2007 Esri International User Conference Proceedings

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2010 Census—Local Government Partnership Programs

Paper Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA)

Paper The Digital Boundary and Annexation Survey


A GIS Success at the San Diego Zoo

Paper Why Does the Zoological Society of San Diego Use GIS?

Paper Establishing an ArcIMS Web Site in a Zoo Setting

Paper Conservation and GIS for the Zoological Society of San Diego

Agricultural Resource Database Management—Water Resources and Ancient Orchards

Paper Agricultural Resources Management at Aztec Ruins National Monument

Agriculture Disease Transmission, Management of Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter, and Gypsy Moth Infestation

Paper Connectivity of the American Agricultural Landscape: A Graph Approach

Paper Using GIS in Areawide Pest Management

All about StreamStats

Paper Status Update on the USGS StreamStats Web Application

Paper StreamStats ArcGIS Server Application: A More Efficient Web Solution

Paper Network Functionality in StreamStats

Analysis and Infrastructure Management

Paper Defining the 'Value Proposition' of GIS in Business

Paper Main Objectives of the Oil Transportation Network Developing

Paper ArcGIS Software-Based Change Detection Analysis Extension to Manage Land Asset Changes

Analysis in Remote Sensing

Paper Environmental Mapping Incorporating LiDAR, Satellite Imagery, and Existing GIS Data

Paper Locating Turf in Las Vegas Valley Using Remote Sensing Techniques

Paper Remote Sensing and GIS Analysis of Phytoplankton Blooms

Analyzing the Geographic Distribution of Disease

Paper Ecological Niche Modeling of Cryptococcus Gattii in British Columbia, Canada

Paper Fixed Perfusion Defect in Myocardial Perfusion Scintigraphy Associated with a Myocardial Bridge

Paper Comparative Cluster Analysis for Establishing the Etiology of Multiple Sclerosis

Analyzing Weather and Fuels for Wildfire Management

Paper Live Fuel Moisture: Implications for Fire Prediction and Severity Models

Applications for Departments of Transportation

Paper System Design Experience Within the New Enterprise Paradigm

Paper Serving Up Enterprise Data

Paper Centralizing Data for the Louisiana TIMED Program

Approaches to Utility Data Management

Paper Implementing a Spatial Data Warehouse using ArcSDE and Oracle Spatial

Paper Enterprise Data Migration Using Data Interoperability Extension and Python

Paper Customizing ArcPad for Electric Field Inventory at Imperial Irrigation District

ArcGIS Server Applications for Public Access

Paper For the Resident, a Neighborhood Guide to Seattle City Services

Paper Historic Preservation in Utah: Enhanced Public Access

Archaeological and Historical Geodatabases and Data Management—Part I

Paper Utah State History's ArcGIS Server Solution

Paper Historic Center Evaluation Using GIS: A System Provided to Government

Paper Development of the City of Cape Town GIS Heritage Inventory

Archaeological and Historical Geodatabases and Data Management—Part II

Paper The MRAS Project: Using GIS to Design an Archaeological Survey

Paper Archaeological Reconstruction of Ancient Lake Cahuilla Settlement Patterns Using GIS

Paper Maritime Archaeology GIS Tool for the NWHI Marine National Monument

Army Installation Geospatial Information and Services Program

Paper Army IGI&S Program Overview

Paper Army IGI&S Application Functionality: Future Developments


BI, Web, and ROI for the Business GIS Community

Paper GeoInsurance: Integrating Addressing, Geocoding, Perils, and Accumulation Solutions

Paper Deriving Business Benefit from Web Technologies and Business Intelligence

Paper Spatially Enabling a BI Dashboard


Cadastral Data—Public or Private?

Paper Effective tax property Collection Through Efficient Web access

Paper Parcel Basemap Geodata: Resolving the Public Records Controversy—Panel Discussion

Cadastral Enterprise Solutions

Paper Using Versioned Enterprise GeoDatabase and ArcGIS Server Applications for Property Management

Paper Riding the Technology Wave: GIS in Blue Earth County, Minnesota

Cadastral Geodatabase Creation and Maintenance

Paper A Growing GIS for a Growing City

Paper Converting CAD Data with ModelBuilder and the Data Interoperability Extension

Cadastral Integration and Cadastral Analysis

Paper Residential Capacity Analysis Automation for an Urban Service Area

Paper Horry County, SC: Integration Enterprise GIS, CAMA, Addressing, and Planning

Calculating ROI

Paper The Economic Benefits of GIS: A County's Perspective

Paper Making GIS a Profitable Enterprise

Paper Estimating GIS Return on Investment: The Empirical Way

Cartographic Shaded/Painted Relief Images

Paper Making Noise with ArcGIS

Paper Image Processing for a Painted Relief Map

Case Studies in Climate, Weather, and Atmospheric Modeling

Paper Modeling Air Quality in the Las Vegas Region

Paper GIS Techniques for Avalanche Mapping and Snow Science Observations

Paper Micro-climate Solar Modeling over Complex Terrain

Civil Engineering

Paper Landfill Gas Extraction System Evaluation Using ArcGIS

Paper Evaluation of Drainage Master Plan Alternatives Benefit Using GIS

C/JMTK Application Development

Paper Implementation of a Security Framework for C/JMTK-Based Net-centric C2 Applications

Paper BTRA-BC Engine Migration to CJMTK

C/JMTK Applications

Paper DTRA's Use of CJMTK to Support CBRNE Analysis Capabilities

Paper A CJMTK Common Viewer for the Army's Battle Command Systems

Coal Mine Site Permitting, Reclamation, and Remediation

Paper GIS for Coal Mine Site Permitting and Regulatory Enforcement

Paper Mobile GIS Applications in U.S. Surface Coal Mining Reclamation

Paper Developing Land Use Maps for Remediation Abandoned Coal Mines

Collaboration in Local Government

Paper TreeBaltimore: Creating a Plan to Double Baltimore's Tree Canopy

Paper Twin Cities Unite in GIS

Paper Successful Single Agency Planning of a Large Scale GIS Day

Collaboration in State Government

Paper Maryland Federated Centerline Data Synchronization Project

Paper Ohio Statewide Imagery Program: National Map Blueprint Using ImageServer

Command and Control System Development

Paper BattleView: Integrating ArcGIS into Canadian Army's Command and Control Application

Paper Outlook of the GIS Functionalities Integrated with NATO HQ-Sitcen Services

Community Health Assessment Using GIS

Paper Mapping Your Community's Health

Paper The Road to Building a Safety Net

Paper A Spatial Analysis of Faith-Based Volunteerism and Neighborhood Need

Community Planning: Developing Collaborative Systems

Paper Map@Syst: Geospatial Solutions for Rural and Community Sustainability

Paper Community Environmental Mapping by Using User-Friendly GIS

Conservation Decision Support Tools

Paper Supporting Conservation Decision Making from Regions to Parcels

Paper An Introduction to An Online Web Site for Best Practices

Conservation Planning and Collaboration Tools

Paper Conservation Planning in the Northern Appalachians Goes Online

Conservation Prioritization

Paper Using GIS Models to Focus Protection of Redwood Forest Ecosystems

Paper Prioritizing Conservation Landscapes: The Columbia Plateau Ecoregional Assessment

