities

Migrating the Enterprise to ArcGIS 8

Paper Schematic Representation of Network Data for GIS

Paper The Best of Both Worlds: Vector Conflation of Database Segments and Attributes

Wireless Workforce Management Effectively Manages The Mobile Workforce

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EMS - EMS, Fire, Disaster Management

A GIS Analysis of Air Medical Transportation in San Diego County

Paper Assessing Fire Risk in Florida Using Integrated GIS and Remote Sensing Approaches

Paper Building, Updating, and Maintaining a Spatial Database for Public Safety

Paper Charleston County, South Carolina--Project Impact Initiative

County-wide Web-Based GIS Application for Hurricane Debris Management

Development of an Internet GIS for Hurricane Disaster Management

Paper Emergency Response Data Without the Web: A MapObjects Solution

GIS and Fire Behavior: Prioritizing Fire and Fuel Management Strategies

Paper GIS in Flood Warning on the Susquehanna River

Paper Hurricane Evacuation Travel Demand Forecasting System: A Web-Based Analysis Application

Implementing HAZUS in a Small City

Paper Information Network System for Logistic Transportations in Huge Earthquake Recovery

Integrating Fire/EMS Data with GIS Software: FireView

Internet Mapping at the County of Los Angeles Emergency Operations Center

Paper Maryland's TriCounties Receive Project Impact Grant

Military Installation Requires Integrated Spill Contingency Plan

Paper Mississippi's Endeavor in Developing an Earthquake Planning Disaster Application Through HAZUS with Impending Expansion to a Multi-Hazard Strategy

Paper Natural Hazards in the Popocatepetl Volcano Zone, Mexico

Paper Optimizing Fire and Rescue Services with GIS

Photogrammetry Digital Data Processing of Tsau-Lin Earthquake Big Landslide in Taiwan

Paper Power Outages and Critical Facilities: Chicago's GIS Solution

Paper Slope Failure Disaster Prevention Activity in Local Government Using GIS

Paper Spatial Data Needs for GIS Success in Enhanced 911

The Future of Mapping in Public Safety

Paper The GIS Puzzle: Mapping for E911 and Phase II Wireless

The IKONOS Advantage: Using New High Resolution Space-Based Imagery for Disaster Planning and Management

Paper The U.S. DOE’s Use of GIS for Nuclear Emergency Response Support

The Utilization of GIS for the Countermeasure against Landslide

Using GIS to Predict Accidents and Reduce Response Time

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ENV - Environment Management

(Panel Discussion) GIS Techniques in a Park Management System

Paper 3D Modeling and Visualization of Geologic and Environmental Data

Paper A Prototype of Societal GIS--Window to My Environment

Paper Access to Environmental Information on the Web: The CEROI Programme

Paper An ArcView-Based Application for the Management of Noxious Weed Species in Wyoming

Paper AREALIS: A Unique System for Environmental Data Flow in Norway

Paper Calculating the Urban Tree Canopy in Broward County, Florida

Paper Critical U.S.-Mexico Borderland Watershed Analysis

Developing an Integrated Ecosystem DSS Using ArcView 8.1

Developments in Data Management and ArcView Use in France

Digital Geocoded Imagery Compatible for Any Mapping Purpose

Distributed Systems in EQuIS and ArcView GIS

Effective Land Management Using GIS at MCB Quantico

Environmental Assessment of the St. Mary's River, Maryland, Using GIS

Paper Environmental Impact Assessment for Dam Construction Using GIS/Remote Sensing

Environmental Information System for Management of Goreangab Dam, Windhoek, Namibia

Environmental Management Using GIS at NAVSTA Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico

Environmental Planning Checklist: Spatial Solutions for Environmental Questions

Facilitating Cumulative Effects of Transportation Projects Using GIS

Paper Framework Land Cover Monitoring of California's Central Valley

GIS Applications for Strategic Environmental Management

GIS as a Decision Making Support Tool for Urban Environmental Planning and Management: A Practical Case of Tanzania

GIS Environmental Study of Oxford, Mississippi's Avent Park

GIS for Air Quality Agricultural Burn Management Program

GIS in the Local Exploitation of a Greek Island

Paper GIS: A Catalyst for Change in State Agencies

Paper i-Map New Jersey with ArcIMS and NJEMS

Paper Innovative Uses of GIS with GPS in Pest Control

Paper Integrated Environmental Site Characterization and Analysis

Integrating Environmental Management Information Systems in Urban Planning and Management

Paper Integration of a Remote DB Query System with ArcIMS Applications for Environmentally Sensitive Sites

Irrigated Rice and Malaria in Mali, West Africa

Paper Land Use/Land Cover Update 1986 to 1995, Patterns of Change

Paper Landscape Assessment Tools: Integrating Science and Data for Decision Support

Paper Landscape Patterns as Indicators of Ecological Change at Fort Benning, Georgia

Managing Environmental Information Management Systems (EIMS)

Mapping Groundwater Contamination on the Internet

Paper Mathematical Modeling of Toxics Fate, Transport, and Bioaccumulation Using GIS

Paper Mine Reclamation Using a Collaborative GIS-Based Approach

Potentials and Pitfalls of LIDAR in the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Span Manager ROW Vegetation Management System

Paper Using GIS for Data Analysis for the Welsbach Superfund Site

Paper Using GIS to Promote the Sharing of Environmental Information

Paper Using, Mapping, and Modeling Detailed Farm Service Agency Agriculture Data

Wetland Mitigation Site Identification for Transportation Projects: Snohomish County, Washington

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FED - Federal Government Systems

City of Logan, Utah--A Project Impact Community

City of San Bernardino/Urban Fire Hazard Mitigation

Disaster Resistance Along the Ohio River--Clermont County, Ohio

Do-It-Yourself Hazard Mitigation: Clackamas County, Oregon

Paper GAP Data: Making It More Available

GIS for the Small Office--How?

