2019 Esri User Conference Presentations

Access papers and presentation materials from GIS professionals who shared best practices and case studies at the Esri User Conference on July 8–12, 2019 in San Diego, California.

Title Paper Author
Analyzing Fires in Minneapolis Across Space and Time Presentation Richard Holzer
California Department of Toxic Substances Control’s GIS Wildfire Response Presentation Roger Cleaves
Extending the Reach of Your Web GIS: Bi-Lingual Web Apps with Arcade Expressions Presentation Joe Head
Improving Liquor License Management And Inspection For Prince George’s County Presentation Teddy Hailegeberel
Modeling Sinkholes and Groundwater Vulnerability, Grand Canyon’s Kaibab Plateau Presentation Mark Nebel, Jered Hansen, Natalie Jones
Zonation of Groundwater Quality Using Spatially Constrained Multivariate Cluster Presentation Fahad Al-Ahmadi
Using GIS to Impact Lead Poisoning Risk in Indiana Presentation Matthew Sisk
Supporting the Life-Cycle of Planetary Geospatial Data Presentation Marc Hunter
Validating Operational Flood Forecast Models of King Tides Using Citizen Science Presentation Derek Loftis, Sridhar Katragadda, Tammie Organski
Creating Efficiency Through Configurable Mobile Apps and Collaborative Maps Presentation Brian House
GISification of Business Processes for Greater Effectiveness Presentation MARKO MARIC, Vladimir Stojanovic
Dude, Where’s My Cube? Presentation Winston McKenna, Bryan Huebner
Crossrail 2 Asset Portal | A 3D Analysis of Assets Below the Surface of London Presentation Lisa Bowman
Buildings in Virtual Reality with CityEngine Presentation Daniel Chantlos
San Joaquin Kit Fox Spatial Data at an Industrial Solar Development Presentation Gabriel Rudy, Mallory Patino
ArcGIS Enterprise for Small Water Utility in Vail, Colorado Presentation Dirk Vandervoort, Larry Rector
Open Data Sites – Linking Disparate Databases for Research Efficiencies Presentation Lucia Patterson
SC Emergency Management: Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season Using Esri Tech Presentation Charlie Kaufman, Melissa Potter
Customizing ArcGIS to Enable Feature Update by Non-GIS Professionals Presentation Kiara Ray, Elvis Martinez, Shawn Smith
Updating the NHD for USFS Lands: A Collaborative Approach Presentation Joel Osuna, Veronica Lopez
Using GIS to Target Road Management in the Lake Tahoe Basin Presentation Ina Miller
NKYmapLAB – Story Maps, Storytelling, and ROI: Getting Past “What is GIS?” Presentation Louis Hill
Adding GTFS Tables for Multi-Modal Network Analysis of Bus Service Accessibility Presentation Dave Faucett
LAX of the Future: Customize Sharepoint GIS to Provide Construction Information Presentation Donald Chinery, Ryan Mock
Utilizing ArcGIS to Describe Geomorphometric Characteristics of Hydraulic Mines Presentation Brandon Ertis, Allan James, Carrie Monohan
A GIS Data Janitor’s Story – How ArcGIS Data Reviewer Has Made the Job Easier Presentation Rachel Wong
Houston-Galveston and Southeast Texas Land Cover Change Presentation Bill Bass
Smart Parks: Leveraging Esri Platforms for Statewide Park Data Management Presentation Sunny Fleming, Bill Avant, Rachel Schultz
Topeka Paves The Way to A Closed Funding Gap Presentation Darren Haag, Lawrie George, Rod Lovely
Leveraging Python to Automate GIS Updates and Reporting in an Appraisal District Presentation Keith Dailey
Drone Services Able to Make an Impact with a Remarkable ROI Presentation Trisha Brush, Ryan Hermann
Mapping Land Use in Australia Using Computer Vision Integrated with ArcGIS Presentation Andy Clark
Enabling Mobility by Deep Learning from Big Data Presentation Roland Degelmann
Exploring Neighborhood Effects on Health Using GIS and Electronic Health Records Presentation Steven Melly, Ana Diez Roux, Christopher Forrest, Kari Moore
Using GPS, Esri Collector and ArcGIS Online to Obtain Accurate Asset Locations Presentation Ken Gebert
Urban Growth vs. Development Suitability Using Raster Overlay Presentation Xiaoqi Tang
Using NASA Earth Observation Data in ArcGIS Presentation Peisheng Zhao, Michael Beron, David Meyer, Long Pham, Jennifer Wei, Wenli Yang
