2006 Esri International User Conference Proceedings

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Application Development
Architecture, Engineering, and Construction
Business GIS
Cadastral and Land Records
Cartography and Map Production
Census and Geodemographics
Climate, Weather and Atmosphere
Database Design, Automation, and Management
Defense and Intelligence
Disaster Management and Emergency Response
Ecology and Conservation
Electric and Gas
Environmental Management
Federal Systems Implementation
Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries Management
GIS Organization, Management and Implementation
Health and Human Services
Homeland Security/Homeland Defense
Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice
Metadata and Data Publishing
Mining and Geosciences
New Technology and System Integration
Ocean, Coastal, and Marine Resources
Parks and Natural Reserves
Petroleum and Pipeline Transmission
Remote Sensing Imagery
Spatial Data Infrastructure
State and Local Government
Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Affairs
System Implementation for GIS
Telecommunications & Location-Based Services
Water Resources
Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater


Paper Applying GIS to Involve Public Opinion for Sustainable Rural Development

Paper Customizing ArcIMS for Agriculture Georeferenced Information System

Paper European Terroir

Paper Geoinformatics for Oil Palm Plantation Management

Paper GIS Decision Support System for Planned Expansion of Animal Enterprises

Paper Improving Integration of Biodiversity in Agricultural Incentive Programs

Paper Modeling the Florida Commercial Citrus Grove Infrastructure within a GIS

Paper On-Site verification of slope shape: Spatial Analyst Curvature Function

Paper Optimizing Sweet Potato Profitability Using GIS

Paper Vermont's Nutrient Management Planning Tool

Application Developemnt

Paper Alternatives to Conventional Stored Queries in the ArcIMS HTML Viewer

Paper ArcGIS Server Provides a Scalable Enterprise Wastewater Utility GIS

Paper Creating Custom Map Legends Using ActiveX and Visual Basic

Paper Creating Stand-Alone Spatially Enabled Python Applications Using the ArcGIS Geoprocessor

Paper Customized Solutions for Enterprise GIS Using ArcGIS Engine

Paper Customizing and Integrating Mobile GIS

Paper DALIS Web—Using .NET Technology in ArcIMS Application Development

Paper Delivering Spatial Analysis with ArcGIS Server

Paper Discussion: ArcGIS Server Application Development and System Architecture

Paper Integrating OGC Catalog Search and Searched OGC Layers into ArcIMS HTML Viewer

Paper Leveraging Standardized Browser Technologies to Enhance Server Mapping Systems

Paper Managing Enterprise Esri Software Licenses—An ArcObjects Solution

Paper MoDOT Transportation Management System (TMS) Viewer Desktop and Web Applications

Paper Secure Deployment of Water System Data with ArcGIS Engine

Paper Spatially Extending a Regulatory Compliance Management System Using ArcGIS Engine

Paper Taking Custom Esri Mobile GIS Solutions to the Skies

Paper Web-Based GIS Engineering Plan Archive System Utilizing Linear Referencing System


Paper 3D Visualization and Cost-Path Analysis of Archaeological Hopi Villages

Paper Adventure Mapping

Paper Archaeological Geodatabase Design for Locating 18th Century Roads through Texas

Paper Archaeological Mapping at Hierakonpolis

Paper Architectural Reconstruction of Tebtunis, Egypt, Using Photogrammetry and GIS

Paper Implementing the TRU Method for GIS

Paper Locational Analysis of Paleoindian and Archaic Sites in South Florida

Paper Photogrammetry, GIS and Geophysics Integration for Archaeological Documentation

Paper Preliminary Study of the Predictive Modeling in Archaeological Site

Paper Texas Historic Overlay, 300 Years of Spatially Enabled Historic Maps

Paper Traditional Knowledge and the Internet Building a Web-Enabled Mapping System

Paper Using ArcGIS Server at Utah State Historic Preservation Office

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Paper 3-D model development case study at Troy University

Paper Applications in Civil Engineering

Paper Architectural Drawing for a Geospatial Environment

Paper An Enterprise-Wide Model for Managing Facility Assets

Paper Kyoto Virtual Time-Space

Paper Landscape Architecture, Geodatabases and Hydrologic Models in Design

Paper Understanding Threatrened Urban View Corridors with LIDAR Data

Business GIS

Paper Bank Agency's Customers Density in PDF Format

Paper Benefits of ArcWeb Services for Swiss Reinsurance Company

Paper Developing a GIS for Kars Sarikamis Winter Tourism Center

Paper Developing Market Intelligence in Very High Growth Areas

Paper Development of Web-SDSS for Business Location Choice in Taipei

Paper Geographical Underwriting—Risk Management within Munich Reinsurance Company

Paper GeoInsurance: Integrating Addressing, Geocoding, Perils and Accumulation Solutions

Paper GIS for Comprehensive taxation Solutions

Paper Higher and Better Use Analysis to Optimize Land Dispositions

Paper MarketScape: Using Membership Functions to Aid Farmer Direct Marketing

Paper Online Marketing Your GIS Data, Products or Services

Paper The Wilma Theater: Mapping Patronage for Future Successes

Cadastral and Land Records

Paper Abuja Geographic Information Systems as Innovative Technology for Land Administration

Paper Accessing Maryland Cadastral Data Using Esri Mapping Components

Paper Automation of Cadastral Data in San Bernardino County

Paper City of Roseville GIS-Automated Parcel and Centerline Maintenance

Paper The Development of a Master Address Repository for Washington, DC

Paper DGN to ArcSDE and Back Again

Paper Efficient Manageability of Cadastral Parcels Transaction Records

Paper Geodatabase Conversion—Challenges, Pitfalls, and Successes

Paper Implementing Publication Guidelines for a Standard Representation of PLSS Fabric

Paper Increasing Statewide Tax Revenues through Web-Based Esri Document Management Integration

Paper Moving Toward a more Accurate Parcel Base

Paper Panama Canal Authority Uses LiDAR/Esri Technology for Cadastral Surveying

Paper Parcel Data Model and Geodatabase Design for Pakistan Land Records System

Paper Response Surfaces in NCSS Modeling Using Esri's ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst

Paper Sifting Through and Converting Inconsistent Planimetric and Topographic CAD Drawings

Paper Strategies to Develop a Regional GIS Basemap Program

Paper Using the National Integrated Land System for Effective Land Management

Paper Visualizing and Managing Field Inspection Activity in Pasadena

Cartography and Map Production

Paper 2006 Census: Producing More Than 100,000 Unique Maps

Paper ArcGIS Automation Using Visual Basic 6

Paper Building Cartographic Products for the Western Oregon Plan Revision

Paper Label Conflict Detection on Complex Mapping Projects

Paper Map and MXD Document Management "on the Cheap"

Paper Modernizing McHarg: New Tools and Methods for Overlay Analysis

Paper The National Map of Texas

Paper Objects Generalization Using DEM

Paper Scale-Dependent Rendering with Knowledge Base

Paper Taking GIS Data and Maps to Design and Publishing

Paper Using ArcMap to generate dynamic SVG images

Census and Geodemographics

Paper Bus Route Changes Impact on the Poor and Elderly

Paper Lumbee Exodus: Lumbee Indian Migration and Udentity

Paper Mapping Media Influence on the Electoral Process in Peru

Paper Modeling of Foreign Direct Investment's Contribution to Regional Development