Implementing GIS Solutions with the FAA

ISO Standards in the GIS Community-Panel Discussion

San Luis Valley GIS Program--A Project Impact Community

Using GIS for Hazard Mitigation in the City of Le Mars

Paper Virginia Beach, Virginia-A Project Impact Community

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FOR - Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries Management

A Bird's Eye View of Forestry: Looking at Stands

A GIS Application for Wildlife Monitoring at the Salton Sea

Paper Aerial Sketchmapping and GIS Within the U.S. Forest Service

Application of Geographic Information Systems in Conservation and Management of an Endangered Mammal--Indian Bison (Bos gaurus)

ArcGIS and Forestry Decision Support: The Michigan DNR IFMAP Project

Decision Support Tool for South Florida Hydrology Restoration Evaluation

Deer-Vehicle Accidents at SRS: Does Vegetation Play a Role?

Deer-Vehicle Collisions: Using ArcIMS to Display Deer Tracking Data and Accident Locations

Paper Fires, and Plants, and Lizards, Oh My! ArcPad GIS

Paper Flight Planning and Geo-Indexing Scanned (Digital) Aerial Photography: ArcView Applications

Paper Fuelwood Resource Mapping with High-Resolution Satellite Imagery

Paper Generation of Whitetailed Deer (Odocoileus Virginianus) Forage/Browse and Cover Estimates from Michigan Land Use/Land Cover Data

Geospatial Technologies and Forest Ecosystem and Health Analysis

Paper Ground-Based Landscape Planning in a Mendocino County Redwood Forest

IKONOS Use in Forestry

Integrated Woodlands Information Management Systems

Managing Forest Inventories and Operational Activities with ArcGIS

Paper Mapping Urban Deer Communities with GPS and GIS

Paper Modeling Wildlife Habitat Using Geographic Information Systems

Paper Predicting NW Forest Stand Structural Characteristics Using Multi-Return LIDAR

Satellite Imagery to Assess Dead Fuel Loading in Sequoia National Park

U.S. Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) National Integrated Land System (NILS)

Unmasking the Illusion: Edge Effect and the NW Forest Plan

Paper Use of GIS to Characterize Large River Benthic Habitat

Using GIS and Satellite Received Transmitters to Visualize Avian Migration

Using GIS to Develop a USDA Forest Service Forest Plan Revision Schedule

Paper Using GIS to Inventory Waterbird Habitat Within a Wetland Complex

Utilizing High-Resolution IKONOS Imagery with GIS for Post Fire Assessment Analysis

Paper Vegetation Mapping for San Juan Island National Historical Park, Washington

Visualizing Forest Landscapes Using ARC GRID and the World Construction Set Rendering Engine

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GEN - Geography Network

Paper 2001: A Spatial Odyssey: Delivering Geospatial Data in Texas

A Geography Network for Texas

Accessing Imagery Warehouses Through the Geography Network

Aerial and Satellite Imagery Distribution Through the Geography Network

AnacapaGIS: Building a Local Geography Network Node for Diverse Users

BLM's GeoCommunicator Powered by the Geography Network

Internet Access to Comprehensive Commercial Canadian Data Now Available

Mapping the News

Putting the "G" in "ASP"

Paper Soil Data Viewer: Implementing an N-tier Enterprise GIS Web Application

United Nations Environment Programme Launches

Paper Using Weather Data from the Geography Network

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GIO - Geographic Information Officer

Paper An Analysis of the Necessity of a GIS Certification

Paper GIS Policy, Procedures, and People

Paper GIS: Expensive Toy or Effective Technology?

Paper Inheriting a Municipal GIS. How to Make It Work

Paper Managing a GIS: What to Do When the Honeymoon's Over

Motivating GIS-Based Organizational Change

Paper Watershed Information Technology: Strategic Planning, ArcGIS, and Endangered Species Habitat Conservation

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HC - Health and Human Services

Paper A Geographic Look at Traumatic Self-Inflicted Injuries and Suicides

A Healthy ArcIMS Solution

Paper AIDS Surveillance with GIS

Paper Average Distance for WAGES Customer to Travel to Nearest Public Bus Stop

Paper Community Breast Cancer Mapping--Huntington, Long Island

Describing the United States Local Public Health System with GIS

Paper Descriptive Epidemiology of Coccidioidomycosis Using GIS, San Diego County, 1990-2000