Facing the Digital Transformation with ArcGIS Hub Presentation Stefan Schnitzhofer
Smart Systems for Small Communities: ArcGIS and Cartegraph for Work Management Presentation Tanya Gallagher, Joe Thornton
MNWD’s Risk Assessment and Prioritization: Turning Data into Actionable Insights Presentation Jennifer Dooley, Mark Mountford
Urban Food Deserts: Measuring Access to Supermarkets at an Urban Scale Presentation Daniel Meaney
Wastewater Asset Management to Minimize Risk and Optimize Performance Presentation Mazen Kawasmi, Stephen Johnson, Cassie Seabourn
EOLO and ArcGIS Enterprise: A Partnership for Growth Presentation Riccardo Armellini
Applications of GIS for Emergency Operations Presentation Kendell Ryan, Mary Danuser
What is Another Five Letter Word for Truck? AXLES Presentation Greg Goldman, Kevin Hall
Evaluating the Threat of Endocrine Disruptor Nonylphenol in California Glaciers Presentation Jonah Lay
Complex Compliance Support with ArcGIS Online, Enterprise, ArcPy, and FME Presentation Jeff Friesen, Donald Handshoe, Gavin Jenkins, Christopher Schaffer
Oceanographic Data Model by EBK3D - Colombia in Antarctica Presentation Angie Montoya
Conversion into Esri Enterprise and Self Serve EMCS Presentation Trich Maupin
Optimizing Field Data Collection using ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Mobile Apps Presentation Ryan Uthoff
Enabling Grid Field Workers with One Mobile Solution for Westnetz Presentation Danny Fundinger, Olaf Nattenberg
Avoiding Technical Disasters During a Natural Disaster: Lessons Learned Presentation Austin Moore, Colleen Kiley
Tennessee’s Statewide LiDAR Initiative: Empowering GIS Users Across the State Presentation Paul Dudley, Sam Moffat
How We Went Pro. One Organizations’ Journey in Adopting ArcGIS Pro Presentation Brian Colson
HeightAware- Deploying a 3D Airspace & Airport Planning Tool at PHL Presentation Andre Lennertz, Nora Dougherty
Utilizing GIS to Detect & Prevent Fraud, Waste and Misconduct Presentation Lindsey Hays, Erin Grimm, Russ Rappel-Schmid
Going Paperless: Using Survey123 to Conduct a Point-In-Time (PIT) Count Presentation Nicole Funicello
Humanizing Open Data Presentation Jeff Lamb
Using ArcGis for Tracking a Silent killer: Hypertension in Canadian Population Presentation Lyne Cloutier, Denis Leroux
GFC GIS Open Hub Deployment: A case study Presentation Charles Bailey
Factors Affecting Rendering Performance in Desktop and Pro Presentation Peter Dowty
Leveraging ArcGIS Online and Social Media to Enhance Community Engagement Presentation Sarah Hulshouser
Efficiencies from PDMWD’s Collector Apps-DigAlert and Fire Hydrant Painting Presentation Colleen Larsen, Yelena Granovskaya, Courtney Mael, P.E., Steven Weddle
Orlando Airport's Enterprise GIS Presentation Miguel Garriga
ArcGIS in Code Enforcement: Streamlining the Fire Abatement Citation Process Presentation Patrick Chege
Leveraging Indoor Mapping in School Planning Presentation Tammira Taylor, Elizabeth Halpin
Port of New Orleans: Exceeding the Needs of Tomorrow Through Enterprise GIS Presentation Maggie Cloos, Andrew Milanes
NCDOT Project ATLAS - Improving Transportation Project Delivery Using GIS Presentation Eric Wilson, Ryan Arthur, Sarah Wray
Practical GIS: A MacGyver Approach to Field GIS Presentation Josh Krumski
Using GIS for environmentally sustainable Energy Planning in South Africa Presentation Fahiema Daniels
Precise 3D Simplification: The GIS Advantage vs CAD in Traffic Noise Modeling Presentation Miles Cheang
Utilizing GIS to Find the Best Hokben Location Across Archipelago Presentation Digantoro Tarmizi, Paulus Arifin
Modernizing the Los Angeles County Assessor’s 40 Year Old CAMA Infrastructure Presentation James Kulbacki
Delineation of Traffic Analysis Zones-GIS Helps Regional Transportation Planning Presentation Petya Maneva
Fire Station Site Selection Presentation Kulpanowski, David
Quick and Easy Tools to Gather Transit Rider Feedback Presentation Aaron Bartling
Driving Smarter Utility Operations with The Science of Where Presentation Daniel Johns
Project Back to the Future; Agricultural Land Valuation in Mountrail County, ND Presentation Rory Porth