Paper Tools to Measure Landscape Pattern and Fragmentation

Conservation through Understanding: The National Park Service Vegetation Mapping Program in California

Paper National Parks Vegetation Mapping Photo Interpretation & Automation

Paper National Park Vegetation Maps: Seeing the Forest and the Trees

Paper Vegetation Sampling and Classification in National Park Service Projects

Considering the End User in GIS Implementation

Paper Geospatial Solutions for End Users: Experts and Beginners

Creating Business Intelligence

Paper LBS Marketing

Paper Spatial Data Warehousing and Mapped Business Intelligence for Telecommunications

Paper GIS Supporting Business Intelligence in a Convergent Telecom Company

CUAHSI and Hydrologic Information System Server

Paper Hydrologic Information System Server

Paper Web Services and Hydrologic Observation Data Dissemination

Paper Interfacing the OGC Sensor Observation Service with ArcSDE

Customizing GIS Applications for Water/Wastewater Maintenance

Paper Analyzing Sanitary/Storm Sewer Cross-Contamination Using ArcGIS


Data Interoperability in GIS

Paper Alternative Data Interoperability Solutions

Paper A New Paradigm for Modeling Address Points

Data Management and Interoperability

Paper Implementing a GIS Catalog to Address Diverse Technologies and Data

Paper Using GIS to Define Federal Oil and Gas Availability

Paper Growing Impact of GIS in Nigeria's Petroleum Industry

Database Design and Application Development

Paper Case Study: Sanitary Sewer System Mapping Program

Paper Philadelphia Water Department: Maintaining Our Geometric Network Water and Sewer

Paper Database Design and Process Modeling for a Drainage Utility GIS

Database Development for Water Resources Applications I

Paper WatershedDB Internet Mapping Project

Paper Using ArcGIS Server for Water Resources Archiving and Dissemination

Paper St. Croix International Watershed Mapping Initiative

Database Development for Water Resources Applications II

Paper Survey Technique for Underwater Digital Photography with Integrated GPS Data

Paper Lake Ontario Watershed Characterization Mapping

Database Modeling and Design for Fisheries and Wildlife Management, Part I

Paper The National Wildlife Refuge System: Standardized Data Model and Toolset

Database Modeling and Design for Fisheries and Wildlife Management, Part II

Paper Steelhead Fisheries Management of the Lower Santa Ynez River, California

Paper Displaying 3D Hydro-acoustic Fisheries Data

Defense and Intelligence Standards Work

Paper Geospatial Battle Management Language: Bridging GIS, C2 and Simulations

Paper Data Modeling: Harvesting Trees of Information and Knowledge

Defense Geographic Analysis

Paper The Integration and Analysis of Vietnam War MIA Case Information

Paper Spatial Correlation Trends in Armed Civil Conflict Violence in Colombia

Defense Logistics Applications

Paper IRRIS Technology Leveraged

Paper NAVFAC Midwest's GIS Provides Logistics Support at NSWC Crane

Designing Sustainable Communities—Part 1

Paper Using GIS to Help Private Landowners Develop Responsibly

Paper Working in Floodplains? A Sustainable Office Park Redesign with GIS

Designing Sustainable Communities—Part 2

Paper GIS-Supported Site Analysis and Sustainable Design

Paper Facilitating Responsible Community Design with GIS

Developing Metadata Repositories

Paper Developing a Web-Based Geospatial Metadata Search Tool and Relational Database

Paper Data Snapshot Archiving: A Frequency of Capture Survey

Paper NG Maps Uses GIS and Mobile Management for Olympic Games

Developing Spatial Literacy

Paper Developing Spatial Literacy in U.S. Coast Guard Officers

Different Approaches for Providing Geospatial Information to Users

Paper Digital Topographic Support System: Providing Geospatial Services to the Warfighter

Paper Homeland Infrastructure Foundation Level Database (HIFLD)—Geospatial Information Sharing

Paper U.S. Army ArcGIS 9.2 Replication/Synchronization Experiment

Dissolution Subsidence, Volume Calculations, and Boundary Detection

Paper Modeling Land Subsidence Due to Solution Brine Mining, Central NY

Paper Volume Calculations Using Spatial and 3D Analyst

Document Management in Government

Paper Development of Low-Cost GIS Based Document Retrieval System

Paper GIS and Document Management Integration


Effective Response and Recovery in the Aftermath of a Disaster

Paper GIS and GPS for Hurricane Debris Removal in Miami, Florida

Paper Real-Time Reconnaissance Progress for U.S. EPA Louisiana Hurricane Response

Paper Building Predictive Analysis Models for Global Disaster Management

Effective Use of GIS in City and County Operations

Paper Change Management & Internally Marketing GIS

Paper Strategically Planning Fort Bend County's GIS

Paper NEWGIN: Newark Geographic Information Network and Enterprise GIS Implementation

Emergency Preparedness GIS

Paper Designing a Geodatabase for Fire Risk Assessment

Paper Rebuilding the Levees with GIS

Emergency Response

Paper GIS Application on Development of Decision Making System for Oil Spill Response in South Korea

Empowering Citizens with Public Access to GIS

Paper Arlington County, Virginia, Implements a Fully Integrated Web GIS Solution

Paper E-Assistance

Energy for Our Future

Paper Well Information Query Tool for Leyte Geothermal Production Field, Philippines

Enhancements in Web Mapping, Services, and 3D Map Generation

Paper Reconstructing Campus: A Geodatabase Implementation for Map Design

Paper Large Volume Map Generation via Grid Computing

Enhancing Learning with GIS in K–12 Education and Youth Programs

Paper Akimeka's Digital Bus: Industry Investment in K-12 Education

Paper GIS Technology: Empowering a Local Boy Scout Troop

Enhancing the Planning and Design Process

Paper Planning and Managing Private Networks

Paper Designing and Managing a FTTH Network

Paper Life-cycle Fiber Management

Enterprise GIS

Paper Spatial Data Warehouse Powered by ArcSDE

Paper Building and Maintaining a GIS and Utility Integrated System

Paper Enterprise GIS in Wastewater Management

Paper City of Miami GIS Enterprise Data Infrastructure

Paper Enterprise Roads Asset Management System

Enterprise GIS for Utilities

Paper Using ArcGIS Server to Implement Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Applications

Paper Implementing Enterprise GIS for Long Beach Gas & Oil Department

Enterprise GIS Implementations

Paper Navy GeoReadiness System Architecture

Paper ArcSDE Enterprise Geodatabase Design and Development in Loudoun County, Virginia

Paper Maintaining Data Quality during a Phased Enterprise GIS Implementation

Enterprise Implementations

Paper Leveraging Geospatial Inventory for Telecommunications through Enterprise GIS