Paper The National Historical Geographic Information System

Paper Relating School Desegregation to Housing Integration in Two Urban Centers

Paper Uncertainty, Misinterpretation and Misuse of Geodemographics

Paper U.S. Census Bureau Geographic Partnership Programs

Paper Using GIS to Identify Neighborhoods with Special Characteristics

Climate, Weather and Atmosphere

Paper An Analysis of the Heat Island Phenomenon Using ArcGIS 9

Paper Exploring Local "Tornado Alleys" for Predictive Environmental Parameters

Paper Geoprocessing Hydrometeorological Datasets to Assess National Weather Service (NWS) Forecasts

Paper Simulation of Storm Surge Flooding

Paper Study of Cloud Modification for Artificial Rainfall by GIS

Paper The Use of Grid System within National Weather Service

Paper Using GIS to Analyze National Weather Service Warnings

Database Design, Automation, and Management

Paper ArcGIS Tool for BFE Placement after Vertical Datum Conversion

Paper ArcSDE Database Administration: Configuration, Storage, Tuning, Monitoring, Management, and Maintenance

Paper Asset Management—Data Collection Technique Comparisons

Paper City of Las Vegas Geodatabase Design—Implementing an Enterprise Solution

Paper Detection of Urban Expansion by Using Spatiotemporal Databases

Paper Digital Coast: Legislative Atlas for the Gulf of Mexico

Paper Expanding Access to Large Geospatial Repositories: Harvard's Center for Geographic Analysis

Paper From Coverage to Geodatabase—Moving Toward an Enterprise GIS

Paper Geodatabase Design Enhancements for the North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program

Paper GIS Challenges Exposed by FEMA Appeals Period

Paper GIS Layer Maintenance in a Complex Environment

Paper Global Cartographic Seamless Database Development

Paper Implementing the SDSFIE Release 2.50 with Geodatabases

Paper Life Cycle of a Topographic LiDAR Project Supporting FEMA Map Modernization

Paper Managing Spatial Data for Effective Support of Business Processes

Paper Porting SDE Databases on Microsoft SQL Server

Paper Stir It Up—Achieving GIS Interoperability

Paper Using ArcIMS to Link both Spatial and Nonspatial Data

Paper Using Custom Editor Tools to Maintain Complex Databases

Defense and Intelligence

Paper An Application of ArcObjects for Tracking and Warning Dismounted Soldiers

Paper Army Use of GeoPDF for Demand-Based Replication and Dissemination

Paper Battlefield Intelligence Visualization Using C/JMTK

Paper C/JMTK Enhanced Visualization Capability

Paper C/JMTK Update

Paper Common Operating Picture for Support Enabling NetCentric Operations

Paper Creating Geodata from Unstructured Text

Paper Data Gathering with ArcPad and Data Modeling for U.S. Army

Paper Data Management System for Digital Geographic Information

Paper DGIS—Deployable GIS for NATO

Paper Digital Geospatial Information Working Group: Military Geospatial Interoperability through Standards

Paper Enhanced Predictive GIS Search Capability

Paper Enterprise Print on Demand Service (ePods)

Paper Event Probability with Geographic Information Systems

Paper Eye on the Future—Building a GIS for DLA

Paper FalconView Migration to C/JMTK

Paper GIS Applications in Nuclear Nonproliferation

Paper GeoBase QA/QC Tool Standardizes CIP to Ensure Data Sharing

Paper GeoContext: Putting Geospatial Data in Context with Web Documents

Paper Geoinformation Service for the CWID 2006

Paper GIS Helping the Navy to Reduce Energy

Paper GIS Technologies in Support of the NATO Recognized Environmental Picture

Paper Homeland Infrastructure Foundation-Level Database (HIFLD) Working Group

Paper Instituting Land-Use Controls for Environmental Compliance and Planning

Paper Hurricane Vulnerability Assessment and Disaster Response in Wake County

Paper Improved Situational Awareness through GIS and RFID in Military Exercises

Paper Integrating GIS into a Collaboration Portal for Humanitarian Support

Paper IRRIS: Transportation Security and Infrastructure Management

Paper Joint Geospatial Enterprise Services—Science and Technology Program

Paper Joint Geospatial-Intelligence Activity—A Partnership between JFCOM and NGA

Paper Mapping in Support of NATO's Rapid Response Force (NRF) Operations

Paper Mapping the Human Terrain: GIS in Support of Cultural Intelligence

Paper Marine Corps Intelligence Activity—Geospatial Web and Dissemination Initiatives

Paper Modeling Boundaries and Terrain for Improved Border Managment

Paper NATO HeadQuarters—Situation Center GIS experience

Paper NATO's Current and Future Geospatial Intelligence Superiority

Paper Naval Installation Restoration Information Solution

Paper PACAF GeoBase Mapping Framework: Power to the People

Paper Palanterra—Web-Based eGEOINT at NGA

Paper Performance Measurements and Web Services for the U.S. Army's BCCS

Paper Prototyping a Standardized Geologic Database

Paper Putting GIS-Imagery Tools into the Hands of Relief Workers

Paper Service-Oriented Visualization Using C/JMTK

Paper Situational Awareness in Iraq derived from Probability of Detection

Paper Special Security Events: Broadening Community Partnerships

Paper Supporting Modeling and Simulation Interoperability Standards within ArcGIS

Paper Transforming Aeronautical NAV/PLAN Charts: Enterprise Product on Demand Service

Paper The UAV Geodynamic Layer for Joint Intelligence Operations

Paper USAF Communications CIPS Visualization Component

Paper USAF Mission Data Layers/Sets Enabling Integration and Stewardship

Paper Using ArcGIS to Create Semantic Information for Modeling and Simulation

Paper Using GIS to Recover Missing U.S. Service Members in Asia

Paper USMC Enterprise GIS—MCB Hawaii Implementation

Paper Web-Based EGIS for the Albuquerque-District of the Corps of Engineers

Paper WMS: A Mutually Beneficial Mechanism for Sharing Data

Disaster Management and Emergency Response

Paper Application of Shortest Path and Allocation Analysis For Flood Prevention

Paper Applying GIS to Track Assets for NOAA's Incident Coordination Center

Paper City of Fort Worth Emergency Management & GIS Integration

Paper Collaborative Disaster Response: Mapping Flood Levels in New Orleans

Paper The Critical Ingredient, Data Availability for Emergency Management

Paper Developing a Geospatial Support Task Force (GSTF) System

Paper Disaster Management Modeling and Visualization at the Department of Energy

Paper Emergency Response to a Nuclear Waste Shipment Accident, Inyo County

Paper The Extracting Areas of Hazardous-Slope Unified Various Factors by ArcGIS

Paper Geospatial Predictive Modeling and Critical Infrastructure

Paper The Geospatial Response in Gulfport, Mississippi, to Hurricane Katrina

Paper Geovisualization as Support of Decision in Crisis Situation

Paper GISCorps at Hurricane Katrina—The Fantasy of High Technology

Paper GISCorps—Guerilla Mapping for Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort

Paper GIS Support for Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi's Emergency Operations Center

Paper Gulf of Mexico Data Information Management System (Hurricane Katrina Activities)

Paper Hancock County EOC Support: Mapping the Hardest-Hit County Post-Katrina

Paper Hasmat Geodatabase and Plume Model for the City of Redlands

Paper Hazards Data Framework Supporting Asia-Pacific Data Sharing Network

Paper Implementing a GIS at Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs

Paper Implementing enterprise level, dynamic reference grid for hurricane Katrina response

Paper Katrina Flood and Contamination Mapping

Paper Make It Blue

Paper Natural Disaster Personnel Tracking Tool

Paper Online Visualization of Potentially Flooded Areas Ising Esri Image Server

Paper Pre- and Post-Disaster Data Collection in North Carolina

Paper Preparation for GIS Field Support for Disaster Management

Paper Providing Centralized Real-Time Data for Emergency Operations Center Coordination

Paper Rapid Deployment of EPA Enterprise Geospatial Data Warehouse in Katrina Aftermath

Paper A Shining Star in the Katrina Disaster: LIDAR

Paper SisMap: A Real-Time Tool for Earthquake Monitoring

Paper Tracking Displaced Populations of Hurricane Katrina from Evacuation through Repatriation

Paper Tsunami Impact and Recovery Modeling in the Indian Ocean Region

Paper Use of RS/GIS Techniques in Postearthquake Damage Assessment/Reconstruction, Pakistan

Paper U.S. Geological Survey's Hurricane Katrina Unified Search and Rescue Operations

Paper Using ArcGIS "On-the-Fly" for Coastal Disaster Response Following Hurricane Katrina

Paper Using Geospatial Technology to Process 911 Calls after Hurricane Katrina

Paper Utility of GIS in Search and Rescue Operations

Paper Water Quality Issues in New Orleans during Katrina Recovery

Ecology and Conservation

Paper 3rd Generation, Statewide, Detailed Land Use/Cover for New Jersey

Paper Addressing the Challenges of Identifying, Defining and Mapping Natural Infrastructure

Paper Advanced Use of GIS for Wetlands Mapping in Northern France

Paper An Approach to Regional Habitat Connectivity—Fragmentation Analysis and Reporting

Paper Characterizing Nursery Habitats in Selected Texas Estuaries

Paper A Conservation Plan for the Columbia Land Trust

Paper Database Design for the Raven Management Project, Mojave Desert, California


Paper Ecological Change in the Tulare Basin of California

Paper An Ecological Evaluation Model for Alachua County, Florida

Paper Environmental Protection in Brazil: Where the Truth Lies

Paper Evaluating Conservation Practices and Land Use on Maryland's Eastern Shore

Paper Geodatabase of California Plant Distributions

Paper Georgikon Map-Server: Seed for a Watershed Information System

Paper GIS and Decision Making for Smaller Organizations

Paper GIS and Land Preservation: Development of a Strategic Plan

Paper GIS Application for Biotope Evaluation of Bird Community-Vegetation Cover Relationship

Paper GIS in Disaster Recovery for the Historic Preservation of Trees

Paper Hierarchical Typology of North Pacific Rivers and Wild Salmon Conservation

Paper Importing the past: historical geography on the Coeur d'Alene Reservation

Paper The Influence of Topography on Habitat Area Estimates

Paper Mangroves Species Management in Cameroon

Paper Mapping the Cheoah River, North Carolina

Paper Mapping the Historical Distribution of Wetlands in Southern California

Paper Modeling Karner Blue Butterfly Habitat in Wisconsin

Paper Modeling Karst Recharge Vulnerability in the Ozark Ecoregion

Paper Modeling the Recovery of Forest Ecosystems to Natural Conditions

Paper Modeling the South American Range of the Cerulean Warbler

Paper Northern Prairie Wetlands and Climate Change

Paper Our Place in the World: The Citizen Potawatomi Nation

Paper A Practical Method for Calculating Lake Volume Over Time: Using GPS to measure water availability in small lakes inhabited by the Mountain yellow-legged frog (Rana muscosa) in Kings Canyon National Park, California

Paper A Quick Assessment Tool for Wildlife Monitoring on Community Rangelands

Paper Regional Energy Potentials: Spatial Optimization of Renewable Resources

Paper Riparian Assessment for TMDL

Paper Riparian Land Cover Inventory for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Paper SmartConservation: Integrating Prioritization Models, Decision Support, and Ecological Green Infrastructure Tools

Paper Spatial Tools for Ailinginae Atoll Marine Conservation and Biodiversity Mapping

Paper Temporal variation in Depth Distribution of Coastal Submerged Vegetation

Paper Tot Lots to National Parks: The New Generation of Protected Lands Data for CA

Paper Using GIS to Map Invasive Aquatic Plants in Connecticut Lakes

Paper Vernal Pool Habitat Assessment at the Agate Desert, Oregon

Paper Wetland Drying and Succession across Kenai Peninsula Lowlands, Southcentral Alaska


Paper Applying ArcGIS Server to Educational Administration

Paper Bringing Geographic Information Systems Technology to the Classroom

Paper Building the Technology Pipeline from Education to Industry

Paper ConSIG—Using GIS in teaching/learning processes

Paper Creating a Satisfying Partnership: 4-H Youth and GIS Professional Community!

Paper Developing Watershed Environment Analysis System Using Arc Hydro

Paper Disease Ecology and Global Change Research for Science Education

Paper GIS Data Access and Technical Support at Princeton University

Paper How to Create an Outstanding GIS Day Event!

Paper Introducing the GI S&T Body of Knowledge 2006

Paper Launching a GIS for a Rapidly Expanding School System

Paper Literacy Management Information System (LitMIS)

Paper Urban Form and Temperature: Heat Island Research in Yokohama, Japan

Paper Using GIS to Map the Multilingual City

Paper Visualization and Analysis of Urban Taxi Demand Survey Data

Electric and Gas

Paper The Application of Spatial Analysis in Selecting Energy Transmission Corridors

Paper An ArcGIS Schematics Application for an Electric Utility

Paper Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Driven GIS—An Alternative Approach

Paper GIS Applications for Wind Farm Development, Siting, and Permitting

Paper Innovative Tools for Data Reconciliation/Production Use

Paper Integrating GIS into a Pole Replacement Workflow System

Paper Lessons Learned in Building an Overhead Primary and Secondary Network

Paper Migrating Germany's Third Largest Energy Company

Paper Navajo Wind Energy Development Exclusions: An Analysis of Land Suitable for Wind Energy Development on the Navajo Nation

Paper QA/QC: Assuring Quality and Control with a Checklist

Paper Using Geocoding to Improve Data Quality

Paper Using GIS to Help Manage a National Energy Program

Paper Utilizing Videography and GIS for Right of Way Issue Identification


Paper Arizona FIRE MAP, a Statewide Collaboration of Forest Fuels Treatments

Paper Calgary Fire Department's (CFD) Locational Analysis of Needle Boxes

Paper Calgary Fire Department's Steps to Determine Performance Measures

Paper Calgary Fire Department's Reduction of Risk Through Strategic Station Planning

