2014 Esri Federal GIS Conference Proceedings

The 2014 Federal GIS Conference Proceedings is a compilation of professional abstracts and presentations delivered February 10–11, 2014, in Washington, D.C.

View the Plenary Session videos and the Technical Session videos (including select Professional Development Workshops and Immersion Summits) on Esri Video for presentations and demonstrations by Esri staff, GIS professionals, and Keynote speakers.

Title Presentation Esri Staff Presenter Customer Presenter
National Security Immersion Summit Video Scott Cecilio, Ed Carubis, Craig Cleveland David Alexander, Director of the Geospatial Management Office, Department of Homeland Security; Mike Howell, Deputy Program Manager, Office of the Director of National Intelligence; Dr. Robert Griffin, DHS S&T Director of the First Responder Program, Department of Homeland Security
Using ArcGIS on Smartphones and Tablets in Disconnected Environments Video Jeff Shaner  
How to Tell Your Story: Step-by-Step Recipes for Making Your Own Story Maps Video Allen Carroll Submissions from Chesapeake Commons
ArcGIS for Devices - Road Ahead Video Jeff Shaner  
ArcGIS Cloud Security Roadmap and Best Practices for Federal Agencies Presentation
Michael Young, Erin Ross  
What's New in ArcGIS 10.2 for Server Presentation
Nikki Golding  
ArcGIS Platform for LIDAR Session 1: Managing and Disseminating Elevation derived from LIDAR data Video Kurt Schwoppe, Jim Michel  
ArcGIS Platform for LIDAR Session 2: Analyzing and Sharing Products Derived from LIDAR Video Kurt Schwoppe, Dan Zimble, Brett Rose Aimee Baldwin, ExelisVIS
GeoEvent Processor: Configuration and Troubleshooting Video Ken Gorton, Mark Bramer Vitad Pradith, Physical Scientist, NOAA Office of Coast Survey/Navigation Response Branch
Advanced City Engine Workflows Video Thom Oaks Jan Halatsch, CTO, SmarterBetterCities
Beyond Where: Using Regression Analysis to Understand Why Video Flora Vale, Lauren Bennett  
3D Data Beyond Visualization: Analysis to Solve Real-World Problems   Brett Rose Nicole Miller, Forensic Services Division, US Secret Service
Applying ArcGIS Spatial Analysis Techniques to Make Better Decisions   Michael Rhoades  
Applying Real-Time Analytics using GeoEvent Processor   Adam Mollenkopf, RJ Sunderman Edward Pultar, PhD, President/Spatial Scientist, Valarm
ArcGIS and the Cloud: A Management Perspective   Andrew Hendrickson  
ArcGIS Certification   Michael Green  
ArcGIS Enterprise Systems: Performance and Scalability Presentation Andrew Sakowicz  
ArcGIS for Aviation Presentation David Wickliffe, Will Reynolds  
ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2 Tips and Tricks   Bill Raymond  
ArcGIS for Emergency Management   Ryan Lanclos, Jeff Baranyi Chris Kuryak, COO, Recovers
ArcGIS for Intelligence Presentation Renee Bernstein, Tara Mott, Jo Fraley Don Barker, DoD
ArcGIS for Law Enforcement: Advanced Use Patterns Presentation Carl Walter, Rob Feuerstein  
ArcGIS for Mobile Devices: An Overview of Technical Applications   Jeff Shaner Julie Anbarchian, Greg Goblich, Yaping Ao, FDA
ArcGIS for State and Local Government Presentation Nikki Golding  
ArcGIS for the Military: Analyzing the Operational Environment Presentation Matt Funk, Gary Sheppard  
ArcGIS for the Military: Domestic Operations Presentation Joe Bayles, Bill Raymond, John Tully, Andrew Smialek  
ArcGIS for the Military: Intelligence Workflows   Phil Suarez, Lyle Wright  
ArcGIS for the Military: Land Operations Presentation Scott Cecilio, Ben Conklin, Gary Sheppard  
ArcGIS for the Military: Maritime Operations   Curt Hammill, John Fry, Lyle Wright Michael Sarhan, Marine Corps Intelligence Agency
ArcGIS Marketplace and other App Stores Presentation April Nichols  
ArcGIS Online Content   Tosia Shall, Lloyd Carmack Lindsay Goodwin, NOAA
ArcGIS Online Security: Establishing an Action Plan to Move Forward as a Federal Community   John Young, Michael Young Tony LaVoi, GIO, NOAA; Jerry Johnston GIO, DIO; Stephen Lowe, GIO, USDA; Harvey Simon, GIO EPA
ArcGIS Online Security: Presenting Federal Perspectives and Approaches   John Young, Michael Young Stephen Lowe, GIO, USDA; Tony LaVoi, GIO, NOAA; Chris Lowe, CISO, USDA