Paper Managing an Outside Plant Fiber Optic Network with GIS

Paper Profit Driven Geomarketing Initiatives on Mobile Telecommunications

Enterprise Spatial Data Infrastructure

Paper Revealing the AT&T California and Nevada Spatial Data Infrastructure

Paper Building a Spatial Data Infrastructure at The Nature Conservancy

Paper Enabling Effective Spatial Data Management for Trabzon, Turkey

Enterprise Web Service Implementations

Paper Replicating State-Wide Property Data with ArcGIS Server

Paper Web-Based Database Application with ArcIMS

Paper GIS Redlining Comes Full Circle

Environmental Management and Analysis

Paper Using GIS to Accurately and Efficiently Address the CEQA Guidelines

Paper Calculating Soil Areas for Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans

Paper GIS Consortium Success Model to Support Local Governments in Aceh

Environmental Modeling: Water Resources

Paper A Spatial Methodology to Analyze Lead in Drinking Water

Paper A Spatial Model for Protection of the Edwards Aquifer

Paper Modeling with HEAT in the Everglades Restoration Project

Environmental Monitoring: Miscellaneous (Air/Water, Waste/Dredging)

Paper Application of GIS for Construction Waste Management

Paper TCEQ—Environmental Monitoring Response System, Part 2

Paper Dredge Disposal Site Monitoring Using IMS' .NET Link

Environmental Planning: Recreational Use, Vegetation Mapping, and Land-Use Planning

Paper Using GIS to Design, Develop, Establish, and Manage Recreational Trails

Paper Environmental Impact Assessment Database Construction

Estuaries and Coastal Ecosystems

Paper Measuring Shortest Distance between Fisheries Tag-Recapture Locations within Estuaries

Paper Marine Ecosystem Shifts, Large and Small: From Chlorophyll to Whales

Expeditionary GIS

Paper Enabling the Geospatial Warfighter in the Expeditionary Site Mapping Environment

Paper Marine Corps Intelligence Activity's Regional Expeditionary Intelligence Portable Resource (REIPR)


Facility Management

Paper Managing Facility Assets: GIS and Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM)

Paper GIS, AEC and Investment Promotion in the Coega IDZ

Paper A Collegiate Geodatabase

Facility Planning

Paper The Modifiable Area(l) Unit Problem in Urban Planning

Paper Using GIS to Support the Mission of Zoos

Paper Refinery Facility Planning Using GIS

Federal Government: Enterprise Architecture

Paper Development of Data Standards for a Large Government Bureau

Paper NOAA Enterprise GIS IT Architecture

Field-to-Office GIS

Paper Workforce Mobilization via Integrated GIS Solutions

Fire/EMS Response and Deployment Analysis

Paper Dynamic Deployment Modeling for Emergency Medical Services

Paper Fire Suppression and Emergency Medical Services Response Capabilities Analysis

First Nation GIS Training Programs

Paper Strengthening Tribal Sovereignty through Geospatial Science and Education

Paper GIS Support Programs at the Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska

Fisheries and Wildlife Habitat Management and Analysis

Paper GIS Analysis of the Habitat of the Asian Black Bear

Paper Geospatial Analysis of West Coast Rockfish

Paper Development of Wildboar Habitat Suitability Model Using GIS

Flood Studies

Paper Delta Island Inter-relationships: ArcGIS Schematics

Paper 800 Miles of Missouri River Terrain Processing for Floodplain Mapping

Paper Mapping Floodplains for the City of Petaluma Using XP-SWMM

Paper Development of the Control System Dataware of Flood Situation Evolution

From Design to Conversion to Implementation

Paper GIS Data Conversion Process of Water Distribution Network

Paper Enterprise GIS Implementation at Vista Irrigation District

Futuristic City Planning with GIS

Paper Research on Ubiquitous Rural Environments (uRural)

Paper Use and Implications of GIS in a Regional Visioning Process


GeoBase Applications

Paper Remote Alaska Landing Zone Surveying and Mapping Techniques

Paper Integration of GeoBase with Project and Facility Information

Paper Asset Management of Utility Distribution Systems

Geodatabase Development

Paper Implementing Geodatabases with Data Models

Paper Geodatabase for Avian Communities of the San Jacinto Mountains

Geodemographic Data Collection, Management, and Publication

Paper Evaluating ArcGIS 9.2 for Census Cartography

Paper New Products from the Census Bureau's Modernized MAF/TIGER System

Paper An Integrated Multi-users Application Using a Centralized ArcSDE Database

Geodesy and GIS

Paper Applying Geodesy: The True Fundamentals of GIS

Geospatial Information Office Strategies

Paper AMC GIO Approach to Portfolio Management of Esri Software

Paper GEOFidelis West: Establishing a Regional Geospatial Center

Paper Establishing a Geospatial Information Office at White Sands Missile Range

Getting Out in front of the Storm with GIS

Paper Using Real-Time Weather for Emergency Response GIS

Paper Planning for Disaster by Pinpointing Populations Vulnerable to Hazards

Paper GIS in Severe Weather Impact Analysis

GIS—Supporting Decisions in Public Policy

Paper Green Information Systems: GIS, Geo-demographics, and Recycling Household Trash

Paper Census Education Geodemographics

Paper Community Profile of Adelaide Metropolitan Area

GIS Analysis Tools and Methods for Archaeology

Paper The Use of GIS for Intra-site Spatial Analysis in Archaeology

Paper Landscape Stratification and Anasazi Prehistoric Land Use

GIS and Environmental Health

Paper Environmental Public Health: A Disease Mapping and Risk Analysis Tool

Paper Community-Based Evaluation of Air Pollutants Using GIS

GIS and Facilities Management

Paper Developing a Campus-wide Base Map for Planning, Design, and Construction

Paper GIS: Moving Utility and Facility Data from Deskdrawer to Desktop

GIS and Marine Conservation

Paper Development of a GIS as a Management Tool to Reduce Sea Turtles Bycatch in U.S. Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico Fisheries

Paper Management of Aquaculture Site Using MarineGIS

Paper Seagrass Prop Scar Mapping: An Airborne Sensor Comparison

GIS and Public Health Preparedness

Paper Using GIS to Manage the Stockpile: A Regional Perspective

Paper Health Crisis & IT Competencies of Japanese Public Health Directors

GIS and Work Order/Asset Management Integration

Paper Integrating ArcGIS and Maximo WMS Provides Efficient Work Management Practices

GIS Applications for Storm Water Management

Paper Development of GIS Aid System of Municipal Drainage Network Planning

Paper Satellite Imagery: A Crucial Resource in Municipal Stormwater Billing

Paper Los Angeles County Storm Drain Initiative

GIS Certification: Implications for Students and Teachers

Paper Promoting Geospatial Technology at North Carolina Central University

Paper Certification Survivor: Getting on the GISCI and ASPRS Islands

GIS Curriculum Development in Higher Education

Paper Using Spatial Statistics and Geostatistical Analysis as Educational Tools

Paper GIScience Program Improvement through Innovative Curriculum Implementation Tools

Paper Educating Ecologists on Practical Spatial Modeling

GIS Data Management in the Enterprise

Paper Modeling Groundwater Contours and Compound Iso-concentrations using Spatial Analyst

Paper Lessons in Integration: Using Service-Oriented Architecture, ArcIMS, and ArcGIS Applications