Utilizing ArcGIS Geoanalytic Server for Big Conservation Data Presentation Jake Leizear
Mapping the Intersection of Hunger and Student Homelessness Across America Presentation Rachel Barth, Kristen MacFarlane, Andrea Pizano, Mukta Ramola
DrainDefender: Implementing Naperville’s Adopt-A-Drain Program Presentation Eva Cancino, Desiree Poole
Field Mobilization of a Small City Workforce: Using Survey123 and Spike Presentation Zack Knezevic
GIS and Augmented Reality to Boost Field Activities and Improve Work Safety Presentation Salvatore Amaduzzi
Human-Caused Fires WebGIS Application for Community Education and Resiliency Presentation Amy Mathie
How Having a Plan Can Help You Escape from the Rut and Overcome Complacency Presentation Albert Hill
Migration Routes of Rrom People in Colombia Presentation Gina Katherín Martinez García, Sandra Ramirez Barrios
Modernizing Fire Hydrant Inspections Using Collector and Operations Dashboard Presentation Willard Gustafson, Mark Steward
Delivering Enterprise Location Technology to a Mature Business Presentation Chad Neipling, Chad Cooper, Umesh Manilal
Tough Clients / Complex Sites: Using Geodesign to Prioritize Community Desires Presentation Dan Meehan
Using GPS for Critical Water Asset Mapping, Improving Planning & Coordination Presentation Theresa Lancy
Ripples from the Flint Water Crisis: The Road to Safe Drinking Water in Michigan Presentation Randy Winowiecki
Lessons Learned from a Large Utility Network Implementation Pilot Presentation Adam Tonkin, Glenn Taylor, Carrie Turner
Realizing New Possibilities – The Utility Network at Duquesne Light Presentation Alan Hope, Kara Cutter, Juul Dijkstra, Deepak Kaul
Operationalizing Real-Time Fire and EMS Workflows Using GeoEvent Server Presentation Seth Lewis
Story Map Training Tool for Infrastructure Compliance in Protected Habitat Presentation Kimberlee Harvey
The Active Shooter Era: GIS for Critical Incident Planning and Response Presentation Shannon Julius
Avoiding Compliance Violations: ArcGIS Online, Python, Collector, and 90 Users Presentation Neil Young, Michael Brown, Gavin Jenkins
Tulare Lake Basin Water Quality Analysis Using ArcGIS Insights Presentation Raviinder Dhaliwal, William Clark, Dallas Crow
We are PARte of Reconciliation in Colombia Presentation Lady Diana Mahecha Junco
Tulare Lake Basin GIS Collaborative Presentation Michael Hickey
Using Esri Tools to Communicate the Quality of California’s Groundwater Resource Presentation Dori Bellan
Leaving Paper Behind: A Completely Digital Point in Time Count with Survey123 Presentation Lindsay King, Natalie Campos
Helping Our Community Rebuild After the 2017 California Wildfires Presentation Joshua Damron, Gabe Osburn
Public Works Fleet Maintenance Mechanics Leverages ArcGIS from Their Toolbox Presentation Rocky Agbunag, Chris Blinn, Krista Marvel, GISP
Utilizing a Suite of ArcGIS Applications to Crowdsource Collection of Culverts Presentation Rick Moore, Sean Vaughn
Ideas for Enabling Effective Local, Regional, and State-level NG911 Maintenance Presentation Rodger Mann, Jessica Beierman
Adopt a Spot Mosaics Sparkle Across Oakland Presentation Noushin Adabi, Tiffany Eng, Mike Perlmutter
Los Angeles Metro’s DigAlert Team Benefits from ArcGIS Spatial Conversion Presentation MICHAEL QUANT
Fine-Scale Forest Inventory Using UAS-Directed Ground Sampling Techniques Presentation David Burchfield, Steven Petersen
The Power of Public Web Apps – Camp Fire Presentation Steven Hawks, William Brewer
Using Transportation Network Company Data to Understand Airport Curbsides Presentation Christopher DiPrima
Topological Relations in Linked Geographic Data Presentation Blake Regalia
Using the ArcGIS hub to connect citizens to the challenges of the city of Zwolle Presentation Marcel Broekhaar
Schiphol and building a 3D real-time Digital twin for asset data. Presentation Kees van t Hoog
Automated Utility Data Health Reports and Visualization via Operations Dashboard Presentation Caleb Anderson Phil Chapman Anastasiya Grecu
Fault Lineament Analysis Program Presentation Michael Cunningham
Geospatial preparedness: Joint effort to provide geospatial support to disasters Presentation Roberto San Martin
