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EHHRA-GIS: A DSS for Health Risk Assessment
Track: Health and Human Services
Author(s): Stefano Bagli

The aim of this paper is to introduce the software EHHRA-GIS, which has been thought to evaluate and map risk on a territory. This tool is a geographic information system software package specifically designed to estimate potential human health risk from the management of industrial pollution. It employs an integrated, multimedia fate and transport modeling, multiexposure pathways, and multireceptors risk assessment model to evaluate risks that may occur from long-term multimedia releases of chemicals from industrial emissions. To detail capabilities of numerical code the paper shows the application at a well-known case of contamination. In particular, the paper describes the results of the multipathway risk assessment that estimates the cancer risk and hazard quotient for an industrial site of our country characterized by soil and atmospheric contamination. It shows the advantages and high potential of EHHRA-GIS over more conventional methods and some innovative developments such as the use of map-based fate and transport modeling and of georeferenced data, the mapping of risk, and the techniques of spatial analysis. The example shows in which ways the tool can help local planning authorities and policy-makers in managing and planning remedial and risk reduction actions.

Stefano Bagli
University of Bologna
Viale Risorgimento 2
Bologna, Italy 40100

Phone: +39-051-2093135