Paper GBIF-Switzerland: Spatial Database Design for the Geo-Web Information System

GIS Facilitates Economic Development Strategies

Paper Eco-tourism and GIS

Paper Railroad Town to Ski Hub GIS Powered Recreation Centered Revitalization

Paper Identifying Service Delivery and Economic Development Opportunities with Business Analyst

Paper Building and Using 3D Data for Economic Development Decision Making

GIS for Asset Management

Paper How Understanding CADD to GIS Migration Can Assist Asset Management

Paper On-line Digitizing Technology for Road Resurfacing Program

Paper Municipal Tree Inventory: Asset Collecting on the Cheap

GIS for Aviation Safety

Paper Spatial and Temporal Offset Analysis of Airport Runway Safety Areas

Paper Safe Flight 21 Airport Compliance Assessment Using GIS

GIS for Corridor and Long-Range Planning

Paper Developing a Corridor Alignment with GIS

Paper Transportation Planning and GIS for the 22nd Century

Paper GIS Applications to the Alaska Canada Railroad Link Feasibility Study

GIS for Decision Support and Public Policy

Paper Evaluating Charlotte, NC's Growth Management Strategy Using GIS

GIS for Deep Ocean

Paper Seabed Habitat Mapping: From Processes to Patterns

Paper Using GIS to Study Animal Distributions at Hydrothermal Vents

GIS for Efficient Tactical Response

Paper Improving Officer Safety Using ArcGIS

Paper Tactical Entry and Emergency Response: GIS Goes to the Field

GIS for Extreme Weather Events and Hazards

Paper Climatology of Atlantic Tropical Storms and Impact in Coastal Regions

Paper Integration of Climate Data in ArcIMS Map Services

GIS for Information Management

Paper Semi-automated Methods for Land-Use Land Cover Data Updates

Paper Condominium Conversions in San Francisco: GIS Analysis of Determinants

GIS for Land Records

Paper Progress in the Digital Cadastre of Puerto Rico

Paper Enhancing Parcel Exploration with Historical Images and Information

GIS for Range Management

Paper Weapon Danger Zones: A GIS Tool Supporting Fixed-Winged Training Exercises

GIS for Resources Conservation

Paper Integrating Data Collection and Management for Fisheries Research

Paper Biodiversity Indicator in the Andean Region: Geoprocessing with ArcGIS

Paper Examination of Applicability of ArcGIS Software-Based CEVSA Model to Korean Forest

GIS for Trails, Green, and Open Space Mapping

Paper GIS Support to an Open Space Task Force

Paper Utilizing GIS to Develop a Municipal Trail System

Paper Strategic Planning for Park Acquisition: A GIS Based Approach

GIS for Transportation Safety

Paper Afton Mountain and I-77 Corridor Crash Studies

Paper Using GIS to Determine Risk Factors of Urban Bicyclists

Paper Clearing Roads/Helping Drivers: GIS and WSDOT Incident Response

GIS Implementation Considerations in the Enterprise

Paper Delivering GIS: Lessons Learned from the Georgia Power Implementation Project

Paper Calleguas-MWD: Integrating Work Management and GIS for Field Operations Efficiencies

Paper Naval Installation Restoration Information Solution

GIS in Administration: University Admissions and School Attendance Zones

Paper Challenges in Student Recruitment for Educational Institutions: Materials and Methods

Paper Visual Representation of Skill Level Mastery Profiles in 2-Dimensional Space

Paper GIS in School Decision Making Process: School Attendance Zone Planning

GIS in Humanitarian Affairs

Paper Development of a UN Spatial Data Infrastructure for Transport

Paper Securing Access to Water during Humanitarian Emergencies

Paper Developing a Logistical Model for Health Care Workers in Haiti's Rural Central Plateau

GIS in Integrated Systems

Paper Washington's Grant Tracking System GIS Enhancement Project: Advanced Editing via the Internet

Paper Improving Field Service Efficiency through Effective System Integration

Paper A Multifaceted Approach to GIS-SCADA Integration

GIS in Mammalian Studies

Paper Population Size, Abundance and Distribution of the Critically Endangered Hirola Antelope

GIS in Managing Basic Human Needs before and after a Disaster

Paper GIS Improves Community Readiness Saving Lives During Emergency Disaster

Paper A GIS Tool to Determine Affected Population

Paper Mass Casualty GIS Data Management System (from Complaint to Grave)

GIS in the Enterprise—I

Paper GIS: Foundation and Access Strategy to Integrated Enterprise Information

Paper City of Denver Addressing: Enterprise Integration Using Web Services

Paper IGI&S Enterprise GIS Infrastructure: Lessons Learned

GIS in the Enterprise—II

Paper NCDOT Integrates an Enterprise Linear Referencing System with Esri GIS

Paper ArcGIS Server, ArcSDE and ArcIMS within an Enterprise SOA

GIS in Wildland Fire Management

Paper Annual Brome Wildfire Fuel Breaks: Web-Enabled GIS Decision Support System

Paper ICON: A System for Operationally Managing Fires in NSW Australia

Paper Construction of Detection and Alert System for Wildfire

GIS Integration with Modeling and Simulation

Paper GIS-Enabled Modeling and Simulation

Paper An Approach to Integrating Modeling and Simulation Interoperability

Paper Army Experimentation: An Operational Environment and Scenario Development Application

GIS Logistics

Paper Grain Supply Chain Management Optimization Using ArcGIS in Argentina

GIS Map Books

Paper Managing High Water Marks and Elevation Adjustments with GIS

GIS Solutions for International Forestry Issues

Paper GIS for Land Use Planning in Liberia

Paper Development of the Yarding and Harvesting Cost Estimation System

GIS Studies in Community Protection

Paper Managing Spatial Information to Utilize Disaster Records for Community Safety

Paper Navy Emergency Response Management System Aids Military First Responders

Paper Historic Centres Protection: Umbria Region Experience in the Montone Drill

GIS Takes Flight: Airport Applications

Paper Airport GIS: Applications and Case Studies

Paper ARCTool for Air Traffic Control Sector Redesign

GIS Tools for Protected Areas

Paper GIS for Nature Park

Paper Large-Scale Mapping of the Land Use Conflicts On A Natural Landmark In A Stage of Degradation Using GIS and Remote Sensing Methods