Engineering for resilient infrastructure Presentation Helen Pickard
XD World “Infinity Access in Your Hand Presentation Widiastuti Farida
Presentation Name File Name Presenter
Dredge Management with GIS Noel Perkins
Spatial Analysis of Rural Crashes and Their Effect on Crash Severity Bethany Campbell
Disrupting Industries - Esri ArcGIS and Holographic Visualization Alec Pestov, Arash Farajian
Taming the VIPER: Leveraging ArcGIS to Digitize Staff Memory Simon Morgan
Using GIS for Public Engagement: Web Map Apps Samuel Hiebert, Christopher Marder
GIS in Community Risk Reduction & Special Events Vaughn Sr
Brazilian Esri's Experience on O&M Management of Transmission Lines Assets Alessandro Berredo, Rodolfo Holsbach
Ditch the Paper: Transitioning Utilities to Digital Maps in the Field and Office Jim Kelly
Bringing Operational Forestry to the Desktop Stephen Smyrl
Point Forecasting of Energy Usage from Weather Data Using Neural Network and GIS Suman Chatterjee
Engaging Your GIS Community Kendell Ryan
A Council of Government Utilizing of Esri Web Applications Warren Navarro
Using GIS to Manage Inclement Weather Events in Real Time Nadine Bennett-Darby
Moving Mud Pots? There's an App for that! Shannon Gonzales
What Non-Users Know that Users Should Jeremy Lorens
Leveraging ArcGIS in Support of Law Enforcement at Emerging Critical Incidents Julie Horn, Kellen Crouse, Paul Davignon, Katherine Mooar
Real-Time, Web-Enabled GIS Mapping for Decision Making During Emergencies Rachel Strom
Analyzing New Market Potential Using Satellite Imagery And Business Analyst Data Mattias Wallin, Kevin Wright
Modernizing Workfows Tom Sedlacek
Use of GIS to Support FDA Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) Field Operations Alexis Novoa
Community Resilience Indicator Analysis for Emergency Management Officials Carmella Burdi, Kyle Pfeiffer
Optimizing Your Workflows Using the ArcGIS Platform Ashlyn Freeman, Carl Alexander
Leveraging OTS Web Apps and Geoprocessing to Streamline Mapping in Agriculture Ahna Miller
Emergency Oil Spill Response: Data Collection, Automation, and Dissemination Judd Muskat, Andrew Caputo, Greg Ewing, "L" Gustafson, Isaac Oshima, Seth Paine
3D Mapping of Vertical Assets Owned by the City of Phoenix Water Department Anastasia Cieplinski
Display Landscape Cover and Water Budgets Using ArcGIS Online and Data Services Pete Vitt, Dean Unger
A Campus Atlas for Boca's Utility Complex Using Existing GIS Tools and Solutions Jon Stahl, Talia Garcia
Enter the MATRIX: Beyond Hotspot Analysis Mark Ritchey, Robert MacKenzie, Chris Renna
An Updated Approach to Property Management Nathan Buchholz
Iowa Department of Transportation's Implementation of ArcGIS Online Eric John Abrams
Safety as a System, or Systematic Safety? Darryl dePencier, Pam Turner
Crowdsourcing Water Quality Data Collection Using Survey123 Cory Whittaker
Population Dynamics of Seagrass Communities in Biscayne Bay, Florida Clinton Stipek
Monitoring Temporal Changes Within Healthcare Markets Colleen Pulsford
From Paper Maps to Comprehensive All-Hazards Operations Dashboards Daniel Meachum
Assessing ‘Green Urbanism’ Potentials in Small Island Developing States Nikia Gooding
Rain Falls, Yields Rise? Measuring the Relationship Between Rainfall and Yields Nirinjaka Ramasinjatovo, Jennifer Himmelstein
Enterprise Changes at ITD Within the GIS Group Nicole Hanson
Utilizing ArcGIS Mobile Tools in Public Transit for Bus & Rail Field Supervisors Susan Mathai, Gail Cook
Next Level ADA Transition Plans Using Interactive WebGIS Bob Sisco
Innovation of ArcGIS Online Apps to Enhance British Military Working Practices Darian Lloyd
Using ArcGIS Enterprise to Enable the Agri-Sector in New Zealand Harley Prowse, Phil Barlow
Spatiotemporal Analysis of Blight Removal and Crime Hot Spots in Detroit, MI Elizabeth Kwicinski
Improving Earthquake Safety and Preparedness in K-12 Schools Brian Blake, Brooke Pearson
Remote Sensing of Rural Populations: Lessons Learned Hannah Rosenblum
Community Resilience Indicator Analysis for Emergency Management Officials Eric Shreve, David Roby