ArcGIS Online Steps for Success   Owen Evans, James Miller Erin Grimm & Elise Pittman, USPS
ArcGIS Online Subscriptions for Organizations: Publisher Workflows   Michael Rhoades  
ArcGIS Online Subscriptions for Organizations: User Workflows   Michael Rhoades  
ArcGIS: Implementation Patterns for Government   Dan O'Leary, Witt Mathot Nathan Beck, FDA
ArcGIS: The GeoPlatform   Marten Hogeweg Jerry Johnston, DOI; Tony LaVoi, NOAA; Harvey Simon, EPA
Authoring Great Web Maps   Bonnie Stayer Stephen Ansari, Blue Raster
Best Practices for ArcGIS Version Migration Presentation Mark Williams, Parker Spence  
Big Data and Analytics: the Fundamentals Presentation Mansour Raad  
Big Data Spatial Analytics: the Practice Presentation Mansour Raad  
Creating a Staff Development Plan with Esri   Michael Green Marita Cook, Mission Manager, GEOINT Program, FBI
Creating an Effective GIS Technology Strategy Presentation Andrew Sakowicz  
Creating Successful Map Layers for ArcGIS Online   Owen Evans Matt Felton, DataStory
Deploying ArcGIS for Server using Managed Services Presentation Andrew Sakowicz, Erin Ross  
Deploying Portal for ArcGIS Within Your Own Infrastructure Presentation Witt Mathot, Dan O'Leary  
Designing, Publishing, and Using Dynamic and Cached Map Services   Darren Baird  
Editing Strategies for Enterprise Geodatabase   Tim Clark Paul Rabatin, IC
Enabling Cartographers:   Billie Leff, Sinam Al-Khafaji, Stephen Bryce Jerry Johnston, GIO, DOI; Lee Pera, EPA
Esri Best Practices for Technology Change Management   David Schneider, Mark Williams Kathleen Cheeseman, Simmy Yau, FDA
Esri Global Demographic, Business and Lifestyle Data Presentation Cathy Spizzack Darren Gemoets, Aquilent, Inc.
Esri Global Demographic, Business and Lifestyle Data   Cathy Spizzack Ronald Wilson, HUD
Facilities: GIS and Integrated Workplace Management Systems   Sheila Steffenson, April Nichols John Smart, IBM TRIRIGA
Facilities: Indoor Location Utilization and Tracking   April Nichols Michael Healander, GISi
Facilities: Operations Management   April Nichols, John Young Stu Rich, PenBay
Facilities: Portfolio Management and Planning   John Young, Craig Cleveland Ruth Kroeger, GSA, Public Building Service, Urban Planning Team
Facilities: Safety and Security   John Young Larry Newman, Spatial Systems
Facilities: Sustainability GIS     Avinash Srivastava, Sr. Planner & Technical Director for Sustainability, Design + Planning, AECOM, Piloting Sustainability for the Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek, VA
Facilities: Sustainability GIS     Mark Elbert, Director of the Office of Web Management, U.S. Energy Information Administration, Mapping at the U.S. Energy Information Administration;
Facilities: Sustainability GIS     Sandrine Schultz, CNIC HQ Energy Program Manager, CNIC (Commander Navy Installation Command) Navy Shore Geospatial Energy Module
Facilities: Sustainability GIS   Terry Martin, Leslie Weiner-Leandro Sandrine Schultz, CNIC HQ Energy Program Manager, CNIC (Commander Navy Installation Command) Navy Shore Geospatial Energy Module; Mark Elbert, Director of the Office of Web Management, U.S. Energy Information Administration, Mapping at the U.S. Energy Information Administration; Avinash Srivastava, Sr. Planner & Technical Director for Sustainability, Design + Planning, AECOM, Piloting Sustainability for the Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek, VA
Finding Hot Spots using ArcGIS Online: Minimizing the Subjectivity of Visual Analysis   Lauren Bennett  
Fire/Rescue and Next Gen GIS: Are we there yet?   Jennifer Schotke Peter Hanna, Firefighter & GIS Specialist, Baltimore City Fire Department; Capt. W. Jeff Powell, Planning & Information Technology, Henrico County Division of Fire
Geocoding Techniques and Options for US and International Locations Presentation Tosia Shall  
Geodatabases: An Introduction Presentation Ralph Denkenberger  
Geodatabases: An Introduction   Ralph Denkenberger Kevin Clemence, DoD