GIS Training Programs through Federal Partnerships

Paper First Nations/GIS in Indian Country/Successful Partnerships

Paper Alaska BIA GIS Start-up Workshop and Library

GIS-Powered Asset Management for Good Bond Rating

Paper Image Based Asset Inventories, Frederick County, Maryland

Paper Harris County's Development of an Enterprise Wide Asset Management System

Paper Expansion of an Advanced Enterprise GIS-Based Asset Management System

Goods Movement and Multimodal Transportation

Paper Network Analyst Multi-modal Routing Tool for the Commodity Flow Survey

Paper Truck Trip Estimation by Facilities Using ArcInfo

Paper Development of an Intermodal Network for Freight Transportation Analysis

Paper Geospatial Modeling of Ship Traffic and Air Emissions

"Green" Transportation with GIS

Paper Using GIS for Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning

Paper Go Bike Boulder: ArcIMS Interactive Bicycle Routing Web Site

Paper The Rapid Uses ArcWeb Services to Implement Ride Sharing Program


Paper Planning for Sustainability: Mapping the Shallow Groundwater Resource

Paper Geospatial Information Web System Applied to Groundwater Management

Paper Monitoring Groundwater Variability of Faisalabad District Using GIS

Groundwater: Storage, Facilities Management, and Wetland Mitigation

Paper Geospatial Environmental Information Sharing in Utah

Paper North Carolina's Geodatabase for Statewide Stream and Wetland Mitigation


Habitat Restoration and Reforestation

Paper Spatial Variability of Leaf Damage on Trees in Bogota-Colombia

Paper Restoration Site Selection for Estuarine Seagrass

Paper Setting Urban Tree Canopy Goals in Washington, DC, Using ArcGIS

Paper Habitat Restoration Monitoring & Assessment: A Personal Geodatabase Design

Habitat Threats: Invasions and Roads

Paper Weed Biocontrol Monitoring: Bringing the Science into the 21st Century

Paper Road Use Intensity on Two Invasive Species in Southwest Colorado

Paper The Role of Natural Areas in Water Quality Issues

Homeland Security Data Sharing and Interagency Collaboration

Paper Department of Homeland Security Geospatial Data Model

Paper Build Situational Awareness: Net-centric and Multi-agency Environment

Human/Infrastructure Impact and Analysis

Paper GIS-Based Areawide Cumulative Effects Assessment

Paper Using GIS Analysis for Public Involvement and Environmental Justice

Hydrous Disaster Prevention Planning

Paper Application of Multi-objective Shortest-Path and Allocation Analysis for Flood Prevention

Paper Storm Surge and Flood Vulnerability in Cumberland County, NJ


Imagery Production Systems in GIS

Paper NAIP: Options and Challenges

Paper Improving Polygon Shapes Created with Landsat 7 Gap Filled Imagery


Paper City of Denver Addressing: Modeling, Maintenance, and Support

Paper A Practical Methodology for Application Development

Paper ArcIMS for Sustainable Ecotourism: Pico Bonito National Park, Honduras

Paper Distributing GIS to the Coast Guard: An Enterprise Solution

Implementing Enterprise GIS in State Agencies

Paper Implementing Enterprise GIS in State Government

Paper Enterprise GIS: A State Government Perspective

Improved Decision Making

Paper Water Utility GIS Development and Use in Fulton County, GA

Paper ArcIMS in Conjunction with Oracle Expedites Decisions in Environmental Investigations

Paper GIS Benefits for the City of Boynton Beach

Improving Access to Health Care

Paper Using GIS to Identify Behavioral Healthcare Underserved Areas

Paper GIS for Community Health Management in Tugi

Improving Access to Health Information through Web Services

Paper Vector Borne Disease Surveillance using ArcWeb Services

Paper ConnectServices: Web Enabled Social Services

Paper Developing a Public Health Map Portal: NYC's Case Study

Innovative GIS Implementation

Paper Understanding Troop Readiness in the Time of an Emergency

Paper NORTHCOM's SAGE: Situational Awareness Geospatial Enterprise

Paper Joint Geospatial Intelligence Activity Update

Integrated Modeling in Water Resources

Paper GEO-MODSIM Spatial Decision Support System for River Basin Management

Paper Estimating Impacts from Groundwater on Stream Flows Using ArcGIS Tools

Paper Modeling Groundwater Interactions Using Analytic Element Methods and LiDAR

Integrating and Visualizing Archaeological Data with GIS

Paper Geovisualization in Historical Geography: Virtual Reconstruction of Morgantown, West Virginia

Paper Developing a GIS for the "Lost City of the Pyramids"

Integrating GIS in Disaster Management

Paper Emergencies, Disasters, and Security: Integrating GIS into Emergency Services

Paper Florida's Coastal LiDAR Data Collection

Integrating Survey and GIS

Paper NGS Support for Real-Time GNSS Networks

Paper Introduction of ArcGIS in a Municipality

Integrating Survey Data and GIS

Paper Land Information Exchange Network (LandNet): Transforming Land Information Sharing to Support an Integrated Government Vision

Paper Utilizing GIS in Support of Control Surveying


Paper Integrated ArcIMS Application with Flash and Cell Phone for School Safety

Paper Developing Web Services Using ArcGIS Server Advanced

Paper Interactive GIS-Web Solution in Local Government Organization

Integration and Improved Decision Making

Paper Geospatial Planning for Wild Bill's Wildlife Tours

Paper Leveraging Microsoft Access and Geodatabase for UXO Collection

Integration of Business Processes with GIS

Paper Comparing Risky Activities on a Geological Base: A Controlling Method

Paper Streamlining Real Estate Services with Custom Development in ArcGIS Desktop

Interpreting Archaeological Spaces with GIS

Paper Exploring Social Dynamics at the Ancient Site of Copan, Honduras

Paper Rethinking Archaeological Practice and Representations of Space and Time

Paper A Travel Network for Prehistoric Land and Water Navigation


Keynote Session: Species-Based Conservation Tools

Paper Studying and Preserving Orangutans and Rainforest Using GIS

Paper Point Spatial Analysis of the Endangered American Burying Beetle: Texas


Land Management Issues, Landslides, and BLM/NILS Cadastral Survey Demo

Paper Utilizing NILS for Federal Mineral Leasing and Exploration

Paper GIS-Based Landslide Hazard Analysis Gurpinar Area in Istanbul

Paper GIS Analyses of the Landslides in 2004, Mid Niigata

Land-Cover Mapping in National Parks

Paper BioGeo's Sampling Tool for GIS

Paper GIS Inventory, Surface Analysis, and Web GIS for Desert Garden

Land-Use Modeling

Paper Simulating Future Forest Fragmentation in Northeastern United States

Paper A Plan for Sustainable Development, Using Geospatial Prediction Models

Leveraging Statistical Methods with GIS in Health

Paper Geographic Weighted Regression Using ArcGIS

Paper Using ArcGIS/SaTScan to Detect Higher than Expected Cancer Incidence

Paper Public Health Services Assessments Using ArcView and MATLAB

Linear Referencing and Dynamic Segmentation in Transportation GIS

Paper Integrating Applications and Databases with NCDOT Linear Referencing System

Paper NCDOT Highway Milemarker Inventory and Integration with LRS

Paper Dynamic Segmentation as a Tool for Transport-Related Data Management


Managing a Local Government GIS I

Paper Implementing an Enterprise GIS in the City of Cleveland, Ohio

Paper Experiences of a First Time GIS Manager

Managing a Local Government GIS II

Paper Primary Components of Bexar County (Texas) Enterprise GIS (eGIS)

Paper New Town, New Data, and the GIS Solution

Managing a Local Government GIS III

Paper Low-Cost Startup GIS for Cities

Paper Feasibility Study for Using Impact Fees as a Revenue Source

Managing a Local Government GIS IV

Paper Developing ArcGIS Server Enterprise Applications in Greeley, Colorado

Paper Vegas Ace-in-the-Hole Strategies to Ensure Neighborhood Performance Measures Pay Off