Adopting GIS to Quantitatively Measure Program Outcomes and Funding Impacts Guilan Huang
Basin Scale Assessment of the Houston-Galveston Region’s Green Infrastructure Qian Song, Ryan Bare
Canada’s Commemorative Map Laura Salisbury
Using Esri to Achieve Commercial Real Estate Data Excellency Lindsey Philipp
Spatially Transforming Hospital Operations Bert Chancellor
A Raster Warehouse for CA High-Speed Rail Authority Brandon Jones, Gabriel Blossom, Carlos Calderon
And a Creek Runs Through It: Geodesign Helps a Small Town Create a Creek Walk Shannon McElvaney
Infrastructure Reset – Geospatially Linked Decision Tools for Facilities Justin Goering
The Analysis to Sort out the Priority of Long-Term Unexecuted Urban Facilities Hyogon Kim
A Tale of 10 Servers Amanda Huber, Brett Frahm, Simon Morgan
A Mobile and Web GIS Success Story at ENMAX Power Jon Fairchild, Ron Lewis
Where’s That Valve? - Utility Field Users and Mobile Data Access at Eversource Mikkel Hylden, Gary Holland
Leveraging Custom Webapp Builder to Enable CRE Clients to Optimize Their Assets Emily Long
Fast Identification of Urban Heat Islands with ArcGIS Pro and the Azure Cloud Pete Aniello
Worst-First Isn't Here Anymore - Prioritizing Infrastructure Thru Geo-Automation Darin Welch, Brad Hofer
Using GIS to Optimize Pediatric Care Delivery with Mobile Clinics in Houston Ryan Ramphul
Infrastructure Tracking In Operations Dashboard for California High Speed Rail Jason Hill
Survey123 in the Enterprise: Field Tech to Management Decision Support Systems Michael Crabtree, Adan DeLeon
Lessons Learned from a NEWB- Managing Your First GIS Project Brian Horgan
Using GIS to Communicate Tualatin River Flow Conditions Jeff Van Note
Better Serving Electric Utility Customers With Space-Time Analysis Ken Dunn
Improving Real Estate Valuations with Spatial Modeling and Data Enrichment Paul Bidanset
Implementing a User-Centric Web GIS Ensminger, Lee
Using a GIS Project to Introduce College Freshman to Engineering Virginia Smith
GeoSpatial Asset Management: A Solution for Damage Prevention Professionals Brent Pingel, Brady Hustad
Accessing NASA Atmospheric Science Data Center Data Through Web Services Matthew Tisdale
Integrating Esri Field Data Collection Tools with On-Premise Enterprise ArcGIS Kenneth Juengling
Using AGOL to Help Reduce Plant Extinction – One Country at a Time Jenny Williams
Streamlining the Application/Review Process of Road Works Geethaka Fernando
Tribal Utilities - from As-built to As-building Shelly Knight, Kevin Capone
Borrowing Your Neighbor’s Toolkit: Leveraging GIS to Reduce Vector-Borne Disease Sarah Gunter, Melissa Nolan
Pauma Oak Tree Health Survey – A Baseline Study for the Next Generation jeremy zagarella
Leveraging the Power of Enterprise GIS for the Navajo Housing Authority Anders Berg, Nadine Clah
Transmission Grid and the Questions of Where Thomas Wojaczek
2018 Highland Lake Floods: Inundation Mapping and Rapid AGOL Deployment Kevin Smith, Ashley Parsons
US Coal Resource Network: From Production, Consumption, to Waste Streams Devin Justman
Utilizing Disconnected Editing to Replace a 30 Year Old Workflow for Appraisal Lee Allen, William Trimble
Modern Land Records Data - FAST! Caitlin Christenson, Kendis Scharenbroich
Farmer Adaptations to Coastal Saltwater Intrusion: Analyzing Land Use Change Alexandra Thompson
Preparing the Geospatial Workforce for Future Trends in GIS Shannon Doyle
Beats, by Glendale: Leveraging ArcGIS to Create New Police Patrol Beats Megan Armstrong, Valerie Marin
Using GIS to Improve Tribal Sanitation Facility Planning, Design and Maintenance Gretchen Tsosie
Unearthing the Potential of GIS for Cemeteries Tina Miller , Michael Knapp
Facebook Disaster Maps for Humanitarian Aid and Global Health Andrew Schroeder
How to Improve the QA/QC Process with ArcGIS Data Reviewer Sarah Grimsley
Moving to WebGIS: Transforming an Organization Curt Bynum, Andrew Valenski
Geospatial Statistical Approaches to Evaluate Groundwater Deterioration - Jordan Presentation William Bajjali
Coastal Flood Risk Web App for New Brunswick Using Lidar and Sea Level Rise Data Reid Mclean