Paper Dynamic Wildfire Risk Mapping: Challenges and Solutions

Paper Implementing ArcView for Firewise Community Planning: Lessons Learned

Paper Implementing optimized GIS data collection to supply an EMS (France)

Paper Los Angeles Fire Department Incident Mapping

Paper Providing First Responders Critical Real-Time GIS and AVL Information

Paper San Diego Fire/EMS 911 CAD Network Routing

Paper Tips and Tricks on Using ArcGIS for Prefire Planning

Paper Using ArcGIS to Quantify Wildfire Risk in the Southern United States

Paper Using Expert Knowledge and ArcGIS to Improve 911 Response Systems

Paper Using ArcObjects for Automating Fireshed Assessments and Analyzing Wildfire Risk

Paper Wild West Hi-Tech-WUI Mapping in Rural Utah

Environmental Management

Paper Challenges and Difficulties in Environment Preservation in the BAMPETRO Project

Paper DEAL and the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Project Web GIS

Paper Developing an Undergound Storage Tank Inspection Prioritization tool Using GIS

Paper Effects of Urbanization on Wetland Spatial Distribution in New Hampshire

Paper A Geospatial Framework for Hydrodynamic Modeling of a Coastal Estuary

Paper Geostatistics Comparison Study at the Idaho National Laboratory

Paper GIS-Based Decision Support System Prototype for Former Semipalatinsk Test Site

Paper Integrating Forest G&Y Models with ArcGIS for Ecosystem Management

Paper Land-Cover Change Detection of DMZ and Vicinity in Korea

Paper Linking Chemical Information with Geodatabase Features via Web Services

Paper Managing Spatial Data Quality in the Portuguese National Ecological Reserve

Paper Managing Vegetation Disturbance in a 40-Year Old Oil Field

Paper Real-Time Spatial Data Creation and Online Mapping

Paper SDI Development for Support of Sediment TMDL Implementation

Paper Smart techniques for a low-budget, high-performance wildfire GIS

Paper Some 'Assimilation' Required: Former Fort Ord's Data Integration System (FODIS)

Paper Spatial Analysis of Ranches for Pasture Land in South Texas

Paper Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Environmental Monitoring Response System

Paper Time Series Contaminant Interpolation Using ArcGIS Spatial Analyst

Paper Utilization of Rural Resource information to Maintain Sustainable Rural Development

Paper Vegetation or Economics: Which Is More important?

Paper The Wildland/Urban Interface: Cheatgrass and Fuel Breaks

Federal Systems Implementation

Paper ArcGIS Software Deployment Using External Hard Drives

Paper CIDR—An Intoxicating Remote Sensing Requirements Tool with Punch

Paper Enterprise Geospatial Activities in the Bureau of Reclamation MP Region

Paper Field Collection to Natural Resource Enterprise Database

Paper Geospatially Enabling Organizational Business Missions via Enterprise Architecture

Paper NOAA's Facilities and Asset Management GIS

Paper Using ArcIMS in a Resource Management Plan

Paper Using Esri's PLTS and Customized Extension for FEMA Map Production

Paper The Western Oregon Plan Revision Infrastructure, Design, and Implementation

Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries Management

Paper Application of SWReGAP Data to Utah's Forest Stewardship Program

Paper Building a Map as a Fish Sampling and Assessment Tool

Paper Business Performance and Technology in Forestry: A Proactive Approach

Paper Designing Variable Retention Using Harvest and Retention Planner (HaRP)

Paper Enterprise Mapping of Forest Practices in Virginia Using ArcGIS Server

Paper GIS and Radio Telemetry: Tracking Rainbow Trout in Kings River

Paper GIS Data Model Design for the Korean National Forest Inventory

Paper GIS: Vital Tool for Fisheries Resource Management

Paper Identifying Effective Lynx Habitat Connectivity in Northern Utah

Paper Integrating Biodiversity into Private and Public Forest Planning and Certification

Paper Integrating Spatial and Decision Analyses to Improve Forest Management

Paper Integration of GIS, RS and Forest Inventory for Landscape Modeling

Paper Linking Salmonids to Hillslope Processes at the Watershed Scale

Paper MultiScale Analysis for Prioritizing Riparian Forest Buffer Restoration Opportunities

Paper Plots, Stands, and Prescriptions: A Forest Information Management System

Paper The Power of GIS Technology for Timber Management

Paper Predicting Changes in Grizzly Bear Habitat Quality Using Geoprocessing Scripts

Paper Spatial Regression Model of Urban Sprawl at Forest Interface

Paper Tactical Model of Supplying for a Forest Company Using GIS

Paper Using GIS to Quantify Common Raven threats

Paper Using GIS to Strategically Allocate Family Forest Assistance Programs

Paper Using ModelBuilder for Land Use Planning Documentation and Analysis

Paper Visualizing Management Responses to the Pine Beetle Epidemic in British Columbia

Paper Water Supply and Steelhead Fisheries Management, Santa Barbara, California

GIS Organization, Management and Implementation

Paper An ArcIMS Application with the Kentucky Climate Center at WKU

Paper AZSITE: Cross Agency Database Management Collaboration

Paper CityView, Bringing the Enterprise aLIVE

Paper Cleveland Water Moves Toward Enterprise GIS

Paper Defining and Communicating Geospatial Industry Workforce Needs

Paper Enterprise GIS Implementation at the Frederick County Sanitation Authority

Paper Esri Leveraged as Hub of Enterprise-Wide Information/Decision Web Portal

Paper GIS: An Effective Executive Information System

Paper Horry County Integrates ArcSDE/ArcIMS Tools for Combined Municipal Data Management

Paper Implementing a Wastewater Geodatabase Solution—the Midwest Way

Paper Implementing Enterprise GIS Portal

Paper Is It Worth It?—Migrating to the ArcSDE Geodatabase

Paper IT and GIS—A Complementary Technology Blend

Paper MAPA Assembles GIS Consortium: Sixteen Agencies Successfully Share Data

Paper Multifaceted Geographic Information Systems for Small Municipalities

Paper Nation's Tenth-Fastest Growing County Successfully Implements Enterprise GIS Using ArcSDE

Paper New Features in GITA's Geospatial Technology Report

Paper Organizing a Volunteer-Based GIS Committee for Conservation

Paper Organizing the Defense Business Mission Areas' Geospatial Asset Portfolio

Paper Overcoming Challenges of CAD Conversion to GIS

Paper Right Tool Right Job—Migration from CAD to GIS

Paper Student Interactive Campus Map at Marshall University

Paper "We Are Very SPATIAL People, But..." GIS Staffing Issues

Health and Human Services

Paper The Accuracy of Predicting Vulnerability in Sudan to Guinea Worm

Paper Environmental Pollution, Human Malignancy, and Public Policy

Paper Epidemiology of Indigent Psychiatric Hospitalizations in California

Paper From Cases to Cartography: Geocoding and Mapping Wisconsin Cancer Incidence Using Nuanced-Match Criteria

Paper From ZIP Codes to a Better Framework for Health Care Data

Paper Geographic Information Systems for Community Health Management in Tugi

Paper Geostatistical Analysis of Possible Spirochetal Involvement in Multiple Sclerosis