Managing Park and Preserve Assets Using Spatial Analysis

Paper Southeast Partnership for Land and Water Protection

Paper Bellevue's Landscape Inventory for Parks and Streetscapes

Paper Spatial Analysis of National Forest Visitors Based on ZIP Code

Managing Your Capital Improvement Projects with GIS

Paper Capital Project Tracking: A GIS Solution

Paper Applied GIS: Reducing Capital Improvement Costs

Map and Data Production

Paper Production of Topographic Maps Using ArcGIS 9.1

Paper Partnering in High Resolution Terrain Data Production: Semi-automated Solutions

Mapping the Ocean

Paper Geospatial Observations of Coastal Change in Northwestern Alaska

Paper Digital Coast: Legislative Atlas—Know Where the Law Applies

Paper LIDAR and GIS in Coastal Applications in Colombia

Marine Data Model

Paper Tracking the Great Whales: An Arc Marine Case Study

Paper Using GIS to Support Oceanographic Data Management and Visualization

Paper GeoFish: Integration of Fisheries Models with GIS

Marine Ecosystem-Based Management

Paper Moving Marine Ecosystem-Based Management Forward

Paper The Coastal-Marine Manager's Toolkit for Ecosystem-Based Management

Paper An Ecological Characterization of the Gulf of Maine Region

Marine GIS Management Tools

Paper Marine Geospatial Ecology Tools

Paper Building Tsunami Analysis Tools into a GIS Workspace

Metadata Standards and How to Comply with Them

Paper Establishing and Implementing a Metadata Policy for Your Organization

Paper North American Profile of ISO 19115: Capabilities and Content

Meteorology and Oceanography Applications of GIS

Paper Using GIS in Preparing Combat Climatological Products and Services

Paper Geospatial Tactical Decision Aids

Methods toward Sustainable Natural Resource Management

Paper Kenya: Using GIS to Connect Ecosystem Services and Human Well-Being

Paper Participatory Mapping for the Grenadines Marine Space-use Information System (MarSIS)

Paper Environmental Trends Analysis: Tools for Poverty Alleviation

Mine Site and Geoscience, Ground Model Determination

Paper Automated Groundwater Hydrograph Mapping to Locate Geologic Faults

Paper 3D GIS for Subsurface Analysis

Mission Planning Applications

Paper Enhancing ArcGIS Analysis: Satellites, Sensors & Communication Systems

Mission-Critical Data for First Responders

Paper "To GIS or Not ... That Is the Question"

Paper Creating a GIS for an Emergency Operations Centre

Paper The Importance of Esri for 9-1-1

Mission-Critical Thinking for Planning and Response

Paper Connecticut Implements a Homeland Security and Emergency Management GIS System

Mobile and Field Data in GIS

Paper Applied Mobile GIS for Investigation of Arizona Surface Water Rights

Paper CGrAS Graffiti Abatement System Utilizing GIS and Digital Cameras

Paper Integrating ArcGIS Server and Mobile ADF for Land Record Distribution

Mobile GIS Applications

Paper Deploying ArcGIS Engine to the Mobile Workforce

Paper The Leap from "Paper & Pencil" to Mobile GIS

Modeling and Analysis for Utilities

Paper Electric Systems Planning

Paper Geostatistical Study for Fraud and Energy Losses in Electric Utilities

Modeling Applications

Paper GIS-Based Modeling of Odor Dispersion from Biosolids Reuse Sites

Paper Satellite-Based Solar Energy Mapping Using GIS

Paper Using 3D GIS Animations to Conduct and Convey Scientific Research

Modeling Techniques

Paper Developing a Lacunarity Analysis Extension for ArcGIS

Paper Using Plot vs. GIS-Derived Environmental Variables to Evaluate Bird Habitat

Paper Linking LP Models with Spatially-Explicit Models for Forest Planning

Monitoring/Protection of Species and Habitat

Paper Using GIS for Environmental Compliance of Hydro-electric Facility Licensing

Paper Sensitive Species Analysis and Cartography

Paper Spatial Relationships between Gray Whales and Humans


National and Regional Sustainability

Paper Collective Titles of Ownership to Afro-Colombian Communities

Paper Elaborating the Lebialem Integrated Development Planning Using Spatial Information Sciences

Paper Lines in the Sand: Sustainable Development in Iraq

Native GIS Applications I

Paper Coeur d'Alene Tribe Geographic Information System

Paper Applications of GIS within Native and First Nations Communities Tribal Integrated Geographical Information System (IGIS)

Native GIS Applications II

Paper Enhancing the Fire Dynamics Simulator for Modeling Wildland Urban Interface Fires

Paper GIS in Land Use Planning on the Navajo Nation

Natural Disaster Mitigation Strategy and Plan Development

Paper All-Hazard Planning and Mitigation Using GIS

Paper Using GIS and FEMA's HAZUS-MH Program to Measure Losses Avoided

Navy Installations and Environment Applications

Paper Integrated GIS for Base Public Works

Paper Integrating GIS into Move and Workspace Management

Paper Integration of GIS into Navy NERMS

NGA Support to Homeland Security

Paper Modeling Critical Infrastructure to Assess Domestic Vulnerability

NHD Add-ons and Applications

Paper National Hydrography Dataset Add-ons and Applications


Online Government Services with GIS

Paper Creating a Multi-user Data Editing Environment with ArcGIS Server

Optimize Production of Agricultural Crops and Rice Cultivation Management

Paper Web GIS Solution for Rice Cultivation Management in Taiwan

Optimizing Planning and Workflow

Paper Value of GIS (Education) in Urban & Regional Planning

Paper GIS as a Planning Support System for Effective Growth Management

Paper GIS ROI at Washington County, MN: Looking Back and Forward




Parcel/Cadastral Data Management

Paper Integrating Legal Data with New Zealand Post's Postal Address Database

Paper Modeling Parcels in Oxford County: From Librarian to the Geodatabase

Paper The Tools Needed to Build High Quality GIS Data

Petroleum Exploration

Paper Oil and Gas Leasing Using GIS and NILS GeoCommunicator

Paper Strategic Planning & Integration Tool for Exploration Data

Paper Effective Use of ArcGIS for Petroleum Exploration and Production

Pipeline Data Management and Visualization

Paper Data Management: The Root of Successful, Long-Term Pipeline Integrity Management

Paper GeoImmersive Video: Plan to See It All

Paper Out of the Box Pipeline Data Alignment (Almost)

Pipeline Modeling and Routing

Paper GIS Based Pipeline Route Selection by ArcGIS in Turkey

Paper Integrating GIS with Pipeline Simulation Software

Pipeline Risk, Integrity, and Compliance

Paper Collecting and Managing Pipeline Information for Compliance and System Integrity