Distribution and Changes in COPD Mortality: 1983-1997

Paper E-Government and Internet Mapping Solutions Using GIS

EHHRA-GIS: A DSS for Health Risk Assessment

Enhancing Local Coordination and Collaboration Through GIS

Paper Environmental Exposure Victims in the San Diego Desert

Paper Geographic Analysis of Child Restraint Use Data for Strategic Planning

Paper GIS: A Health Care Workforce Development Tool

Influencing Health Care Policy with GIS

Paper Information Dissemination from the Primary Care Service Area Project

Measuring Impact of HPSA Regulations for Marshfield Clinic Regional System

Paper Modeling Historical Exposures from Residential Proximity to Pesticide Applications

Paper Modeling Resource Allocation During Times of Medical Emergency

Planning for the Future: Using GIS to Address Community Health Needs

Paper Socio-Econometric Modeling and ArcView: A Study of Child Care Stability

Paper Spatial Data Analysis of Risk Factors for Infant Health in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Spatially Enabling the Arizona Immunization Information System (ASIIS)

Tracking Mosquitoes Technology

Paper Using GIS to Describe the Epidemiology of Asthma-Related Mortality and Hospitalizations

Using GIS to Generate Population Surfaces, to Enable Data Analysis by Local Public Health Jurisdictions in Wisconsin

Paper Using GIS to Investigate Children's Exposure to Air Pollution

Using GIS to Track IMR in a Predominantly Rural Health District

Using the American Community Survey and GIS in Breast Cancer Screening

Utilizing GIS to Serve Disabled Persons

Visualization of Multiple Physician Office Locations

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HUM - Humanitarian Affairs and International Development

Paper A Humanitarian Relief GIS for East Africa

Environmental Conservation and Community Economic Development: A Business Plan

Georeferencing Population Information at the Census Bureau's International Programs Center

Information Management, GIS, and Indicators for Relief and Development

Paper Using GIS for Global Food and Water Balance Process Modeling

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LAW - Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Analyzing with Discretion: Point, Polygon, and Field Methods for Crime Analysis

Chicago Police Department's Citizen ICAM

Community Analysis: A Systems Approach to Crime Mapping

Paper Community Safety Information System in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Paper Crime Maps: Taking It into the Field

Database Management for Crime Mapping and Analysis

Discovering Patterns in Arson: Using Crime Pattern Theory and GIS

Paper Drugs: The New Farm Aid?

E911- GIS Applications in Public Safety Plant Equipment Inc.

GIS and Law Enforcement: Real-World Applications

GIS in the Spokane Serial Killer Task Force Investigation

Illinois Methamphetamine Risk Model: Predicting an Epidemic

Paper Improving -Citizens' Quality of Life

Informing Drunk Driving Interdiction Efforts Using GIS: An Applied Technique

Integrating Crime Data with GIS Software: CrimeView

Integrating GIS into Emergency Services: A Case Study

Paper Law Enforcement, MapObjects, and the Recovery of Missing Children

Mapping Our Schools Makes Sense: Creating a TActical Plan for School Violence Using GIS

Oakland County CLEMIS - Integrating GIS to Support Multi-Jurisdictional CAD Deployment

Planning Healthy Communities: GIS Applications to Predict Violent Behavior

Smuggling Operations Revealed Using GIS

Tactical Crime Analysis Using ArcView

The Impact of Crime Mapping in Detroit, Michigan

The Integration of Crime Analysis Mapping Software with Legacy Record Management Systems

Using GIS and the American Community Survey in Understanding Youth Violence

Paper Using GIS to Evaluate an Anthropological Model of Patterned Violence

Paper Using Maps to Track the Incidence of False Alarms

Winston-Salem/Police Foundation Partnership

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LOC - Location Services

Paper An Architecture for Providing Location-Based Telecommunications Applications Services

Geocoding - the foundation for any Location Based Service and Geomarketing-Application

GIS Applications for Telematics Services

Paper Location-Based Services: Because "Where" Is What Matters

Paper Mapping for Location Services on Mobile Internet Devices

New Technologies: A Challenge for the ANWB

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MET - Metadata and Data Publishing

Paper Academic Metadata Standards: Getting Compliance Without Enforcement

Paper Animated Temporal Mapping Developed for the World Wide Web

ArcIMS Applied to the BLM's Aerial Photography Program

CARTANET: A GIS Internet Application to Access Environmental Information of Regional Government of Madrid

Hosting and Internet Delivery of Ortho Imagery

Paper The Harvard Geospatial Library: Campus Wide Access to GIS Data

The Virtual Ocean Data Hub - Bridging the Science Data/GIS Gap

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MIN - Mining and Geosciences

Paper Conceptual Regrading Using 3D GIS to Evaluate Mine Reclamation

Geological Urban Risk Cartography

GIS in Developing Relative Landslide Potential Framework, North Coast Ranges, California