Paper GIS and Grief: Leveraging Technology and Theory to Heal

Paper A GIS-Based Kriging Approach for Exploring Air Pollutants and Asthma

Paper GIS in Public Health Informatics

Paper GIS Methods for Child Health and Welfare Analysis

Paper GIS Toolkit for Defining Access to Kidney Transplantation in California

Paper GIS and Vital Statistics in California

Paper Health and Safety GIS Applications: An Example in INAIL

Paper Integrated Real-Time West Nile Virus Surveillance Pilot in Canada

Paper Mapping the Landscape of Aging

Paper Metadata for Health

Paper Nebraska Strategic National Stockpile Management

Paper Neighborhood Characteristics and Child Injuries

Paper Neighborhood Characteristics and Physical Activity

Paper Preliminary Analysis of SaTScan's Effectiveness to Detect Disease Outbreaks

Paper The Road to Recovery: Substance Abuse Patterns in Maryland

Paper Spatial Analysis of Drug Overdose Deaths, New York City, 1994-2003

Paper Spatial Data Analysis of Salmonella in Dairy Farms

Paper Spatial Interpolation for Identifying Soil Contamination Area

Paper Understanding Adolescent Behavior with GIS—Case Study: Portland, Oregon

Paper Using Network Analyst and ModelBuilder to Find Closest Pharmacies

Paper Visualization and Simulation of Disease Outbreaks: Spatially-Explicit Applications Using Disease Surveiilance Data

Paper Weather Conditions and West Nile Virus in Illinois

Paper Web-Based Mapping of Vitamin A Distribution in Rural Haiti

Homeland Security/Homeland Defense

Paper Creating an Interoperable Common Operating Picture for Regional Homeland Security

Paper Distributing GIS Functionality, Data, and Services to the Coast Guard

Paper Enhanced Situational Awareness for Homeland Security

Paper The Essential Role of GIS in Response Training Exercises

Paper FPS Increases Situational Awareness through ArcGIS Server IRIS Application

Paper GIS for Emergency Response and Disaster Drills

Paper A GIS Framework for Improving the Harbor Security

Paper Isovist Analyst—An ArcView Extension for Planning Visual Surveillance

Paper A New Approach to V&V in CIP Modeling and Simulation

Paper Pacific Emergency Management, Preparedness, Response Information Network and Training Services

Paper A Spatial Approximation Method for Electrical Substation Service Area Delineation

Paper Using Mobile Government to Capture Homeland Security Related Assets

Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Paper Crime Spike Detection

Paper Enforcing Sex Offender Laws Using GIS

Paper GIS: Own Part of the Crime Triangle

Paper Lessons in Geoprofiling Selected Crime Spots within Nairobi, Kenya

Paper New GIS Products Support Crime Analysis and CompStat

Paper Probability Grid Method for Crime Analysis in ArcGIS 9

Paper Registered Sex Offender Locator Map Web Site Using ArcIMS

Paper Spatial Analysis of Crime Data-City of Montreal, Canada

Paper Spatial Data Convicts North Korean Drug Traffickers

Paper Using ArcIMS to Deploy Crime Mapping to Many Users

Paper Youth Crime, Restorative Justice, and GIS-Lee County, Florida

Metadata and Data Publishing

Paper ArcGIS Server Aides USACE with Hurricane National Coastal Databank

Paper Introducing Rhode Island's Geodata Gateway

Paper Metadata for Extraction and Sharing Data

Paper Updating ArcIMS Data Layer in a Production Environment

Paper Using Shapefile XML to Create an Online Data Catalog

Mining and Geosciences

Paper An Automated GIS Environment for Monitoring Mine Tailings Toxicants

Paper Early Landslide Prediction in Non-Alpine Areas

Paper Earthquake Ground Shaking Animation System

Paper Geology Ontario: Research-Discover-Download

Paper GIS Standards for Geotechnical Data and Lab Tests

Paper A Global Slope Dataset for Calculation of Peak-Ground Acceleration

Paper The Influence of Topographic Scale in Mass Wasting Susceptibility Modeling Applied to a Pipeline in Southeastern Brazil

Paper Modeling Flow Paths through Mine Tunnels Using Cost Path Analyses

Paper Relationship Between Mine and Geological Unit Using Data Mining Method

Paper Tanzanian Gold Mine Uses ArcView to Manage Land Compensation


Paper 3D Visualization of Terrain and Tree Canopies Using GIS

Paper Bombing Target Identification from Limited Transect Data

Paper Cost-Benefit Analysis and GIS

Paper Creating Time Series of Land-Cover Maps with ModelBuilder

Paper Creation of Human-Nature Model Based on Watershed Using GIS

Paper Evaluation of the Spatial Statistics Toolbox in ArcGIS 9.x

Paper Geodatabase for Evaluating Information from Imagery and Other Data

Paper A GIS-Enabled Simulation Framework for High-Performance Ecosystem Modeling

Paper House Rent Modeling for Khulna City

Paper Mapping Hurricane Katrina with GIS

Paper Modeling Karst-Sensitive Areas in Southwest Florida

Paper Morphology Analysis in Land Suitability Assessment

Paper National Urban Landscape Change Monitoring Land-Use Trend Analysis

Paper Simulating Theory with Agent Analyst

Paper A Spatial Analysis of the NCAA Basketball Tournament

Paper A Study of Spatial Analysis Using Space Syntax

Paper Temporal-Spatial Visualization of the University of Redlands

Paper Terrain Modeling for Recreational Trail Planning in Los Angeles County

Paper Using GIS and a Spatial Interaction Model for School Projections

Paper Using GIS to Characterize Groundwater Aquifer for San Jacinto Basin

Paper Using GIS to Identify Houston Area Business Clusters

Paper Virtual Reality Fly-Through Model for the UL Lafayette Campus

Paper Walking Across Remote Terrain...Modeling Potential Temperature-related Dangers

Paper What Is Agent Analyst?

New Technology and System Integration

Paper 3D Visualization Using an Open-Source Ontological Structure

Paper ArcGIS Server as an Information Portal for Software Integration

Paper ArcIMS and Internet Animation

Paper Building a 3D Database for the Town of Brookline, Massachusetts

Paper Building Web Sites Without Programming: A Configurable ArcIMS Framework

Paper Developing a Web-Based Mapping Service Using 20 Years of Data

Paper GIS as a Framework for Multiform Landscape Visualization

Paper Illinois Tollway Capital Improvement Program and Political Jurisdiction Application

Paper New Technologies—Common Foundations for Desktop and Web-Based Applications

Paper Representation of Change in GIS

Paper A RFID tag and ubiquitous GIS by mobile GIS ArcPad

Paper Significant WAAS Advancements in 2006

Paper Web to Mobile and Back Again: Easier Than You Think

Ocean, Coastal, and Marine Resources

Paper The Assessment of Coastal Water Quality Grade Using GIS

Paper Benthic Habitat Tracking in the Orange County Coastal Environment

Paper CBOLT: Visualizing NetCDF Model Output as Spatial Features in ArcSDE

Paper Data Integration and Access for Coral Reef Science

Paper EcoGIS—Demonstration of GIS Tools for Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management