Water, Water, Everywhere..Using ArcGIS to Quantify the Impact of Sea-Level Rise Marie Urban, Katherine Wakefield
Executing a Geospatial Platform Upgrade at NASA: Best Practices, Tips, & Tricks James Shute
Lessons Learned in LRS Migration - NMDOT's ARNOLD Project Youlanda Duran, Todd Howell, Troy Marsh
Modeling Areas of Conservation Emphasis in California using Python and ArcGIS Sandra Hill, Ryan Hill
From Many To One For The Greater Good - Joining The Geospatial Enterprise Richard Olivieri
National Scale Interactive Map of Landslide Occurrence Eric Jones
Creating GIS Apps to Reduce Customer Complaints and Empower Employees Jeff Evans, Brooke Reams
CoCo – Salt Lake County Connect Application for 311 Izabela Miller, Zach Posner
Challenges of Spatial Information Management for Humanitarian Response Jan Burdziej
Crash Severity Rates and Potential Routes of DUI Offenders for Crash Prevention Alexander Cottone
NG9-1-1 in the US: Understanding Future Geometry and Attribution Requirements Richard Kelly
Using GIS to Maximize Critical Infrastructure Assets Kirstin Runberg Platt, Jacqueline Stephan
Honoring Veterans: Using the iPhone and Esri to Document US Military Cemeteries Stephen Benzek
Gone in 60 Seconds: Building a Client-Side LRS Editor with the Geometry Engine Matt Washburn
UNS Energy migrates to the Utility Network for the GIS of the Future Joaquin Madrid, Keith Freeman
Modernization of Geologic Mapping Workflows Within the U.S. Geological Survey Amber Wittner
Population Coverage Index in Brazilian Pharmaceutical Retail Rafael Eiti Kurita, Issao Okawa
Status and Initiatives of the U.S. Geological Survey's The National Map Drew Decker
Know What You Own, Real Property Reconciliation Workflows Malcolm Ponte
Clearing a Roadblock in the ‘GRID’ - Migrating Data from GRID to ArcGIS Online Stephen Ross
National Riparian Areas Base Map Sinan Abood, Ann Maclean, Linda Spencer, Micheal Wieczorek
Tell Me a Science Story: Using Story Maps as #SciComm Tools Alexandra Freibott
Using GIS to Drive Gas Compliance Tom Helmer
Classifying Drone Imagery from Field Samples Michelle Totman
Got Capacity? - Using ArcGIS Online to Visualize Sewer System Capacities Andy Baldwin, Seval Sen
GIS in Child Care: Utilizing GIS for Advocacy and Planning Francisco Solis
Visualizing Conservation and Restoration Issues in Chesapeake Landscapes John Wolf
Implementing UPDM to Achieve a Unified View of Gas Assets William Larkin, Jason Heck
Hex Binning and the Evolution of a Recreation App Julie Vicars, Bill Sisneros
A New GIS-Based Approach to Determining the Flash Flood Hazard in Cities Maria Kaiser
Automated 4D Analysis of Helicopter Flight Tracks and Bird Nest No-Fly Zones Michael Brown, Gavin Jenkins, Neil Young
Locating Customers Through Geocoding – Balancing Expectation and Reality Zie Zie bt Mohamed Tahir, Halidha Fathima, Maharajan Natarajan, Archana Venkataraman
The PASDA Model: The GIS Data Clearinghouse in the Era of Big, Fast Data Maurie Kelly, Ryan Baxter, James Spayd
Habitat Recovery ArcGIS Pro Tool for the Demined Regions of the Falkland Islands Anthony Vazquez
A Geospatial Analysis of Active Shooting in America- Emphasis in Mass Shootings Lisa Juru
Deconstructing the Past: 3D Virtual Reconstruction of Archaeological Excavations Alyssa Parker
Collaboration Is Key: Cleaning the Air Through Community Partnership & Education Margaret Isied
Efficient Slope Maintenance with GIS David Wong
Streamlining Pipeline Integrity Data Management Dr. Otto Huisman, Jeff Allen
How historical imagery and Web GIS for can save 300 working days for project? Katarzyna Dworniczak
Where Is the Gold? Paulo Nathan, Miranda Muller
Development of thermal vulnerability analysis methodology using dynamic variable Minhee Je, Seunghyun Jung, Hyomin Kim
Solar Energy Farms Potential in Sindh, Pakistan Using Geo-Spatial Techniques Saad Malik, Saad Ul Haque
Navigating the “IN” of Telecommunications Fiber Optic IN-frastructure Eric Carroll
Esri is My Superpower: How EAA’s Map Girl Uses Esri’s Web AppBuilder/Templates Sarah Eason
Broadband Demand Versus Supply in Indiana: A Spatial-Mismatch Analysis Benjamin St. Germain, Indraneel Kumar, Andrey Zhalnin