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MOD - Modeling

Paper 3D Data Model for Representing Topological Relations of Urban Features

3D GIS Development, Modeling, and Application Examples from Actual Project Work

Air Quality Analysis Using ArcView GIS and CAL3QHC

ArcView Spatial Analyst Tracks the Internal Changes of Shanghai City

Paper Assessment of Kriging Accuracy in GIS Environment

Paper Baltimore's Urban Environment Using GIS & Neural Networks

Comparing Cities on Borders with a GIS-Based Urban Commonality Index

Computer Visualization of Proposed Roads Using GIS and Neural Networks

Paper Decision Support System for Enhancing Hydrodynamic Model Development

Paper GIS Uncertainty Modeling Using a Probabilistic Polygon Intersection Method

Paper GIS Verification of Perishable Refrigerator Contents in New York City

Paper GUI Development for a Neural Network-Based Urban Model

Landslide Hazard Assessment Using GIS

Paper Modeling Past and Present Fire Behavior: Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Spatial Decompositions and Modeling to Level Access to Social Programs

Spatial Watershed Hydrology Tool: Watershed Delineation and Regression Analysis Using ArcView

Time Series GIS Modeling

Paper Using a GIS to Forecast the Diffusion of Drug Misuse

Using LIDAR for Surface Modeling

Paper Web Access to Non-spatial Data Using Internet Map Servers

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NEW - New Technology and Technology Integration

3D Internet GIS Integrating ArcObjects and WildTangent

Active Archive Technology Brings On-Line Processing to Reality

Paper Algorithm of Multiple Filter to Extract DSM from LIDAR Data

Paper ArcIMS Watershed Atlas Educates Through Technology Integration

Building Internet Deployed Data Enterprise Repositories Using ArcSDE and ArcIMS

Challenges Involved in Implementing an Internet-Based Real Estate MLS Using ArcSDE and ArcIMS

Choosing the Right GPS to Integrate with Your GIS

Developing an Agent-Based GIS Using ArcObjects and XML

Digital Orthophotography: An Analysis of New Technology

Experiences in Natural Language Interface Implementation Geospatial Information

GIS and GPS: Tracking Personnel in Real Time for Safety


Implementing a Standards-Based Spatial Data Infrastructure for Local Government

Paper Information Fusion and Mining from Satellite Imagery and GIS Data

Paper Inline GeoCoder: The Next Generation

Integrating CAD-Based Design into GIS Facility Management

Integrating Diverse Technologies into a Labor Saving Application: FORE!

Integration of GIS into an ERP Package for Process Manufacturers

Paper Interactive Viewing of Databases on UNIX Using ArcIMS

Photorealistic 3D Site Visualization and Presentation for ArcView 3D Analyst Data

Possible GIS Implementations for Interplanetary Colonization

Solving the “Screen Real Estate Problem” with Pliable Display Technology

Spatio-temporal Visualisation and Analysis

The Empowered Field Force: Leveraging Emerging Technologies in the Field

Update on the Current State of Mobile Computing Technologies

Visual Orientation: A Cost-Effective Orthophoto Updating Technique

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OCE - Ocean, Coastal, and Marine Resources

Paper ArcIMS for ICZM Information: The UK Coastal Map Creator

Paper Building a California Kelp Knowledge Database Using GIS

Coastal Applications of IKONOS Data

Paper Development of a Seamless Multi-Source Topographic/Bathymetric Elevation Model

Distributed Hydrographic Spatial Data Servers

Paper GIS Coordination at America's Remotest Marine Sanctuary and National Park

GIS in Natural Resources Decision-Making at U.S. Navy Installations

Paper GIS Technology in the Canadian Ice and Marine Service

Integrated Real-Time GPS/GIS Field Data Collection and ArcIMS Application

Paper Integrating GIS to Develop a Conservation and Monitoring Plan for Rookery Islands in Laguna Madre, Texas, USA

Mississippi Department of Marine Resources: Participant-Driven Land Suitability Analysis

NOAA's Pribilof Islands/Bering Sea GIS

Port Vila, Vanuatu Landuse/Landcover Change

Paper Processing and Visualization of Oceanographic Data in 2.5 and 3D

Paper The Creation of Digital Representation of National Marine Sanctuary Boundaries

The JANUS Solution for Hydrographic Information

Paper Using GIS to Identify Potential Restoration Projects in Coastal Watersheds

Paper Using GIS-Based Tools to Support Decision Making for Marine Reserves

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PET - Petroleum

Paper GIS-VIPA: An Information System for Decision Making in Hydrocarbon Exploration

Paper Integrating Land Databases into a Unified Desktop GIS

The Minerals Management Service's Deep Water Environmental Data Model

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PIP - Pipeline Transmission

Delivering Esri Data to the Enterprise in a CAD World

High Resolution Satellite Imagery and Pipeline Management

Paper NPMS--Creating a Nationwide Pipeline GIS

Pipeline Information System, a Tool for Making Decisions

Paper The National Pipeline Mapping System: A Decision Support Tool

Paper Using GIS to Help Formulate New Pipeline Safety Regulations

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RSI - Remote Sensing Imagery

Paper 3D Feature Extraction from Imagery Using ArcSDE

Building a Lower Cost Image Layer for GIS Applications

Derivation of Multiple Thematic Maps from ArcInfo Land Cover Grids

Developing a Quantitative Accuracy Assessment Application for ArcView GIS

Paper Integrating GIS Modeling and Remote Sensing Classification Techniques for Mapping Vegetation on U.S. Army Bases