Paper Estimation of Capelin Larval Indices Using GIS

Paper GeoModeler—Linking GIS and Oceanographic Models

Paper A GIS Interface for Mud Discharge Model

Paper Managing Waterway Navigation Channels with GIS

Paper Mapping Fish Diversity and Abundance Across Shallow Water Marine Landscapes

Paper Mapping NOAA's Marine Research in the Arctic

Paper Mapping Seagrasses and Benthic Habitat in the Texas Coastal Bend

Paper Mapping the Distribution and Habitat of Oysters in Delaware Bay

Paper Marine Protected Areas: Integrating MPA Global with the WDPA

Paper Modeling a Sea Grass Restoration Target for an Urbanized Florida Estuary

Paper PPGIS for Marine Conservation: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, Australia

Paper Software Tools for Coastal-Marine Ecosystem-Based Management

Paper Using GIS to Examine Marine Processes; Whales & El Nino

Parks and Natural Reserves

Paper Addressing Border Issues at Tanjung Puting National Park, Indonesia

Paper Archiving and Management of Geospatial Intelligence Data Powered by ArcGIS

Paper The Building of National Park Monitoring System in Korea

Paper Chimpanzee Conservation in Gombe National Park Using 60 CM QuickBird Imagery

Paper Conceptual Geospatial Modeling within the Fire Program Analysis (FPA) Project

Paper Creating a LIDAR-Derived Digital Map Atlas for Biscayne National Park

Paper A Cultural Resource Data Model for World Heritage Sites

Paper Eradicating Noxious Weeds and Obnoxious Shapefiles in Alaska Parks

Paper Escaping the Black Box, a Flexible Tool for Spatial Management

Paper Facilities Management GIS

Paper GIS for the Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail Stewardship Program

Paper GIS in the National Park Service Fire Program

Paper GIS Tools for Cemetery Management

Paper A Hybrid Approach to Land-Cover Classification

Paper Mapping the Vegetation of National Parks Using Standard Ecological Classifications

Paper Modeling Native American Sacred Sites in Rocky Mountain National Park

Paper Monitoring Orangutan Habitat at Tanjung Puting National Park, Indonesia

Paper National Park Service Efforts to Get GIS Using GIS

Paper The National Park Service Geology-GIS Geodatabase Data Model

Paper National Parks Track: GIS Enhances Restoration of Northern Assateague Island

Paper Parks Canada and NatureServe Working Together to Conserve Biodiversity

Paper Preserving a Sense of Remoteness: Viewsheds at Hovenweep National Monument

Paper Real-Time Mobile Mapping

Paper Republic of Congo Protected Areas Get on the Map

Paper Sand Mining in Tanjung Puting National Park, Indonesia

Paper Topographic LiDAR Surveys for GIS Analyses in Coastal Parks

Paper Use of GIS Applications in NPS Submerged Resources Management

Paper Using ArcScene for GIS visualization and Virgin Islands Park Outreach

Paper Using GIS to Document Cultural Resources After a Natural Disaster

Paper Using GIS to Map Resource Injuries in Biscayne National Park

Paper U.S. National Park Service Metadata Applications: Data Store

Paper U.S. National Park Service Metadata Applications: Metadata System Overview

Paper U.S. National Park Service Metadata Applications: Metadata Tools & Editor

Paper Visualization of Real-Time Biophysical Data for NPS Employee Safety

Paper Voyages of Exploration: Visualizing the Chesapeake Presettlement Landscape

Petroleum and Pipeline Transmission

Paper 2005 Hurricane Impacts to U.S. Energy Infrastructure in Coastal Louisiana

Paper Corporate GIS in PETROM, Romania

Paper Oil and Gas Leasing Using GIS, BLM's GeoCommunicator, and LR2000

Paper Systematic GIS Development and Its Successful Implementation in SSGC-Pakistan

Paper Transmission Pipeline Integrity Management—"We Have to Do What?"

Paper Updating New Ventures exploration databases using ArcGIS data analysis techniques

Remote Sensing Imagery

Paper ArcGIS Assessment of MODIS NDVI for High Temporal Frequency Monitoring

Paper Challenges and Solutions for Regional Land-Use Change Analysis

Paper Development of Second Generation National Land-Cover Map with Decision Tree

Paper GIS Infrastructure of JellaNamdo Built with Satellite Imagery

Paper Integrating High-Resolution Digital Imagery and LiDAR for Local Government

Paper Integrating Multitemporal LiDAR for the Maintenance of Large-Scale Land Base Datasets

Paper The Integration of Google Earth with Esri Products at Pierce County

Paper An Investigation into Vertical Accuracy of USGS Digital Elevation Models

Paper It's True! We Registered Sixteen Images in Under Two Hours!

Paper Monitoring Weed Growth in Forest Stands Using QuickBird Imagery

Paper A New Higher-Resolution Land-Cover Map for Maine

Paper NOAA Sponsored 2005 International Remote-Sensing Research Overview

Paper Oregon's 2005 Orthoimagery Efforts: Raising the Standards

Spatial Data Infrastructure

Paper The Australian Soil Resource Information System

Paper Designing Service-Oriented Spatial Data Infrastructures

Paper Development of a Common Spatial Data Framework for Libya

Paper The Egyptian Geography Network: A Step Forward Toward Sustainable Development

Paper The European Environment Agency Spatial Data Infrastructure

Paper Evolution of a GIS Data Clearinghouse: From FTP to Web Services

Paper Implementing an SDI Portal Supporting DoD, Federal, and National Goals

Paper Increasing the Use of GIS in the Federal Government

Paper The Joint Research Centre Spatial Data Infrastructure

Paper Libya Data Spatial Infrastructure

Paper Long-Term Archiving of Geospatial Data: The NGDA Project

Paper Maps on Tap, Maximising UK Government Use of GI

Paper Multirole Geospatial Data Infrastructure

Paper Spatial Data Infrastructure and Data Preservation in North Carolina

Paper Sufficiency of Geodetic Infrastructure of Turkey for GIS

Paper USGS National Map Vector Data

Paper Using Mapdex to Discover the Geospatial Web

State and Local Government

Paper Advanced Enterprise GIS Asset Management Expansion: Municipal Government

Paper ArcGIS as an Instrument of City Management

Paper ArcPad Application for Municipal Transportation Assets Management

Paper Celebrating Six Years—The City of Grapevine's Citywide GIS

Paper The Challenges of Building a GIS Economic Development Application

Paper Collaborative Planning for an Esri Enterprise GIS: Town of Taos

Paper Condominium Conversions and GIS: A Policy/Planning Support System

Paper Creating a Housing Market Typology to Better Allocate City Resources

Paper DecisionMaps: City of Philadelphia's Web-Based Economic Development Tool

Paper Designing an Economic Development GIS Application in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

Paper Development of Maps and Brochures for Biking Trails

Paper Development of Public Sphere in Local Community Utilizing GIS

Paper Enabling Watershed Stakeholders access to Information: The Santa Ana Watershed Example

Paper Enterprise Solutions for City of Buffalo, New York—DPW

Paper Equitable Fee Collection Using Enhanced Impervious Surface Determination

Paper Extending Your Enterprise to the Field—Case Study

Paper Facilitating Information Exchange for the Mapping of Institutional Controls