Syncing Enterprise GIS Attributes with External Databases Melissa Walker, Kurt Baker, Scott Miller, Andrew Potter
Producing and Distributing Nationwide Open Forest Data Using RS, Automation & AI Juha Inkilä
Solving the Navy's Flood Planning Problems with the FISH Application Howard Brenner, Anthony Scardino
Geoinformatics for Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture Daniel Roberts
Hurricane Michael: Documenting the Damage Parks Camp
Improving Public Safety Workflows Using the Crime Analysis Solutions Erica McMaster
Geospatial Analytics Portray Changing Climate and Resilience Planning in Broward Katie Lelis
Developing a Situational Awareness Tool Using ArcGIS, a Developer's Perspective John Ericksen
Designing a Geospatial Technology Roadmap for Local Government Andrew Rudin
Call Before You Dig: Revolutionizing the 811 Workflow Using Web GIS and Python Mark Brown, Doreen Groth
The Benefits of AGOL as a Platform for National Forest Management and Planning Kevin Halverson, Bo Wilmer
Building a Better Risk Paradigm; How to Utilize All That Data Kristen Allison, Joaquin Ramirez
Using ArcGIS Online in the PS EOC During and After Hurricane Florence Saskia Cohick, Richard Tuinstra
Can We Do Better: Using GIS to Re-Imagine Community Health Assessments Jefferson McMillan-Wilhoit
GIS Solutions for Municipal Climate Resilience Nathan Kerr, Jeff Hicks
“Eyes on the Street” and Crime Revisited Elizabeth Groff
GIS and BIM: A Bridge Too Far…or Not Richard Chappell
Becoming a Geographically Intelligent Community-Based Organization Felicia Alingu, Allison Hall, Jason Schroeder
Vertical Asset Data Modeling: A Tale of Two Utilities Xander Mavrides, Christina Martinez, Jamie Patterson, Jeff Pesler
Insights for ArcGIS Informs Conservation and Restoration in the Chesapeake Emily Wiggans , Emily Mills
Spatial Analysis for Equitable Homeownership in Disinvested Neighborhoods John Trawick
Fleeing Pattern Revealed in a Space-Time Cube: The Case of Woolsey Fire Shenyue Jia
Examining Employee Opioid Prescriptions Using ArcGIS Pro and Insights Russell Rappel Schmid, Lindsey Hays
Collector: Modernizing Traffic Data Collection Erik Mason
Survey123 for Preliminary DamageAssessments (PDAs) Christopher Kundrock
Utilizing Mobile GIS to Implement Water and Wastewater Maintenance Programs Mikel Levandoski, Miles Hunsinger
Pepco Holding Inc Implements Digital Twin & Reliability Engineering Environment Brian Chabot, Scott Warner
ODIN: A Powerful Approach to Outage Data Communication John Simmins
Collaborative Web Maps for Bicycle Master Planning Kevin Knapp, Bryan Baker
National Water Agency Open Data Portal Maurício Silva, Fábio Ferreira, Gustavo Molleri, Marco Silva, Marlon Silva
Extracting landscape classifications using ArcGIS Pro Scott Snyders, Jeremy Jordan
Healing Asset Data Via Field Workflows at Colorado Dept. of Transportation Richard Murphy, Allison Bejarano
Gas Outage System Deployment at Vermont Gas Bart Elliott, Eric Hillmuth, William Larkin
Success Strategy for Implementing Enterprise ArcGIS Platform in Kirkland, WA Xiaoning Jiang, Karl Johansen
Developing an Asset Management Program for Wastewater and Water Facilities Alfredo Mijango
All Together Now Dallas Crow, Michael Hickey
Visualizing NWM Reanalysis Data at Regional Level Using ArcGIS and AWS Sridhar Katragadda, Hunter Harman, Derek Loftis
3D Mapping at the City of Redwood City Victoria Beckley
Expanding the Built Environment at the Alamo Colleges District Matt Manges, John Strybos
“A Community Coming Together to Support a Community” Steve Espe
Sharing Health Data as Life Stories: Open Data Portal Santa Clara County, CA Mandeep Sidhu, Sampa Patra, Douglas Schenk
Crash Analysis Using 3D Visualization in GIS Lauren Rogers
Addressing Public Transportation and Community Needs in Staten Island, NYC Marija Drobnjak
GIS and the Evolution of the Fire Service David Hermann
Migrating MicroStation to GIS for Engineering Projects in 2-3 Easy Steps Teresa Smithson, Gerardo Boquin
Voting Center Locator - Save Time, Improve Efficiency Tyler Prahl, Matt Malone
Museum Visitors Relive History with Esri Story Maps Nick Spittlemeister