Paper Stand Up Straight: A True Ortho Perspective on Downtown Denver

Study of Classification with SPOT Images: Feng-Shan Upper Stream Watershed

Success Stories: Federal Civil Applications of High-Resolution Satellite Imagery

Paper Urban Planning Applications for Large-Scale Imagery

Variations of the TIFF Imagery Format and Their Impact

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SKI - Ski/Avalanche

Different Expectation of Snow Thickness and Avalanche Return Period: GIS-based Mapping Experience

GIS and the UAC: More in Common Than Just TLAs

Paper GIS Applications at the Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research

Paper Landscape Controls on the Spatial Distribution of Snow Water Equivalent (SWE)

Managing Ski Accidents Using a GIS

Paper Risk and Crisis Management--A Case Study

Using ArcIMS to Share Avalanche and Snowpack Observations in Alaska

Paper Using GIS for Avalanche Hazard Mapping in Switzerland

Paper Using GIS in Avalanche Hazard Management

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STA - State and Local Government

100% Users, 100% Access, Minimum Training Overhead, and Minimum Cost!

Paper A New Paradigm for Internet Mapping

Paper Access to GIS Data in a Large Administration Using ArcIMS

Paper Alachua County Planning Department: A Web Application for Public Data Dissemination

Paper An Application of Land Use Policies and Spatial Modeling

ArcIMS for Economic Development: City of Sacramento Case Study

Paper ArcIMS Helps the Development of Bogotá

ArcView GIS in Urban Redevelopment

Paper Assessment of a Land Use Plan on Water Resources Using L-THIA

Paper Bringing GIS to Rural Landowners: Experiences in Technology Adoption and ArcIMS

Paper Building a Rural GIS Through Cooperative Joint Projects

Business Applications of GIS for Economic Development

Paper Challenges in the Creation of Digital Submittal Standards for CAD to GIS Data Transfer

City of Grapevine: Starting from Scratch

City Planning Supported by Earth Observation Technology: IKONOS

Paper City Planning Survey and Information System in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Paper Concensus Builds a Successful GIS

Paper Concept of Internet GIS Design on Privatization Objects Disposition in Ukraine

Creating and Maintaining a Zoning Layer in Lucas County, Ohio

Delivering a Public-Centric ArcIMS Internet Application for Local Government

Paper Designing A Mapping Project

Developing a Scalable GIS Program-Panel Discussion

Paper Developing an 'Enterprise' GIS Solution for Small Local Government

Paper Developing and Implementing a Common GIS Web Mapping System

Developing Base Data with Grant Funding for Hazard Mitigation

Paper Developing Database Integrated the Different Sources of the Zoning Maps for Local Governments

Paper Development of a Municipal Spatial Information Management Process Infrastructure

Empowering Policy Decisions with GIS

Enhancing Local Government GIS Services with High-Resolution Imagery Information Products

Establishing Stormwater Utility User Fee Structures and Supporting Infrastructure Maintenance Using GIS

Paper Explore... San Mateo! An Online Commercial Property Database & Search Application

Paper Feedback System to Support Interactive Planning

Finding a Common Ground to Build a Regional GIS Database

Forecasting Change in Seneca, New York

Geocoding Permits and Voters in Maricopa County, Arizona

Paper GIS Analysis and Outcome Measures for Tacoma's "Destination Downtown"

Paper GIS Development and Implementation: City and County of Denver, Colorado

Paper GIS in Territorial Management—-Physical, Economic, and Social Data Integration

GIS in the Assessment of Urban Blight in Northern California

GIS Support for Exploring Alternative Development Futures

Paper GIS: A Modeling Tool to Answer Critical Area Questions

Paper Got Data, Is the Internet the Solution to Sharing Data?

Paper Growing Smarter Implementation Plan and Its Influence on Regional Growth

High-Level Community Asset Management

How the North Central Texas Council of Governments Is Helping to Organize and Coordinate a Regional GIS

How to Measure Success? An Analysis of Baltimore's Urban Policy

Paper Improving Public Agency Effectiveness Using Esri GIS and SAP

Integrating Document Imaging with GIS for Land Management

Integrating Wisconsin's Geospatial Data Libraries to Support State-Wide Comprehensive Planning

Paper Leveraging Success Through Partnerships and Process

Paper Local Governments' Management of Rapid Growth Through Mapping Update Projects

Paper Making Open Space and GIS Accessible to Local Communities

Paper Making Transitions in Enterprise GIS: City of Indianapolis/Marion County, Indiana

Paper Managing GIS Data Using GPS for Local Government

Paper Methods for Collection and Dealing with Complex Data Sets

Mobilizing Service Request Tracking

Modeling Reuse Options for Surplus City Property

Paper Mr. Jones' Casual User Interface: An Intranet GIS

Paper Partnering Municipalities with Private Sector

Paper PlanBuilder Uses ArcIMS to Assist Local Governments with Comprehensive Plans

Planning Analyst: Technology and the Comprehensive Plan

Paper Prediction of Atmosphere Pollution in Kiev During Unfavorable Weather Conditions

Paper Profiling South Carolina's Communities: Disseminating Community Data Using GIS and the Web