Paper A Fast Track implementation of City Works in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Paper Generalizing Future Land-Use Data for Central Florida

Paper The Geographic Information System for the Jindrichuv Hradec Region

Paper Geo-Information for Urban Land-Use Planning in Kampala

Paper GIS As Applied to Community-Based Studies

Paper GIS Cookbook as Tool in Comprehensive Land Use Planning

Paper GIS Customer Kiosk for Municipal Cemetery Services

Paper GIS Database Techniques Makes for Good Landlords

Paper GIS for San Francisco Bay Area Regional Transit Oriented Development

Paper GIS Integration in Local Government: The Rural Challenge

Paper GIS Unshackled: Free ArcReader Helps Expand the Use of GIS

Paper Highway Department Integration with Noble County's Enterprise GIS

Paper Identification of Environmental Justice Communities at the Project Level

Paper Implementing a Corporate GIS to Protect England's Heritage

Paper Industrial Cluster Analysis Using GIS: A Case Study of Indiana

Paper Integrating ArcIMS with Oblique Imaging Systems to Promote Economic Development

Paper Integrating GIS and Capital Improvement Program: Quantifiable Prioritization Process

Paper Integration of GIS with Work Management Systems for Public Works

Paper Integration of Habitat Conservation in Local Government Land Use Planning

Paper Kirkland, Washington: GIS Strategic Planning in a Mid-Sized City

Paper "Lands of Unique Value"—A GIS-Based Land Planning Method

Paper Managing Infested Ash Trees Using ArcGIS and Cityworks

Paper Mapping Philadelphia History: Public Access to Historic Images

Paper Mapping Service Delivery and Growth Impacts on Parks Facilities

Paper Moscow Urban Cadastre Information System on Esri Platform

Paper—The Power of a One-Stop-Web-GIS-Shop

Paper The Neighborhood Information System: The Future of Neighborhood Indicator Frameworks

Paper Oakland Citywide Sidewalk Condition/ADA Inventory

Paper Parks Inventory GIS Ananlysis at the City of Calgary

Paper Power of ArcGlobe to Explore a City: Trabzon, Turkey

Paper Providing Public Access to King County GIS Data

Paper Public Records Panel: Government, Private and Nonprofit Perspectives

Paper Public Works GIS and Work Order Management System Implementation

Paper Querying a Document Management System Using a GIS

Paper Sacramento County Regional GIS Cooperative Streamlines Street Network Data Maintenance

Paper A Self-Funding Option for Municipal GIS

Paper Sharing GIS Resources: A Regional Approach for the Meadowlands

Paper Sports Complex Management Using GIS

Paper Strategy for Identifying Sites for Urban Agriculture in Gainesville, Florida

Paper Sustaining Your Field Workforce through Real-Time Locating

Paper Tale of Two Missouri Municipal GIS, Branson and Cape Girardeau

Paper Urban Design Charrette by Using Advice Maps in Nagata, Kobe

Paper Using 3D Analyst to Model Light Rail Project

Paper Using GIS to Maintain Municipal Service Delivery Standards

Paper Web-Based Urban Planning GIS in Largest City in Japan


Paper Cadastral Surveyors: Go Forward Digitally and Coordinate Accurately

Paper GIS is a Tool For Surveying and Mapping Business Development

Paper GPS Continuously Operating Reference Stations and Online Positioning User Service

Paper How Surveyors Can Use NILS Survey Management and Measurement Management

Paper Limited Liability and Constant Cash Flow

Paper Migrating CAD into a Geodatabase at Lakehaven Water and Sewer

Paper Using NILS to Integrate Survey and Parcel Data into GeoCommunicator

Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Affairs

Paper Communicating Risk in "Megacity" Environments to Promote Sustainable Development

Paper Health GIS Applications Informing Decisions in Yemen

Paper Mapping Migrant Deaths in Southern Arizona: The Humane Borders GIS

Paper A Proposed New World Standard for Humanitarian Demining Map Symbols

Paper Remote Aerial Imagery for Population Estimates in Humanitarian Emergencies

Paper Report on GISCorps Activities for 2005-2006

Paper UNEP-WCMC GIS Support to Industry

System Implementation for GIS

Paper Applying 'GIS Services Bus/GSB' in the Enterprise

Paper Designing and Developing a Spatially Enabled Land Resource Information System

Paper Developing an Enterprise GIS Strategy for the UK Environment Agency

Paper GIS Data in the Field—Real Time!

Paper Load Balancing ArcIMS with an Apache/Tomcat Reverse Proxy

Paper Maryland's Emergency Geographic Information Network, a Technical Walkthrough

Paper New York City's Spatial Service-Oriented Architecture: An Overview

Paper An Open Enterprise Architecture Framework Design for Cultural Heritage Documentation

Paper Oracle and ArcSDE Deployment with Linux Red Hat and Dell Server Architecture

Paper Snakes to Storms: Implementing Mobile GIS at the SFWMD

Paper SOA What? GIS Services on the Enterprise Service Bus

Paper A "Technological Gearing" Strategy for Leveraging Geographic Information System Investment

Telecommunication & Location-Based Services

Paper Adding Business Intelligence through GIS

Paper Costs and Benefits of Universal Broadband Access in Wyoming

Paper Danish power sectors invest heavily in rolling out FTTh

Paper Delivering Mobile Marketing and Coupons Utilizing GPS on Mobile Phones

Paper Driving GIS productivity through workflow

Paper GIS the window to TCom—Croatia's telecommunications network

Paper Implementing Geomarketing as a Strategic Planning Tool

Paper In Vehicle Entertainment: Bringing Geographic Information to the Masses

Paper Network Management with GIS Technology

Paper Using GIS for Microwave Coverage Analysis


Paper 2007 Commodity Flow Survey Mileage Calculation Software Development

Paper Adding Value to Travel Behavior Surveys: The Network Analyst Approach

Paper Analyzing a Drivers Stops and Purpose from GPS Data

Paper Analyzing Transit-Route Performance Using AVL/APC information with GIS

Paper An ArcGIS Analysis of GPS Quality for Road Pricing

Paper An ArcGIS Server Application for Illinois Tollway Daily Lane Closures

Paper Building an Enterprise Linear Referencing System for North Carolina

Paper Building a Regional Traffic Crash Data System: Bridging the Gaps

Paper California Statewide Rail Right-of-Way and Abandoned Rail Corridors Evaluation

Paper City of San Diego Pedestrian Priority Model

Paper Disaggregated Travel Forecasting

Paper Environmental Justice and Induced Development Effects of Transportation Projects

Paper The European Transtools Transport Model

Paper Evaluating Air Bridge Suitability Using Network Analyst

Paper Evaluating Environmental Noise Impacts from High Speed Rail Using GIS

Paper The Evolution of TRAGIS

Paper Examining the Potential Travelers in Catchments Areas for Public Transport

Paper Fulfilling EPA Requirements for Storm Water Mapping Using GIS

Paper GIS and Rural Transit Route Selection on Maui

Paper GIS-Centric Large-Scale Transportation Planning Projects

Paper The Greenland Air Transport Model System

Paper Highway Access Controls: Decision Support Utilizing Spatial Coordination

Paper Hong Kong Highways Maintenance Improved by Using Esri GIS Software

Paper Identifying and Modeling Transit Accessibility Gaps for the Mobility Impaired