Enabling the Active Management of the Secondary Grid in Calgary Through GIS Ron Lewis
Building a GIS Framework for Next Generation 911 - The Roanoke County Experience Todd Morland, Wendy Peloquin, David Wray
IC GIS Portal: Web GIS for Government Collaboration Jessica Sweet, Dayton Barber
Real Time Flood Alert Monitoring and Notification David Brett
Spatial Digital Transformation at the Modesto CA PD RTCC, One Year Vince Rosales, Ivan Valencia
ArcGIS & Analytics Providing Insights into Performance & System Health Dawn Siegel, Lauren Tijerina
Live from New Orleans: Special Events Operations Dashboards Kris Gerig
Consolidating Utah’s GIS Data for Public Safety and Next Generation 911 Erik Neemann
Geo-Machine Learning for Evaluating Natural Gas Pipeline Risk Jennifer Bauer
Parcel-Based Regional Land Use Data Management: Using ArcGIS and GIS Programming Jung Seo
Defining the Role of GIS in Community Resilience Kevin Mickey
Service Tools for Service Crops: A Geoinformatics Case Study Steven Mirsky
Operationalizing Real-Time Fire and EMS Workflows Using GeoEvent Server Naftali Honig
Better Dashboards By Design Jacob Rothberger
Deploying a National Forest and Land Use Monitoring Platform Richard Barad
Modernizing Monitoring and Outreach Efforts using Survey123 Deena Bowman
A Naturalistic Approach to Flood Mitigation and Watershed Restoration Garrett Altmann, Paula Gutierrez, Dave Turk
Modern Geological Field Mapping Using ArcGIS Online and Esri Survey 123 Roger Schulz, Robert Bergmann, Roger Schulz
Forest Management in the 21st century: with Satellite Imagery and ArcGIS Asa Strong , Sejal Doshi
Individual Tree Detection in Forests using Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Data George Raber
Automated Wildlife Tracking:Big Data and Effective Mapping For Conservation Eric Edgley, Daniel Olson
Targeting Statewide Fluoride Treatment Locations for School-Aged Children in NC Sharon Brown, Dianne Enright, Michael Tenzca
Using ArcGIS Hub to Improve the Lives of Women & Girls Throughout the World Jessica White
Modeling Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Potential: Using GIS For Utility Evolution Curran McBride
RTK GNSS Accuracy in Places Where RTK GNSS Doesn't Work Eric Gakstatter
Utilization of GIS and Python for the General Plan Update Assistance Program Tom Vo
Completing the Puzzle: Connecting Public and Private Data with ArcGIS Ben Hall
Using AGILE and Esri to Optimize Production and Maximize Customer Satisfaction! Tamra O'Halloran
Boost Oilfield Revenues with Automatic Road Detection in ArcGIS Deven Desai
Sediment Deposition Analysis Utilizing GIS Technologies, Lake Cachuma, CA Joel Degner, Elijah Papen
Web-Based Solution Transforms How EnerVest Uses Parcel-Level Information Nathan Wood, Mark Taetz
Spatial inequalities on accessibility to jobs and income in Sao Paulo city Nuno Graca
NAVFAC Migrates GeoReadiness Explorer to ArcGIS Enterprise Rhea Voll
The Importance of GIS Technology in Emergency Management – Santa Clara County Sampa Patra, Yoko Myers
Florida Department of Health’s Hurricane Michael GIS Response Parker Hinson, Rebekah Jones
Automated Regional Hotspot Change Detection and Quantifying Small Scale Change Jacob Czawlytko
BIM-CAD-GIS Integrated Planning-Design- Construction-O&M Applications at WisDOT Lance Parve
Agile Change in Utility Business Processes Eric Stevenson, Allisyn Dunn
Connecting Public Health and Child Welfare Within Tribal Settings Utilizing GIS Kathryn Kulbicki, Ann Baker, Tommi Gaines, Jhon Goes In Center, Summer Lunderman
PaveDC: A Path to Better Roads Ting Ma
Mapping King County's Stormwater Drainage System (with ArcGIS, AGO, & Collector) Lusha Zhou
Capture Hard-to-Reach Assets with Esri's Collector to Achieve Laser RTK Mapping Mike George, GISP
Planning in Action, Military Digital Area Development Plans Using ArcGIS Joel Griffin
Wildland Fire Mitigation: Visualizing Adaptation to the New Normals Michael Flaxman
Uncovering Consumer Behavioral Patterns in Human Movement Data Using ArcGIS Pro UberMedia Inc., Evelina Giang
Setting up a StormWater Fee Toolset (SWFT) Application with ArcGIS Framework Jeffrey Duke
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