Geoplatforms for Aid & Development Coordination   Carmelle Terborgh, David Gadsden, James Tedrick Lilian Pintea, Jane Goodall Institute; Ari Tavia & Guido Pizzini, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) Mali
Get Your Campus on the Map! Introducing the Community Maps Program   Brady Hoak Brendan Ford, GIS Applications & Systems Administrator, Fairfax County Department of Information Technology, Geographic Information Services
GIS Interoperability: An Introduction   Dave Danko, Marten Hogeweg Nadine Alameh, PhD, Executive Director, Interoperability Program, OGC
GIS Interoperability: An Introduction   Dave Danko, Marten Hogeweg Nadine Alameh, PhD, Executive Director, Interoperability Program, OGC
GIS Interoperability: An Introduction   Dave Danko, Marten Hogeweg Nadine Alameh, PhD, Executive Director, Interoperability Program, OGC
Global Aid, Development, and Conservation Immersion Summit   Carmelle Terborgh, Andrea Huber, James Tedrick, Ken Gorton Carol Bothwell, Catholic Relief Services; Jennifer Lemberger, Direct Relief; Benjamin Stewart, The World Bank; Rob Rose, Wildlife Conservation Society; Nancy Choi, AidData
Global Geoplatforms   James Tedrick, Carmelle Terborgh, Marten Hogeweg Jacqueline McGlade, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP): UNEPLive; Eric Van Praag, CAF- Latin American Development Bank: GeoSur
Health and Social Services Immersion Summit   Flora Vale Amy Sadler, VHA Field Analytics; Kevin Willis, VHA Planning Systems & Support Group; Stephen Ansari, Blue Raster; Jennifer Rankin, The Robert Graham Center
HLS GeoCONOPS User Group Meeting Presentation   Dave Lilley (DHS) - HLS GeoCONOPS; Ron Langhelm (BAH) - HLS GeoCONOPS
Homeland Security Enterprise Enablement Part 1 Presentation   Justin Sherin (BAH) - Moderator Justin Sherin (BAH) - Welcome/Introductions and brief HIFLD/HSIP overview TBD (OASD & DHS) - HIFLD/HSIP Partnership TBD (NGA) - HSIP Partnership specific Chris Barnard (DHS) - Remote Sensing
Homeland Security Enterprise Enablement Part 2 Presentation   David Lilley (DHS) - HLS GeoCONOPS Ron Langhelm (BAH) - HLS GeoCONOPS Lewis Summers (DHS) - Geospatial Information Infrastructure (GII) Noah Goodman (ArdentMC) - Geospatial Information Infrastructure (GII) Michael Edwards (DHS) - DHS Common Operating Picture (COP) Richard Fowler (ArdentMC) - DHS Common Operating Picture (COP)
How to Successfully Collect, Analyze, and Implement User Requirements Presentation Gerry Clancy, Glenn Berger  
Image Services in the Cloud   Kurt Schwoppe, Jim Michel  
Imagery in the ArcGIS Platform   Renee Bernstein, Jim Michel  
Imagery Management and Dissemination   Kurt Schwoppe, Jim Michel Joan Biediger, Cartographer/GIS Specialist & Brian Vanderbilt, Geospatial Branch Chief, USDA Farm Service Agency, Aerial Photography Field Office (APFO)
Implementing ArcGIS for Facilities Presentation Don Hong, Craig Cleveland  
Integrating with your Enterprise Systems: Part 1- Business Intelligence Presentation Marcella Cavallaro, Evan Caldwell, Lindsey Hays Joseph Schultz, CBeyondData
Integrating with your Enterprise Systems: Part 2- CRM and Sharepoint Presentation Marcella Cavallaro, Kevin Sigwart, Evan Caldwell Imran Bashir, InfoReliance
Intelligence Analysis using ArcGIS   Darren Baird, Lyle Wright Matt Benden, Deputy Operations Officer, ODI, US Marine Corps Intelligence Agency; Emily Little, NGA
Leveraging ArcGIS in the Amazon Cloud Presentation Bonnie Stayer Amy Ramsdell, Blue Raster
Leveraging the ArcGIS Platform to Support your Mission Presentation Marcella Cavallaro, Evan Caldwell, Lindsey Hays Kevin Knapp, Tierra Plan: representing US Army Europe ITAM
Location Analytics for Healthcare Presentation Marcella Cavallaro, Evan Caldwell  
Location Enabling Humanitarian Assistance   Andrea Huber, James Tedrick Brendan Bartow, Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA), USAID; Jennifer Lemberger, Direct Relief; Gabriele Almon & Jared Hyneman, World Vision;
Make Better Policy Decisions using Esri Community Analyst Presentation Marcella Cavallaro, Evan Caldwell  
Managing and Publishing Authoritative Data for Non-profits   Ken Gorton, Kurt Eckerstrom, Deepti Kochhar Doreen Whitley, GIO, National Audubon Society; Sarah Linden, Technology and Innovation Program Manager for BSA Summit Group, Boy Scouts of America