Paper Colonial Pipeline Company—Managing Operational Risk

Pollution Modeling/Site Remediation

Paper Using ArcGIS in Environmental Monitoring at Idaho National Laboratory

Paper A Forensic Look at Groundwater Arsenic Contamination in Bangladesh

Paper Cs-137 Contamination on a Nuclear Decommissioning Site

Pre- and Postemergency GIS

Paper Bring Them Back Home

Paper GIS: When Lives Are on the Line

Paper Mapping Wind Exposure for Building Permits

Precipitation Analyses for Water Resources

Paper Spatial Interpolation of Rainfall Data Using ArcGIS: Comparative Study

Paper Extreme Precipitation Analysis Tool (EPAT)

Production Toolsets for National and International Databases

Paper Digital Cartography Project in the Survey of Israel

Paper EuroRegionalMap/EuroGlobalMap: A Technical Challenge Building European Spatial Reference Data

Paper Ordnance Survey: Bringing the 1:250,000 Map into the 21st Century

Promoting and Producing Metadata in Your Organization

Paper Metadata for Geoscientists

Paper Making the Business Case for Metadata

Providing the Common Operating Picture

Paper Providing Firefighters Mobile Access to Mission-Critical Information

Paper GIS for First Responders


Quality Management and GIS Tools

Paper Geospatial Statistical Quality Management: Integration of MIL-STD-1916 and ISO 19114:2003

Paper Using Statistics to Manage GIS Growth in a State Agency

Paper An Enterprise GIS Application for Mapping Production Management Support


Radio Frequency and Communication Analysis

Paper RF Analysis in Asymmetric Warfare

Paper Esri Enterprise GIS: Implementing GeoBase Communications Mission Data Set

Raster-Based Methods in Geodemographic Analysis

Paper Monitoring Small Area Growth with GIS

Paper U.S. Census Grids: Beyond Tables and Polygons

Paper Using GIS to Address Multiple Measurement Geographies

Reliability of Electric Grid

Paper Real Time Data for Electric Transmission Utility

Paper Integrating Desktop Applications for Power System Restoration Drills

Remediation and Environment Modeling

Paper Using ArcGIS to Document Land Use Controls at Contaminated Property

Paper Mapping Contamination and Land Use Restrictions

Remote-Sensing Data Fusion and Dissemination

Paper A New Perspective on Imagery: Integrating Oblique Photography

Paper Mosaic SDE Raster Layer of State-wide DOQQ in Natural Color

Paper Mapping Landscape Dynamics by Using TM/Landsat-5 and SAR/ERS-1 Data

Remote-Sensing Industry Policy and Growth

Paper NOAA Sponsored Asian Remote Sensing Research Study 2006-2016

Paper Helping Federal Users Obtain Imagery

ROI and the Case for GIS in Utilities

Paper Advanced Impervious Surface Mapping Achieves ROI for Denver's Stormwater Utility

Paper From Bond Ratings to Work Orders: GIS Integration for Utilities


Seismic Disaster Planning, Response, and Recovery

Paper An Integrated Geological Information System for Strong-Motion Evaluation

Paper Embedding GIS in Disaster Simulation

Paper Estimating Evacuation Ratio in the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake

Sensitive Land-Use Analysis

Paper New Mexico Ecoregions Level III: An Overlay Evaluation

Paper Application of the National Environmental Assessment Map in Korea

Paper Environmental Management and GIS

Sensitivity Analyses in Water Resources

Paper Effects of DEM Resolution and Source on Soil Erosion Modelling

Paper Comparison of Kriging Methods for Wells in Tampa Bay, Florida

Paper Sensitivity of LIDAR Terrain Characteristics

Service Area Analysis for Hospitals

Paper GIS and Trauma Center Siting

Paper Drive-Time Analysis of West Virginia Hospitals Using Network Analyst

Paper Spatial Attraction: Visualization and Analysis of Flow Data

Service-Oriented Architecture Implementation

Paper SOA: Delivering U.S. EPA Enterprise Datasets as Feature Services

Paper Increasing Interoperability and Reducing Geospatial Application Development Effort at NBII

Paper The U.S. EPA's Geodata Gateway: Integrating Geodata into the IT Infrastructure


Paper Management and Sharing Information System of Chinese Land Resources

Paper Using ArcGIS Server and Web Services for Climate-Poverty Analysis

Paper Delivering Weather Products Based on a Spatial Data Infrastructure

Session GIS for Critical Conservation Areas

Paper Priority Areas Identification for Conservation Actions in the South of Ecuador

Spatial Analysis and Business

Paper Development of Fuzzy SQL Inside ArcGIS Business Analyst

Paper Identification of Economic Clusters Using ArcGIS Spatial Statistics

Paper A Location-Allocation Model for Retail Distribution Strategy

Spatial Data Infrastructure

Paper Geo-enabling DoD Business Transformation: Defense Installation Spatial Data Infrastructure

Paper DISDI Implementation: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Paper Spatial Data Standard for Facilities, Infrastructure, and Environment (SDSFIE)

Stewardship of NHD

Paper Stewardship of the National Hydrography Dataset

Stream Network Determination and Characterization

Paper North Carolina Stream Mapping Project

Paper Creation of the Franklin County, Ohio, Ultra-High Resolution Hydrography Geodatabase

Paper Automating Stream Selection: Global Map Hydro from NHD

Paper Creating the Saskatchewan Canada Stream Network

Streamlining Database-Driven Map Production

Paper A Prototype Production Model for Implementing Cartographic Representations with ArcGIS 9.2 Desktop

Paper Multi-scale Display Functions with ArcObjects

Paper The Geological/Geotechnical GIS of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Italy

Studying Access to Educational Services

Paper A Center for Technology-Based Decision-Making

Paper Development of a Spatial Accessibility Model Applied to Education

Sustainable Development and Conservation Analysis

Paper Geospatial Technology Application for Tugi Village Land Use Planning Concept


Temporal GIS Database Development

Paper Detection of Urban Expansion Using Spatio-temporal Databases

The Built Environment and Obesity

Paper GPS and Physical Activity Monitors: Integrated Tools for Healthy Communities

Paper NYC Parks and Childhood Overweight: An Examination of Proximity and Quality

Paper Perceived vs. Objective Measures of Recreational Facilities

The Columbia Regional Geospatial Service Center

Paper The Columbia Regional Geospatial Service Center

The National Map Project and the Need for GIS for Another Nation

Paper Geo-spatial Infrastructure in the Ukraine and Other Post-Soviet States

Paper CIRGIS Data View: How a GIS Collaborative Publishes Regional Data

Paper Putting New Jersey on The National Map

Tracking Crime and Criminals with GIS

Paper Crime and Neighborhood Characteristics

Paper GIS Assists to Enforce New Sex Offender Law

Transit Route Planning with GIS

Paper Use of Census Datasets in Spatial Analysis for Transit Planning

Paper Employing the Network Analyst Extension

Transportation GIS for Cities and Counties

Paper Creating a GIS-Based Multi-discipline Centerline and LRS

Transportation of Hazardous Materials, Transportation Network Analysis, and Multiobjective Software for Land Use

Paper LUSNSGM: Software to Solve Land Use Multiobjective Multicriteria Problem

Paper Assessment of Chemical Risk and Transportation Routes of Hazardous Materials