Paper Project Innovation: Overhauling the Permit Processing System in Honolulu

Providing City-Wide GIS Data and Applications for the Big Apple

Public/Private Partnerships: The Promise Beyond the Hype

Sacramento Capital Improvement Program on the Web

Paper Solving the Enterprise GIS Puzzle…

Special Media Panel on What Journalists Need to Tell Your GIS-Related Story

Paper The City of Tucson Economic Development ArcIMS Solution

The Evolution of GIS Applications in the Public Sector

The GeoData Alliance: Helping the Geography Generation Create a Better World

The Historical Development of Al-Ain Between 1970-2000 Through Integration of Remote Sensing, GPS, and GIS

Paper The Intelligent Basemap: A New Concept for Map Updating

The Land Management Information Systems Development Project in Korea

Unlocking Oakland County, Michigan's Historic Aerial Photography with ERDAS OrthoBase

Urban Master Plan Supported on GIS Technology

Paper Using Advanced Mobile Field Data Collection Technologies to Comply with GASB 34 Reporting Requirements

Using ArcView to Harness Growth and Accomplish the Community

Using CommunityViz to Bring Diverse Stakeholders Together and Compare the Impacts of Different Development Patterns in Santa Fe County

Paper Using GIS to Track General Plan Compliance

Paper Utility Infrastructure Mapping and Application Migration from Avenue to VBA

Utilizing Orthos to Build and Maintain Our Regional GIS

Wayne County, Michigan's GIS Technical Training Program

WISDOT District 2 Data Disk

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SUR - Surveying

Paper Attaining Feature Accuracy in Utility Engineering GIS

High Accuracy Geodetic Control Grid for Surveying and GIS

Paper Implementing the Surveyors' and GIS Professionals' Accord

Paper Saving Survey and Concurrent GIS Data in ArcView 3.x/8.1

Paper The Usage of Survey Data in Urban and Landscape Planning in Germany

Updating GIS Geometry With Survey Data

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SYS - System Implementation for GIS

"The Pluggable Client," an Approach for Integrating Data from Disparate Information Systems to Support the Wildlife Management Business in the Forest Service

Paper Applying Standard Software Development Practices to Geographic Information Systems

ArcGIS 8 Training in an Enterprise Environment

Paper ArcSDE Tuning: Tips and Tradeoffs

Paper Development of a Comprehensive GIS System for a Public Utility

Paper Development Planning Process Powered by GIS

Effective Educational System through GIS

Paper Facilities Information Distribution Using ArcIMS and Oracle

Paper GIS-Based Planning in Germany and in the USA: A Comparison

Going with the Flow: GIS Implementation at a Small Municipal Utility

How to Move All of Your GIS Data to a New UNIX SAN Disk Environment Without Getting Killed

Issues in the Development of an Enterprise Esri Solution for the City of Portland

Managing an Enterprise GIS: Another Perspective

Managing Successful GIS Projects Using DSDM

Paper Migrating to ArcGIS: A Roadmap to Success

Paper Road Map Through Migrating Data from CAD to ArcFM GIS

Paper Spatial Data Management in an Enterprise GIS

Tactical Planning of GIS Application Development Projects

The Mapping of New York City

Paper Using MapObjects for Enterprise GIS at the City of Calgary

Paper Web-Based Applications

Paper Your Mission, if You Choose to Accept It: Project Management Excellence

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TEL - Telecommunications

A Model-Driven Approach to Facilities Management

An Enterprise Landbase Development Approach Using GDT Dynamap and ArcInfo

Paper Broadband Internet Mapping of Downtown San Diego for Bandwidth Bay

CH2M HILL: Delivering Your Network

Enterprise GIS at Click GSM (Mobile Telecommunications)

Enterprise GIS Structure in Bite GSM

Paper Extending ArcInfo Functionality: Tracing the Extended Data Model

Paper Georgia High-Speed Telecommunications Atlas: An ArcIMS Implementation

Implementing Network Engineer at McLeodUSA

Incorporating GIS into the Submarine Cable Telecommunication Industry

Multiple Views of the Enterprise Database

Planning and Engineering Convergence

Use of Absolute Addressing and Geomarketing Data in the Telecommunication Market

Paper Using Spatial Information to Enhance Radio Frequency Management

Utilizing GIS to Optimize Wireless Operations

Utilizing Network Engineer in Wireless Network Management

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TRN - Transportation and Logistics

Paper 3D Visualization in Electronic Participatory Roadway Design

Paper A GIS Analysis Tool to Determine the Environmental Impact of Transportation Corridors

Paper A GIS Application to View Trade Corridors Resulting from NAFTA

Applying GIS to Wireless Resource Management

Paper Automated Airport and Runway Procedure Analysis Using GIS

Paper Building a Traffic Model for Inland Shipping

Case Study on GIS Implementation at San Diego International Airport

Paper Chicago Area Transportation Study (CATS): An MPO, GIS Data, and an Intranet

Paper Dash of DelDOT, Pinch of Public--Interactive Truck Routing Process

Paper Developing a GIS-Based Model and an Interactive Web Site for a City-Wide Recreational Bikeway Network: an Application for Buffalo, New York