Mapping for the Non-GIS Staff in Your Agency Presentation Charmel Menzel  
Multi-source Data Fusion   Brett Rose Jeff Carnes, Office of Geographic Services, Geographic Operations Division 2 (SRH), IC
MyEsri: The Next Generation of Customer Support   Tina Skousen, Greg Welc, Bob Waltrip  
Natural Resources Immersion Summit   Tim Clark, Tosia Shall What a Landscape Approach Means, Kevin Gallagher, Associate Director (Core Science Systems) Bringing Inventory Data to Life as Intelligent Web Maps, Dr. Richard Guldin, Director (Quantitative Sciences)
Network Analysis using ArcGIS Online   Brady Hoak Submissions from Washington State Department of Labor and Industries
Network Analyst and Transportation Analytics   Brady Hoak Kyle Dixon, ECS Federal Contracting to USPS
On-the-Fly Image Analysis Presentation Dan Zimble, Kevin, J. Butler Patrick Collins, ExelisVIS
Open Government: Open Data   Bill Greer  
Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS Presentation Joe Bayles  
Optimizing your Cell Phone (SIGINT) Analysis Presentation Rob Feuerstein, John Conte  
Producing GEOINT with Esri Defense Mapping Presentation Heather Murnane, Brian Demers  
Python: Beyond the Basics Presentation Joel McCune  
Python: Getting Started Presentation Joel McCune  
Road Ahead: ArcGIS for Desktop   Jim McKinney, Thom Oaks  
Road Ahead: ArcGIS for Devices   Jeff Shaner  
Road Ahead: ArcGIS Online   Owen Evans  
Securing ArcGIS Server Services Presentation James Cardona  
Sharing Tradecraft with ModelBuilder and Geoprocessing Services   Darren Baird  
Solving your Top 10 Production Issues with ArcGIS Extensions Presentation Eric Ray, Dewey Marino  
Spatial Analysis Tools for Site Suitability   John Fry, Lyle Wright  
Spatial Pattern Analysis: Mapping Trends and Clusters   Flora Vale, Lauren Bennett Amy Sadler, VHA Field Analytics
Standardized Data Production Strategies across your Enterprise Presentation Dewey Marino, Eric Ray Ron Buzzard, Army Geospatial Center
Standards In Action Presentation Dave Danko, Marten Hogeweg  
The Cyber Supply Line: A Geospatial Approach to Cybersecurity Presentation Ken Stoni, Scott Cecilio  
The importance of Data Quality within your Enterprise Presentation Eric Ray, Heather Murnane  
Thinking Spatially with GIS Presentation Suzanne Foss Robert Miller, IC
Transportation and Economic Development Immersion Summit   Owen Evans, Charmel Menzel Rob Dingess, President (Geospatial Transportation Mapping Association); The Changing Context of MAP-21: The Use of GIS for Performance Based Planning, Greg Slater, Planning Director (Maryland State Highway Administration); Emerging Technology Trends in Transportation, Terry Bills, Transportation Industry Manager (Esri); MAP-21 and Safety Management: GIS and Safer Roads, Dr. Tom Horan (Claremont Graduate University) FHWA's All Roads Network and HPMS Integration, Joseph Hausman (US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration) Esri's Roads and Highways to Meet MAP-21 Requirements, Gary Waters and Tom Brenneman (Esri)
Understanding ArcGIS Deployments in Public and Private Clouds   Ty Fabling Taylor Keen, Campus GIS Coordinator, University of Maryland
Using Enterprise Workflows to Manage your GIS Presentation Kevin Bedel  
Using Location Analytics and GIS to eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse   Marcella Cavallaro, Evan Caldwell Erin Grimm and Elise Pittman, USPS, OIG, James Miller
Using the ArcGIS Landscape Analysis Tools and Services Presentation Suzanne Foss  
Web Editing in ArcGIS Presentation Carl Walter, Rob Feuerstein  
Web Enabling Databases with ArcGIS for Server   Brady Hoak Aaron Wulf, Customs and Border Patrol
What You Need to Know about Managing an Enterprise GIS Project Presentation Gerry Clancy, Glenn Berger  
Working with Metadata in ArcGIS Presentation Marten Hogeweg  
Working with Scientific Data in ArcGIS Presentation Kevin Sigwart, Dan Zimble Matt Rosencrans and Sudhir Shrestha, NOAA CPC

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