Paper Intermodal Transportation Network Custom Evaluators for Environmental Policy Analysis


Understanding Our Urban Society with GIS

Paper Metropolitan Philadelphia Indicators Project: A Web-Based Regional Indicators Application

Paper Finding and Envisioning Sustainable Urban Development Neighborhoods

Paper Web-Based GIS to Explore Media Influence and Election Processes

Urban and Regional Planning: Implementing Policies

Paper How to Create a Web-Based Subdivision Development Application

Paper Aligning GIS to Developmental Objectives of a South African Municipality

Urban Planning: GIS Supports Business Processes

Paper Municipal Land Development Application System

Paper Is It a GIS? Transforming Drawings into Intelligent Maps

Using GIS for Complex Transportation Analysis

Paper Travel Time: An Empirical Method for Determining Average Network Speeds

Paper Conflating a Traffic Model Network with a Road Inventory

Paper The Role of GIS Analysis in the South Central Kent County Land Use and Transportation Study

Using GIS for Daily Applications: As-Built and Routing

Paper Utilizing GIS to Improve Waste Collection Efficiency in Cleveland, Ohio

Paper Using ArcGIS Server Data to Assist in Planimetric Update Process

Using GIS for Project Finalization and Archiving

Paper Westfield, IN, Public Works Digital As-Built Submittal Requirements

Paper GIS-Based Management Interface for Water Supply Infrastructure

Using GIS for Site Location and Protection

Paper Identifying Locations for Parks in San Diego County

Using GIS in Assessing Risk to Man-Made Water Structures

Paper Possibility of Positioning Dams to Control Flooding in Trinidad

Paper Levee Inspection and Reporting System

Paper The Multi-faceted Roles of GIS in Advancing Dam Safety

Using GIS in Emergency Command Centers

Paper GIS Support in the Incident Command Center (EOC)


Using GIS in Juvenile Delinquency Intervention Programs

Paper Lifetimes at Risk: GIS-Supported Partnership for Adolescent Violence Reduction

Paper Reducing Crime with GIS, Lee County Florida

Paper SMART Approach to Juvenile Justice: Geographically-Enabled Crime Analysis and Mapping

Using GIS in Modeling

Paper Using GIS for Water and Sewer Demand Forecasting

Paper Use of GIS in Storm Water Management

Using GIS Technology to Enhance Collaboration Between Multiple Stakeholders

Paper Public Health Distributed Geospatial Intelligence Network (PH DGInet)

Paper Supporting Arbovirus Surveillance & Risk Reduction with Integrated Application Solutions

Paper Leveraging GIS Technology in Public Health Departments

Using GIS to Aid Forestry and Wildlife Management on Nonindustrial Private Lands

Paper Proximity Modeling to Assess Priorities in the Forest Stewardship Program

Using GIS to Analyze Natural Disaster Threats

Paper Horry County, SC Prepared for Emergencies through CMMS

Paper Using the U.S. National Grid for Preparedness and Response

Paper Geospatially-Enabled Geographic Response Plans

Using GIS to Generate Climate and Weather Databases

Paper Display and Analysis of Weather Data from NCDC Using ArcGIS

Paper Supporting Gridded Model Output Statistics Forecast Guidance System

Using GIS to Help Manage Forestry-Related Activities

Paper Forest Stewardship Spatial Analysis Project: Beyond the Analysis

Using GIS to Improve Transit Service

Paper Analyzing Bus Stop Ridership at the Chicago Transit Authority

Paper Modeling Transit Accessibility Gaps for the Mobility Impaired

Using Remote-Sensing Techniques in Natural Resource Management

Paper Geomatics in Forest Working Plan Preparation in India

Paper Land-Use Change Assessment in Tugi Village, Cameroon

Paper The Guadalupe Island Cypress Forest: On the Recovery Track

Using Spatial Data for an Effective Response

Paper Moving to a Spatial Computer Dispatch (CAD)

Paper Geocoding Large Datasets Using an Address Lookup Table

Paper Graffiti Crime Analysis and Program Development

Utility Project Management Challenges

Paper Electrified

Paper Overcoming Difficulties in Building Your Electric Geometric Network

Utilizing GIS Spatial Analysis in Resource Planning

Paper Identifying Critical Locations in an Urban Environment Using ArcGIS

Paper Information Pipeline: A Geodatabase Approach to Effective Pipeline Management


Visualization and Simulation with GIS

Paper 3D Cartographic Animation: Visualizing Disaster on the Columbia River

Paper Very Detailed Forest Depictions in Virtual Environments Using ArcGIS

Paper 2D-3D Hybrid Data Modeling for Fire Evacuation Simulation

Viticulture, Geospatial Analysis of Environment, and Vineyard Management

Paper Physical Environmental Elements of Texas American Viticultural Areas (AVA)

Paper Mapping Your Vintage: GIS in Wine Country

Paper Geospatial Modeling of Wine Grape Quality Using ArcGIS


Water and Wastewater Geodatabase Design and Implementation

Paper Designing a Utilities' Geodatabase to Support Maintenance Management

Water Quality Modeling and Assessment

Paper Integrating GIS and Erosion Modeling: A Tool for Watershed Management

Paper Using GIS to Prioritize Outfalls for Stormwater Illicit Discharge Detection

Paper Innovative Techniques for Floodplain Mapping and Water Quality Analysis

Water Quality—International Flavor

Paper A GIS Model for Identifying a Variable Width Buffer

Paper Spatial Analysis of Water Quality Indicators for Source Water Protection

Water Resources Management

Paper Using ArcGIS to support a Regional Hydrologic Model

Paper SJRWMD Arc Hydro: GIS for Better Water Resources Management

Paper Real-Time Water Budgets: Operational Decision Support for South Florida

Paper Basin Management Action Plan Development in Hillsborough County, Florida

Water/Wastewater Web-Based GIS Applications

Paper GIS at Northwest Bergen County Utilities Authority

Paper Innovative Web-Based Mapping Solution Revolutionizes Water System Operations

Paper ArcGIS Server Helps Water Resources Management

Watershed and Stream Characterization

Paper Deriving Wetland Catchments from Bare-Ground LIDAR


Paper Extending the Capabilities of Denver's Intranet Web Site

Paper The Web-Based National Guard Industrial Hygiene Information System (NGIHIS)

Paper Explore Fullerton: An ArcGIS Server Web Mapping Application

Paper Modernizing the HTML Map Viewer

Web Applications in the Defense and Intelligence Community

Paper Utilize Esri Product Suites for a Web-Based Map Solution

Paper Upgrading GIS Web Application in a Production Environment

Web-Based Coastal and Oceanic Mapping

Paper U.S./European Partnerships in Coastal Atlases and Coastal/Ocean Informatics

Paper Arctic Research Mapping Application (ARMAP)

Paper Introducing the Ocean Geo-Portal: An Educational and Data Harvesting Tool

Web-Based Solutions for Natural Resource Management

Paper ArcIMS and Customized COTS Solution for Forest Management in Ohio

Paper Moving Ahead in GIS Using the Web

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