Developing and Hosting a Web GIS System for the Puget Sound Regional Council's Transportation Improvement Program

Paper Development of GIS-Based Illinois Highway Pavement Management System

Paper Fleet Management on the Internet in an Esri Environment

Paper GIS and Sign Management on the Highways of Pennsylvania

Paper GIS Applications in Milwaukee Transit Planning Studies

GIS as a Decision Support Tool for Transportation Feasibility Studies

Paper GIS Benefits NCDOT from Impact Evaluation to Public Involvement

GIS for Managing Rail Corridors

Paper GIS in Environmental Assessments and Site Suitability: A Useful Tool for Planning

Paper GIS to Minimize the Impacts of Hazardous Waste Shipments

Paper GIS-Based Risk Analysis for Commercial Goods Transport in Southern California

Paper Implementing a Traffic Volume Database for a County Transportation Department

Paper Implementing the UNETRANS Data Model

Integrate Wireless and Voice Recognition with GIS Mapping

Paper Intelligent Management of Multi-Modal Network Data

Paper Linear Reference System Rookies Take on Highway Inventory

Paper MAGUS: Modeling Access with GIS in Urban Systems

Paper Measuring Auto Dependence in Metro Phoenix Using GIS

mTrack--Mobile Tracking and Communication System

Paper Optimizing Airport Runway Orientation Using GIS

Park & Ride Lots: Demand Estimation and Location Analysis Using GIS

Practical Applications of GIS for a Complex Urban Interchange

Paper Real-Time Control of Traffic Networks Using ArcView Network Analyst

Road Conditions on the Internet at VTrans

Route Systems and Dynamic Segmentation as Tools for Roadway Asset Management

Paper Spatiotemporal Patterns of Employment and Non-Work Activities in Portland, Oregon

Paper The $25 Million Map: GIS's Role in Trails Planning

The Challenge of Maintaining State Transportation Basemaps

Paper Using ArcIMS for an Online Traffic Alert System

Using ArcView GIS 3.2 to Monitor and Analyze the Environmental Impact of Public Transportation in the Greater Copenhagen Area

Paper Using GIS for Traffic Collision Analysis

Paper Using GIS to Analyze Potential Paratransit Fare and Zone Changes

Paper Using GIS to Examine Risk-Taking and System Hazard Among Rare Events

Using GIS to Minimize Environmental Impacts of Road Alignments

Paper Using GIS to Support Safe Communities

Paper Web-Based GIS Work Order System with ArcIMS: LADOT Experience

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UNV - Universities and Higher Education

Paper "Can we all get along?" Using GIS to Explore Attitudes About Race and Ethnic Diversity in Orange County.

Paper California Community Colleges Assisting Economic Development Growth

Community Colleges: The Front Line in GIS Education

GIS Education for Agriculture Students: Tennessee State University Perspective

Paper GIS for Facilities Management at the University of Virginia

Paper How GIS Enhances Survey Research: Examples from Marketing Higher Education

Paper Identifying Target Enrollment Areas to Improve Diversity

Integrating Concepts of Geospatial Metadata into GIScience Education

Intelligent Transportation Systems in the Community College Curriculum

Paper Laboratory Exercises for Teaching College GIS Courses

Making Space for the Humanities: The Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative

Paper Perl/CGI Tools for Site License Management

Paper Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Innovative GIS Technology (PT3 Program)

Paper Putting Information in Its Place: Integrating GIS with Educational Technologies

Student Digitizing of Coal Mining Permit Maps in West Virginia

The Future of GIS in Education

Paper The Status of Professional Certification in GIS

Using ArcIMS to Get Spatial User Feedback

Paper Web GIS as a Teaching Tool

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WDS - Water Distribution, Wastewater, and Stormwater

Paper A GIS-Based Water Distribution Model for Salt Lake City, Utah

Accessing GIS Data Through the Internet: A Case Study

Paper Beyond TM: Making High Resolution Imagery Work for Urban Applications

City of Hampton, Virginia, Launches Technology Initiative

Paper Cleaning Up Indianapolis' Sewer Layers: When Bad Data Happens to Good People

Paper Developing a GIS System for Managing Stormwater Discharge

Economical but Effective GIS Solutions for Sanitary Systems

Engineering Analysis with GIS and Databases: Septic Tank and Private Well Replacement

From Legacy Systems and Mindsets to a Browser-Based Wireless Enterprise GIS

From Maps to Geodatabases: Expanding the Role of GIS in a Large Municipal Utility

Paper From Pipe Dream to Reality: New York City's GIS Experience

GASB 34 Implementation Using GIS

Germantown, Tennessee, Integrates ArcInfo 8 and ArcFM with Water Modeling for Capital Improvements Planning

GIS Based Sewer Network Analysis Project in Metropolitan Areas

GIS in Middle Egypt: A Case Study in Data Integration

Paper GIS in Wastewater Collection System Master Planning

GIS Integrated with Real-Time Data for Shanghai Flood Control and Drainage Information System

Paper GIS Modeling a Facilities Plan: Welcome to the Next Level

GIS: Paving the Way for Enterprise-wide Modeling in Cities

GPS in GIS -- Where Is It and How Do I Find It?