Paper Linear Referencing Road Centerlines: Getting Started in Boulder County

Paper Managing Linear Reference Model Traversals with Network Analyst

Paper Migrating to ArcGIS Server

Paper Modeling Transportation-Related Emissions in GIS

Paper Multimodal Transport in Norway

Paper NTAD 2006 and Incorporating ModelBuilder

Paper Three Dimensional Aerial Zoning around a Lebanese Airport

Paper Using ArcGIS Server as SOA Linear Referencing Core

Paper Using GIS for Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Transportation Statistics

Water Resources

Paper Analysis of Nitrate and Atrazine Impacts on Groundwater Using GIS

Paper An AnnAGNPS Nonpoint Source Pollution Model ArcGIS Interface

Paper ArcMap Tool for USGS NWISWeb

Paper ArcView and ArcEditor Help Arizona Farmers Manage Groundwater

Paper Assessment of Groundwater Pollution Risks in Production Wells with RESPOND

Paper Color Infrared Survey for Identification of Failing On-Site Treatment Systems

Paper Comprehensive Hydrology Modeling in a GIS Environment

Paper Delineation of Drainage Basins for Stream Gauges using the NHDPlus

Paper Developing Downstream/Upstream Navigation Components for Water Quality Analysis

Paper Drought Severity Mapping through Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques

Paper Enhancing Everglades Wetlands Area Stage Monitoring Network with GIS

Paper Evaluating Water Quality Using Spatial Interpolation Methods, Pinellas County, Florida

Paper The Evolution of GIS, Hydrographic Surveys, and Adjudications

Paper A Flood Forecasting System Integrating Web, GIS and Modeling Technology

Paper Floodplain Auto-Delineation Using LIDAR Data

Paper Floodplain Delineation and Preparation of Enhanced DFIRM Maps

Paper Geodatabase Development: Tracking, Mapping Water Quality in Denver Region

Paper GIS-Based Assessment of Water Quality Parameters in Dhaka Rivers

Paper GIS Based Floodplain Modeling and Mapping, South Boulder Creek

Paper GIS/Web Development Supporting Interagency Coordination on the Las Vegas Wash

Paper Groundwater Resource Planning—Defining the Shallow Aquifer System

Paper A Hydrologic Model for Every Continent

Paper Identifying Wetland Depressions in Bare-Ground LIDAR for Hydrologic Modeling

Paper Impact of Suburbanization on Water Quality at Multiple Spatial Scales

Paper Integrating Time Series in Arc Hydro Water Resources Information Systems

Paper Integration of Enterprise Systems: Water Modeling and GIS

Paper Keeping the Dust Bunnies Out of Your Watershed Conservation Plan

Paper The Mississippi Watershed Characterization and Ranking Tool

Paper Modeling Ungauged Tributaries Using GIS and System Dynamics

Paper A New Curve Number Calculation Method Using GIS Technology

Paper Optimizing Groundwater-Level Monitoring Network Using Environmental Suitability Analysis

Paper Putting NHDPlus to Work

Paper Raster-Based Decision Support System for Determining Groundwater Availability

Paper Referencing and Analyzing Dams with the National Hydrography Dataset

Paper Southwest Florida Watershed Management Plans: Experience in Automation and Innovation

Paper Spatial Data Modeling to Support National Flood Risk Assessment

Paper A Spatial Water Balance Model for Suwannee River Basin, Florida

Paper Spatiotemporal Variability of Water Resources in Arizona

Paper Spill Modeling Using NHDPLus

Paper A Tailored GIS Forecasting System for Songhua River Basin, China

Paper Unique Aspects of Illinois State Water Survey's DFIRM Production Steps

Paper Upper Cahaba Watershed Greenprint

Paper Use of GIS Toward the Realization of Hydrogeology of Africa

Paper Using an ArcGIS Software-Based Decision Support System for Watershed Planning

Paper Using ArcGIS and ArcObjects for Approximate Floodplain Mapping

Paper Using GIS to Determine Approximate Flood Hazard Areas

Paper Using GIS to Integrate Capital Projects for Holistic Watershed Management

Paper Using GRID to Evaluate Different Methods to Estimate Evapotranspiration

Paper Variability in Time of Concentration with Finite Increment Computations

Paper Virtual Hydropower Prospecting

Paper Visualization and Management of Nonspatial Time Series Data in ArcMap

Paper WAM Enhancements within the ArcGIS 9.2 Environment

Paper Web-Based Dam Operation System Using GIS

Paper Web Mapping Services for the San Diego Bay Watersheds

Paper Wisconsin Watershed Boundary Dataset Production

Paper Yellowstone River LiDAR Mapping Project

Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater

Paper An ArcGIS Path to Infrastructure Asset Management in Ottawa, Kansas

Paper ArcPad Application Supporting Los Alamos National Laboratory's Storm Water Monitoring Program

Paper Butler County Department of Environmental Services "Takin' It to the Streets"

Paper City of Covington Storm Water Infrastructure Mapping Initiative

Paper Cleveland's GIS Mapping Improves Response to Unplanned Events

Paper A Corporate Mobile Computing/GIS Solution

Paper Customized Decision Support System for Sewer Right-of-Way Tracking

Paper Datasets That Enable the Plan: Storm Water Project Tracking

Paper Design and Implementation of the ArcGIS Wastewater Data Model

Paper Developing a Water Pipe Management System in Seoul

Paper Enterprise GIS and Mobile Mapping Solutions for Water Distribution Systems

Paper Evolution of a Geodatabase Model for Wastewater

Paper Fractal Generation of Artificial Sewer Networks for Hydrologic Simulations

Paper GIS Automates Utility One Call Process

Paper GIS to Improve the Management of Water Distribution Facilities

Paper Grease to Go, New GIS Integration Tools at Cincinnati MSD

Paper Greater Cincinnati Water Works Maintains Records Information Using ArcGIS Engine Software-Based Application

Paper Hydraulic Analysis Utilizing GIS for Environmental Impact Reports

Paper Infrastructure Integration with CMMS—Process and Lessons Learned

Paper Locating Unknown Service Connections During Reading Routes

Paper Migrating to Embedded GIS and Wireless Computing

Paper A Mobile Storm Water Facility Information Collection System for Fulton County

Paper North Wales Water Authority Data Interoperability Methodologies and Data Maintenance Toolsets

Paper Practical GIS for a Small Water Utility

Paper Putting GIS to Work for a Wastewater Agency

Paper The Role of GIS in Siting a Wastewater Treatment Plant

Paper A Spatial Decision Support System for Urban Draining Systems

Paper A Spatially Enabled Event Management System, City of Cape Town

Paper Streamlining Naperville's ArcSDE Asset Management Process and Systems Integration

Paper Use of Multiple Technologies to Support Wastewater System Upgrade

Paper Utilizing ArcGIS, Hansen, and Cues to Manage Storm Water System

Paper Utilizing Geodatabase-Centric Solutions for Utility Ticket Management at Waterford Township

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