Paper Implementing ArcFM for Water/Wastewater Facility Management: A Case Study Perspective

Implementing MapObjects with an Infrastructure Capital Assets Management System

Integrating Sewer Modeling with GIS

Integration Tool for Infrastructure and Land Use Planning: Atlanta Case Study

Paper Leveraging GIS in a Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Study in Cleveland

MSD's Wastewater and Operations Capital Program: The GIS Way of Reporting

MSSOP Provides High-Performance Asset Management at Moulton Niguel Water District

Role of GIS in Business Process at LEMA Company

Paper Severn Trent Water: Striding Ahead with GIS

Paper Stormwater Master Planning with GIS: A Case Study of the Blue River Watershed

Stormwater Outfall Inventory for NPDES Compliance

Paper Stormwater: From Data Collection to Interface Development

Paper Streamlining Projects Using Customized ArcView Tools: Atlanta's Sewer Separation Project

Using ArcView for a Large-Scale Water Utility AM/FM System

Paper Using GIS to Automate Field-Based Utility Inspections and Facilitate Data Integration

Paper Utility Data Management System (Water)

Paper Water Distribution System Optimization Using MapObjects and Genetic Algorithms

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WRE - Water Resources

Paper A GIS to Trace Industrial Effluent for Potable Water Resource Protection

An ArcView 3.2 Extension and an ArcView 8.1 Extension for the Use of NWS NexRAD Rainfall Data for Hydrologic Modeling

ArcIMS Interface to Water Quality Data, Eagle River Watershed, Colorado

ArcInfo GIS for Watershed Management Drainage Morphometry

Characterization of Three Watersheds of Southeast Moravia, Czech Republic

Correlation of Stream Adjacent Land Cover to the Frequency of Bankfull Flow

Paper Creating Hydrologic Unit Boundaries for Wyoming: A Semi-Automated Approach

Paper Development of a GIS Based Urban Groundwater Recharge Pollutant Flux Model

Paper Development of a National Seamless Database of Topography and Hydrologic Derivatives

Development of Tools for Regionalization Rate of Flow

Paper Dynamically Segmenting Mississippi's 305(b) Waters

Efficient DEM Editing Tools for Integration of DEMs and Mapped Hydrography

Empowering Citizens: Providing Drinking Water Data on the Web

Paper Evaluating Groundwater Basins in California's Central Valley

Evaluating the Impacts of Development upon Surface Water Resources Using GIS/GPS

Paper Facilitating Watershed Coordination Through GIS in Southern California

Paper GIS and MATLAB Integrated for Groundwater Modelling

GIS for the Assessment of Fresh Water Springs in Lebanon

Paper GIS Tools and Linkage to NRIS WATER

Indexing of Point Features to the NHD for Hydrologic Modeling

Integrating Diverse High-Resolution Data into the National Hydrography Dataset

Integrating High-Resolution Imagery with GIS for Mapping Irrigated/Non-Irrigated Landcover

Paper Interagency Development of National Watershed and Sub-Watershed Hydrologic Units

Keeping Linear References In-Sync with the National Hydrography Dataset

Paper Mapping of Water Quality Standards to the National Hydrography Dataset

Paper Modeling the Probability of Petroleum Contaminated Leak Sites Impacting Community Wells: Rochester, Minnesota

Obtaining Flood Inundation Maps Using GIS Techniques

Paper Parameterization Assistance for NWS Hydrology Models Using ArcView

Quantifying Groundwater Availability in the South Metro Denver Area

Paper Quantifying Spatial Position of Wetlands for Stream Habitat Quality Prediction

Paper Riparian Land Use Estimation Using GIS and Remote Sensing

Saving the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone

Paper Status Report on the National Watershed Boundaries Data Set

Paper Stream Floodplain Delineation Using Three-Dimensional GIS

Paper The Hydrograph Analyst, an ArcView GIS Extension for Hydrologists

Paper The Role of Web-Based Geographic Information Systems in Water Utilities

Paper Tools for California's Drinking Water Source Assessment Program

Paper Use of 3-D GIS as a Visualization Tool for Watershed Management

Paper Using Airborne LIDAR DEMs to Delineate NYC Reservoir Boundaries According to Spillway Elevation Contours

Using Geographic Information Systems to Delineate Flood Information

Paper Using GIS and Aerial Photography to Determine a Historical Impervious Surface/Streamflow Relationship

Using GIS in Planning a Regional Water Supply System

Paper Using GIS in Source Water Assessment Programs

Using GIS to Manage Water Development Plans

Paper Using Network Analyst to Calculate Pollutant Travel Times

Paper Using NEXRAD Rainfall Data in an ArcView GIS-Based Hydrology Model as an Educational Tool

Paper Using Remote Sensing and GIS to Compute Evapotranspiration in the Rio Grande

Water Assessment and Tracking Environmental Results System (WATERS)

Paper Watershed Delineation Using the National Elevation Dataset and Semi-Automated Techniques

Paper Watershed Topology: The Pfafstetter System

Paper What's New with EPA/Office of Water's BASINS Water Quality Model

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